The Daughter as the Holy Soul of the World

The Daughter as the Holy Soul of the World

ArchMadria Pamela Today at 4:35 PM

Please find below an article that I sent to Goddess Christians on the Feast of the Holy Soul from a Goddess Christian perspective.

Subject: The Daughter as the Holy Soul of the World

Today is Ostara and the Spring Equinox.

world soul

In my own Tradition, this is the day when we honor the Sacred Cosmic Drama of the Holy Daughter, Sophia, as the World Soul or the Holy Soul of the World.

Just as the Son suffers His Passion, the Daughter suffers a painful Descent through the Realms (as it has been described in certain Gnostic texts). My own teaching is that Her Descent was painful as She had to descend from the higher, lighter vibratory realms down into the lower, denser vibratory realms somewhat similar to how those who have had Near Death Experiences describe having to return to the body as an uncomfortable heaviness.

Just as the Son rises from the Dead to become the Savior, the Daughter becomes the Soteria as the World Soul. Far from being a punishment of Sophia, as was taught from the viewpoint of certain Gnostic schools of thought, by becoming the World Soul, She sustains Nature and rejevenates all life. She joins with us and gathers the Divine Sparks within us and guides us towards Divinization or Perfect Love.

Though this is the Holy Week of the Son, it is also the Feast Day of the Daughter.

The Father and the Mother are transcendent. The Son, through His incarnation as Jesus and the Daughter, through Her ‘incarnation’ as the World Soul, are immanent. They are with us. Just as the Son took part in bodily human nature, so the Daughter takes part in the nature of the soul. The Son raises us to the Father. The Daughter restores us to the Mother.

The Sophia herself is but a reflex of the “Mother of all living” and is therefore also called “Mother.” She is the formatrix of heaven and earth, for as much as mere matter can only receive form through the light which, coming down from above has interpenetrated the dark waters of the hylē; but she is also at the same time the spiritual principle of life in creation, or, as the world-soul the representative of all that is truly pneumatic in this lower world: her fates and experiences represent typically those of the pneumatic soul which has sunk down into chaos.

As the World Soul, there is nothing that we suffer that She does not suffer with us. There is no joy that She does not share with us. There is not a speck of Nature which She does not enliven with Her Spirit. She is not only the World Soul, She is the Cosmic Soul.

And, just as the Son ascends to the Right Hand of the Father so the Daughter is Assumed back unto the Mother as it states in Syrian Gnostic lore and in other sources. In Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom, Bride of God, Matthews writes, at length, about the World Soul. If you have the book, look up World Soul in the index.

cropped Mother of the World by Nicholas Roerich

Caitlin Matthews describes this painting of the Mother of the World by Nicholas Roerich, thusly:
Mother of the World. Sophia, like the statue of the Egyptian Goddess, Neith, is veiled. “I am all that was, and is and shall be and no man has lifted my veil.: Wisdom’s mysterious ways are intentionally pursued by men and women the world over: we call such people mystics, philosophers, esotericists. In this painting by Nicholas Roerich, the veiled Sophia is surrounded by starlike disincarnate avatars of Her wisdom, while below upon the Earth, a pair of male and female mystics invoke Her influence. This is a true representation of the World Soul of the transcendent appearance of Sophia Stellarum.

I agree with Matthews (but stating this in my own words) in that the thealogy of Sophia must be brought into the 21st century, free from the former Patriarchal restrictions. Whether we understand Her to be the Holy Spirit (the dove was known as the symbol for Sophia) or whether we believe that with the Father and the Son, She descends from Absolute Deity, or a combination of the two doctrines, She is truly God in Her Own Right. She is not a ‘creation of God, She is not Fallen and needing to be saved, She is the Eternal God just as the Father and the Son are God. They are God because that is their Nature just as we have the nature of being human. We are free to proclaim this loud and clear in this, the 21st century. We no longer need to fear the repercussions and recriminations of being labeled as heretics for proclaiming that God is both Father and Mother and in Their incarnations, They are Son and Daughter.

I have always believed that the true heresy lies, not in proclaiming the Divine Mother, but in denying Her.

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