Thealogy of Lady Maia and the Festival of Maia’s Day 15th Maia / 1st May

Thealogy of Lady Maia and the Festival of Maia’s Day 15th Maia / 1st May

Thealogy of Lady Maia and the Festival of Maia’s Day 15th Maia / 1st May

In traditional societies, all forms of manifestation/Creation exist as Sacred essences or spirit at one with Madria Dea/Dea Matrea, Mari who is Divine Essence/Spirit. They exist before being manifested as material forms and will exist for eternity after extinction on whichever manifest plane they were materialised on.

We celebrate our Celestial Mother Mari’s loving gift of the Sacred season of Spring; with the increasing light and warmth of the physical sun and the bountiful life and growth of all of lovely Nature.

Miniature Maypole, Symbols Of Love, Flower Moon 

Lady Maia with miniature Maypole, Rose, & Flower Moon

Lady Maia (my-ah) is the first person of the Moirai, pronounced my-rye, the Fates of Greek mythology who control the Threads of Fate within manifest realms. Lady Maia is a Janya/a perfect expression of our Creator Mother, spinning our Soul Path, with the positive aspect of “worldly enjoyment” remembering all of manifestation as a Spiritual lesson for
our souls return to Dea. She also has the negative aspect of ignorance, in Sanskrit known as Maya which refers to world illusion, becoming attached to the material and forgetting the Spirit Source of All, Madria Dea.

Flower maiden in front of shrine

Maiden offering flowers in front of shrine

Historically, being a fire festival Beltane “sacred wood fire, means spiritually connecting myself with Holy Spirit, Madria Dea the supernal Sun. Candles of spring colours, blue, pink and green will adorn my altar along with flowers and ribbons.

Nether Wasdale Mayday by Dr R Coldrey

Nether Wasdale Mayday by Dr R Coldrey

The Maypole is the world/cosmic axis/tree, branches symbolising Heaven, the trunk the middle world and the roots the lower/nether region. All the coloured ribbons represent the various qualities of material existence flowing down from Celestial Mother Mari. Once it was the women who danced as representatives of Dea, now it is the children. This is the Sacred dance of Celestial Harmony and Order brought by Holy Jana as Princess of the World [also Janya Lady Thema (Thay-ma)] and also the dance represents the soul in a material world experiencing entanglements of moirai/fate/karma.

So find any excuse to dance and laugh, knowing that you are one with Dea, the Source and Centre of all.

The crowning of a girl dressed in white as Queen of the May represents Holy Jana as Princess of the World.

Janya: meaning life or generator of life.
Janati: (plural) Sanskrit for generate, cause, to be born, create, beget and to produce.

Traditional Drink

Syllabub Recipe
Syllabub is one of the treats sometimes shared among the Mayers. At one time they were offered “a syllabub of warm milk direct from the cow, sweet cakes and wine” for example in Northumberland, according to the Golden Bough, Vol. 2, page 67. Here is a recipe for it given from A Choice Collection of Cookery Receipts. Syllabub is very different but very good, and it is appropriate to the season.

1 pint of white wine
1 lemon, pared, steep in the wine for two hours
juice of one lemon, add to wine
sugar to taste
1 quart of cream, warm
Put all in a bowl and whisk until thick.


Here is a simpler recipe for Syllabub, in case you don’t happen to have a cow handy.
½ cup cream
1 level tablespoon of sugar.
Warm the cream (30 seconds in microwave) and whisk to bubbles. Add:
½ cup white wine
Pour into a glass and drink. There were supposed to be lemon parings and lemon juice but these aren’t needed because the wine will serve as an acid to thicken the cream. This is a recipe for one, make as many as you like.

Two Appropriate Scriptures

Free download:
(with thanks to Glenn King)

July 2012
The Filianic Scriptures, New Celestial Union
Version (Second Edition, Third Update)

Scripture relating to the Holy Daughter as Princess of the World

25 Verses
Title 1, Chapter 10
Chapter 10
1. And as She walked, the children of the earth threw blossoms before Her, and though Her feet rested on them, they were not bruised. 2. And She reigned over all the earth, bringing all nature back to life, and all life back to the true law and rhythm of nature, and the whole world knew Her as its princess. 3. The children of the earth were filled with love for Her, and gathered about Her with tears of joy, touching Her robes and giving themselves to Her in their hearts.
4. And She gathered them together and taught them many things, saying:

“You have gained knowledge of the world, but I say, be not wise with the wisdom of the world, nor proud with the pride of the world, nor troubled with the dignity of the world, neither lose yourself in any of the ways and fashions of the world, but come to Me as little children in the pure simplicity of your hearts and the virgin innocence of your souls; for truly, all of you are children in the eyes of your Mother, and I shall receive all who come as Her children. Come to Me and all faults shall be forgiven.”

Scripture relating to the Divine origin of souls and the world being an illusion

26 verses
Title 3, Chapter 4

1. My children, whose souls are My family, I shall speak to you of the things that I have seen. Let no one say that the world is good, nor that the world is evil. 2. For I have stood at the highest point of the world and at the lowest; and from both of these can the world be seen, and from no other. 3. The cosmos is a perfect sphere, even lovelier than the sun, and yet it is all riven through with kear. 4. All that is was fashioned by My Mother out of the laughter of Her heart and the skill of Her hands, and all that is very good, more than any soul can know.
5. But kear is not. Kear is naught. Kear is the black abyss that has turned its face from
My Mother and has frowned upon the laughter of Her heart. 6. This abyss of kear lies between the world and My Mother, and every soul and She. For every soul is an image of the world.

[I reject verse 7, as I do not believe in a sacrificial death of the World Soul, Heavenly Mother on Earth; Di Jana].

8. and My soul has cried out in her distress; cried out into the echoless void. Truly, there is no suffering like to this suffering, nor any pain of body or of mind. 9. And you, My children, each of you that gathers around Me, each of you in your robe of purest white, each one has this kear within her, and there is not one without it anywhere.

[I reject verse 10, as the “fallen” sinful, guilt laden doctrine of christianity. In the Clan Jana Divine Drama we wished to experience all that was not Dea through childlike curiousity, having given us free will, Mother Mari manifested planes of existence outside of Her Good Realm/Heaven/All One Spirit so that with a Divine Mother’s
loving protection we could explore and reject with all our being all that is not of Her].

11. And your souls, your laughing souls, all robed in purest white, that are lovelier than the sun because they are the image of My Mother, are riven through with kear. 12. And your dearest joy must ring as a silver bell that has a crack; sweetly, but never in perfection. 13. Oh, do not say that you are perfect, for then you can not understand either the world or your own selves. 14. Do not say that you are innocent, for that would be to mock My suffering. 15. For I love each of you, and I have proved My love, and shall prove it evermore. 16. For I have conquered death and kear, and I bring to you My conquest. 17. Open your heart to Me, and I shall bring you all the fruit that have reaped in
18. Seek not to conquer kear alone nor cleave alone to good, but open your heart to Me,
and let Me live through you, for I shall open the way to your true soul, your laughing soul, all robed in white even lovelier than the sun [I reject the end of the sentance see rejection of verse 7].

19. Turn from the evil of the world and come to Me, and I shall lead you to your heart’s true home.
20. Come to Me, My children, in the innocence of your hearts, and look upon the beauty of the world; for everything reflects the glory of Thea. 21. Do not see the world through the eyes of the world, but through the eyes of the Eternal. 22. Know also that the world is not so solid as it seems, but in truth it is an illusion. 23. Change that within you and the world without will change. But seek to change the world, and all of essence will remain the same.
24. And this is the secret of the world which the world would hide from you: that all things lie within the souls of maids, and only the Thea is without.

25. For in order to gain the world, you must give the world away; and in order to attain your desire, you must pass beyond all desire; and in order to find yourself, you must lose yourself; and in order to have eternal life, you must go unto death [I reject the end of the sentance see rejection of verse 7]. 26. And this is the secret of the world which all the world will hide from you.

“Kear” is a chasm or gap that separates a child of Thea from Thea, a crack that breaks what is whole into divided pieces. It is pronounced as though it rhymes with fear and dear.

Abstracts of Each Scriptural Text
3.4. The Secret of the World. “And this is the secret of the world which the world would
hide from you: that all things lie within the souls of children of Thea, and only the Thea is
without.” (3:4:24.)

The world is never perfect, and even the most beautiful is riven with kear.
The Secret of the World teaches a path of liberation from the imperfection and illusions of this present world.


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