Ostara Carol


A splendid discovery by ArchMatrona Georgia

Ostara Carol

Tune: “Nous Allons, Ma Mie”
Traditional French Easter Carol, Oxford book of Carols no.147, pg. 302

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Verse 1

Cheer up friends and neighbours
Now’s Ostara – tide
Pause from endless labours
Worries put aside
Folk should rise from sadness
Evil, folly, strife
When Ostara’s gladness
Brings the Earth to life

Verse 2

Out from snowdrifts chilly
Roused from drowsy hours
Bluebell wakes and lily
She calls out her flowers
Into life she raises
All the sleeping buds
Meadows weave her praises
And the spangled woods

Verse 3

All Her truth and beauty
All her joyousness
Are our pride and duty
Bearing her impress
Look! The Earth waits breathless
After winter’s strife
Ostara shows folk deathless
Spring leads death to life

Verse 4

Ours the more and less is
But, changeless all the days
Ostara wakes and blesses
Like the sunlight rays
All the folk have risen
And the bluebells ring
While from winter’s prison
Burst the flowers of spring!

© Adapted by Anna Stockinger 2007

This work by Anna Stockinger is licensed
under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives License.


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