Official Clan Jana Spiritual Days

Official Clan Jana Spiritual Days

The Deanic calendar is a lunar/solar circular perpetual calendar.

Lunar months of 28 days each, with 4 Solar Festivals.


Official Calendar of Clan Jana

28 Moura/March 19 (18 in a leap year): The Fast of the Fora: The Great Mother  as the Life and Veiled Origin of Eternity, Dark beyond the light and the Light beyond the Darkness. Day of Fast.

March 20 or March 19 and 20 if a leap year: Hiatus. Day of Fast
Hiatus: Remembering the Holy Daughter as She Descends through the Realms in order to be with us and guide us back to the Union with the Celestial Mother. Females may choose to wear a veil on this day. Men may wear a beret or Dalix beanie style hat with no cuff, if they so desire.

1 Columbina/March 21:
New Year’s Day
Spring Season begins
Feast of the Dove: The Holy Daughter, Diva Jana, as the Holy Soul of the World. She is the Great Dove of the Waters and the Soteria of the World.

Soteria floor mosaic Turkey

SOTERIA (Sôtêria), the personification of safety or recovery was worshipped as a divinity in Greece, and had a Temple and a statue at Patrae, Greece.

Soteria is depicted as a woman wearing a laurel wreath crown, a symbol of victory. The only remaining image of Soteria is a floor mosaic in Turkey.

Meaning of the Holy Title: Jana

Jana is a name which, from the Latin means, the moon. The moon, of course, is the symbol of the Holy Daughter Jana as She is the ‘Gentle Light’. The sun is symbolic of the Supernal Bright Light of the Celestial Mother while the moon represents the Gentle Light of the Earthly Daughter, Jana. Jana and Janya, in Sanskrit, means life.

In Sanskrit, the word Janani means one who gives birth, mother and eternal knowledge. In ancient Rome, Diva Jana or Di Jana, the original form of Dianna, also means Divine Gate.

For Clan Jana, the Holy Daughter is the Divine Gate of Gentle Light through Whom we find our way back to Union in Perfection. In this way, She is considered Soteria (So-tay-ree-a) from the Greek meaning salvation. Soteria is what we would today call the self-actualizing principle, a beneficent force that guides our development, helping us to reach the desired end of  salvation, integration and happiness. (3) (Though soteria is the feminine derivative of soter, it is sometimes applied to Jesus.) And so we are the people or Clan of the Soteria Jana.
For Deanics, the Holy Daughter is not a sacrificial savioress, but rather One Who descends to become the Holy Soul of the World, similar to the pre-Christian Sophia Who guides us in the Way of Love, which, in turn, leads us to divinization, theosis or Perfection in Love.



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