1 Maia / April 18 – May 15

1 Maia / April 18 – 28 Maia / May 15:

Maia, which means majestic, magnificent, mighty

Spring Enchantress by Karl Bang

Celebrate Spring, Creation and the beauty of nature. All flows from our Mother as spiritual guidance and an outpouring of love.

wild daffodil in Farndale in the North Yorkshire Moors by David Brockhurst

Wild daffodil in Farndale in the North Yorkshire Moors by David Brockhurst


The daffodil is one of the few plants with a ‘corona’, a crown-like structure also referred to as the ‘trumpet’.

The daffodil looks like a trumpet. Symbolic daffodil meanings encourage us to ‘toot our own horns,’ so to speak. This is a time (Spring, when the Daffodil is nigh) to announce our souls-growth after a long slumber. Let the music of your spirit ring true through the ethers, make a joyful noise unto the world, and let your inner orchestrations reverberate clear-joy into the realms of awareness.


The joyful Daffodil flower sings the meaning of poetry in motion, a jubilation of being alive.
The Daffodil flower also symbolizes beginning anew, leaving the past behind.
Daffodil blends the sacral and solar plexus chakras.


The flower symbolism associated with the daffodil is regard, unrequited love, chivalry, sunshine,
respect and the sun shines when I’m with you.

In Greek mythology, the daffodil is described as a pale yellow deathless kind of lily flower that
overspreads the plains of Hades and is the favorite food of the dead.




Bluebell Woods Entwistle by _Danoz    Muncaster Castle Bluebell woods by Maria-H

Bluebells have long been symbolic of humility and gratitude. They are associated with constancy, gratitude and everlasting love.

Bluebells are widely known as harebells in Scotland.

Bluebells are England’s favourite wildflower, along with poppies and primroses.


Bluebell flowers are a magical symbol of fairies and spontaneous laughter.
Bluebell flower corresponds to the throat and 3rd eye chakra.



wild primrose near Keswick, Lake District by David Brockhurst

Wild primrose near Keswick, Lake District by David Brockhurst

The primrose flower symbolism is that of patience, kindness and gentleness. The primrose also brings the meaning of belonging and nurturing. Primrose combines the solar plexus and the heart chakras.



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