1 Columbina / March 21: New Year’s Day, Spring Season begins, Feast of the Dove

1 Columbina / March 21: New Year’s Day, Spring Season begins, Feast of the Dove

In Clan Jana our days start at Dawn (before Sunrise)

aurora dawn of time

Aurora dawn of time

5:26 AM
Monday, March 21, 2016 (GMT)
Dawn in London, Britain


Dawn / Sunrise / morning is the Spring Equinox, Di Jana, Great Mystery of the Dove, Spring Season protected by Janya:

O, Madria Graca, (Grace-a) Guardian of Compassion, Love and Mercy, be with us.


“March 21 st: Eostre, Goddess of Spring. Rebirth of Nature, Happiness. Care for all young
creatures and plants”. http://www.fellowshipofisis.com/jc/jcmar.pdf


My predessesors in the faith, would relight their household and altar candles and hearth fires. (Gas fired central heating boilers and gas ovens and hobs).

March 21st
Milesian Princesses, founders of Tara. (Macalister, Tara, p. 167)
“There was also a celebration in Tara held on the occasion of the Vernal Equinox; and here also there was a sacred fire lit, from which all other fires had to be kindled”.


Because this is also the Deanic New Year, the whole year as it begins on a Moonday / Monday is protected by Janya:

O, Lady Candra, Guardian of Reflection, Reason and Purity, be with us.


Sophia Pamela Matthews

Sophia by Pamela Matthews

The Holy Daughter cradling the World in a regenerating egg shape

Official Clan Jana Feast of the Dove

1 Columbina / March 21: Feast of the Dove / Columba:

Mystery: The Dove of Peace: The Holy Daughter, Di Jana, as the Holy Soul of the World, which is a description of the divine presence within creation. The Holy Daughter as the Resurrection of our souls.

Persephone with doves

Persephone with doves

She is the Soteria (feminine Greek word for Saviour) of the World.
Great Dove of the World, in Janite thealogy, this title is appropriate for the Holy Daughter. She is the Ruler and Sustainer of the World as well as its Regeneration.

persephone in flowers

Persephone amongst spring flowers

In this Mystery, we visualize the Dove as hovering over the Primordial Waters. The aspects of the Element of Water are emotions, intuition, the deeper Mysteries, compassion, new beginnings (as in Spring renewal), the Fountain of Life, Grace, the Rivers or Streams of Life, Divine Energies and Priestesshood.

dove on water

Holy Spirit Dove, Divine Grace above the Waters of Life 

Today my altar is this:

Dove Marquetry Wooden Picture

Frame: mahogany
Sky: oak
Dove: Brazilian rosewood for the body and wings
Sun: Brazilian pau ferro
Mountain Range – African padauk – Heartwood
Water (lake shore?) – Acacia koa
Signed Kate ’08

Yellow Daffodils In A Green Vase by Kent Sorensen

Yellow Daffodils In A Green Vase by Kent Sorensen

and I will add a vase with yellow daffodils, like golden trumpets proclaiming Jana’s victory in seeking out all souls in all the manifest planes of existance.
I also have a unique hand made glass fused Dove pendant to wear.

I shall be during the whole month of Columbina, which means, little dove: March 21-April 17:

Creating a Finger, Handbag, Trouser Pocket Rosary for Spring The Holy Daughter, Di Jana – World Soul, Soteria, Resurrector, Ruler and Sustainer of the manifest planes, Dove of Peace.

Meditating The Auric Egg Exercise

Saying a Prayer of Peace

Wishing you all a Joyous Moonday, Feast of the Dove and New Year.

My next article is my own research added to a very enlightening post by ArchMadria (Bishop) Pamela of Clan Jana.



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