Feast of Coronation / Exaltation of Di Jana as Queen of Heaven – Regina Coeli

Feast of Coronation / Exaltation of Di Jana as Queen of Heaven – Regina Coeli

My predecessors in the Deanic Faith, celebrated this on 14th Maia / 1st May alongside Maia’s Day. This is far too confusing. I celebrate it on the crescent moon. Clan Jana celebrate on the last Sunday of Maia – 28th, this year 14th May.

This is the first time that I have performed (and adapted) the The Moonrite of Gifts of Clan Jana, even though I did not have all the correct equipment, may Dea forgive me. 23rd Maia / 10th May: (4 days after the Dark Moon): Crescent Moon. (For the Holy Daughter).

We celebrate Di Jana as Queen of Heaven, received by the children of Heaven and crowned by the high Janati. We are reminded that through Di Jana, meaning gateway, we shall return to Madria Dea (Mother God). If you have a statue, do crown Her with flowers. All present should ideally wear white. It is a joyous day and there is a legend that those with joyful hearts can laugh roses for the Queen of Heaven.

Waxing Crescent Moon Image

The Moonrite of Gifts of Clan Jana
Copyright protected. For private use, only.

The Moonrite of Gifts.

This Holy Rite may be offered as a solitary ritual or with family and friends on the Full Moon. It may be used for home or outdoor worship. It is a shortened form of the Great Liturgy of Dea and includes a Rite of Offering rather than a Communion Rite.


Force is understood as the combined Divine Power, Strength, Will and Energies of Dea.


The Rite is served on the Dark Moon in honor of the Great Mother. It is served on the Crescent Moon in honor of the Holy Daughter. It is celebrated on the Full Moon in honor of the Celestial Mother.


The Sacred Name of Power, IHV by saying the He with the outbreath, it is breathed rather than pronounced. It may also be pronounced Yot ‘E Voh.


Bowing: Fold hands in prayer, resting tips of fingers on chin and bow.

Soteria is pronounced So’-te-reea

Needed items:
Table or altar placed in the East. The spiritual head of the household, performing the Rite, faces East unless otherwise indicated. [I have].
Altar candles [I have].
Incense [No].
Five Element candles placed either along the back of the altar or in their cardinal directions on the altar. [No].
Holy water [I prepared earlier].
Holy oil [No].
Chalice and plate with white wine or white grape juice (unfermented wine) and fresh bread/rolls. (If there are to be a large number of people, more than one chalice may be filled with wine. All chalices of white wine and white grape juice should be properly blessed during the Rite.) [I prepared earlier, white grape juice and a slice of bread, ordinary glass and plate, blessed].
Libation bowl. [No, an ordinary bowl blessed].
Fresh flowers, if available. [No].
An inspired reading, hymns, the scriptures, Sophian or Persephone related hymns, or seasonal or moon poetry to be chosen in advance. [I have].
Females should be veiled or wearing a scarf or hat, males may wear a religious cap if they feel called to do so; all should dress appropriately. [I have].


My altar, which is symbolic and expanding

The Rite:

Trace the Fora over yourself and say: In the Name of the Mother, and of the Daughter and of the Great Mother. Blessed is She.

Light altar candles and incense.
H: Bless the altar and images with holy water while saying:
In the Name of the Mother, and of the Daughter, and of the Great Mother. Blessed is She.


Blessed is Our Mother God, the Holy One.

She Who is Mari.

She Who is Di Jana.

She Who is the Great Mother.

Blessed is She.


Eternal is the Light of the Mother.
Eternal is the Love of the Daughter.
Eternal is the Life of the Great Mother.
Glorious is Eternity of Dea.

H: We are here to celebrate the Rite of Gifts upon: Coronation / Exaltation of Di Jana as Queen of Heaven – Regina Coeli

H: Let us invoke the Seven Great Janati of Power, that we be may be warded from all that is not holy and that our worship and devotion may be pure.

H: O, Great Janati, Divine Guardians of the Threefold Heaven and of the Fourfold Earth, you who have the governance of each Earthly and Heavenly thing:

A: We invoke you in the Most Holy Name of Dea, Whom we have come to worship and adore.

H: (Turns to each quarter and traces the Fora:)
East: O, Lady Graca, [Grace-a] Guardian of the East and Water, may there be peace, be with us.

South: O, Lady Vicka, Guardian of South and Fire, may there be peace, be with us. (bow)

West: O, Lady Thema, [Thay-ma] Guardian of the West and Earth, may there be peace, be with us. (bow)

North: O, Lady Sofia, Guardian of North and Air, may there be peace, be with us. (bow)

Center: O, Lady Candra, O, Lady Theia, O, Lady Rhaya, Guardians of the Center and Spirit, may there be peace, be with us. (cross arms over heart and bow).

H: (Forms the Fora above the Altar)
In the Name of the Mother, and of the Daughter, and of the Great Mother,
Dark beyond the Light
And Light beyond the darkness.
A: Blessed is She.



Yot ‘E Voh

A: Madria Dea,

Shining Star of the shimmering depths, look upon us.

Light of the nocturnal heavens,

Protector of the running deer and of all free spirits.

O, hear us.

We are gathered in worship of You,

We are devoted to Your service.

Mighty Lady of the silver crested wave, come among us.


Silver Star of the Waters, Who has laughed all the world into being, beyond all knowing is the splendour of Your Light. Enfold my spirit in Your Mighty hand so that the Pure Stream of Your Light may flow through me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.


Preface: (Choice of text dependent upon moon phase. If a feast day, all three are used).

For Full Moon:

D: O, Supernal Sun of Our Creation, You Who are the Celestial Light, Essence and Spirit,
A: Inflame us through Your Fiery Rose Heart.


For Crescent Moon:

D: O, Gentle Moon of our Salvation, You Who are the Earthly Love, Form and Soul,

A: Enter our hearts with Your Love.


For Dark Moon:

D: O, Veiled Cosmic Origin, You Who are the Great Life, Source and Force,

A: Inspire us with Your Wisdom.


P: Guiding Star of the Seas,
A: Light of the Depths of the Cosmos,
P: Ray of Precious Jewels,
A: Divine Radiance of the Dawn,
P: Great Dove of the Waters,
A: Fiery Rose of Heaven,
P: Veiled Origin of Eternity,

A: We glorify You, we magnify You and we adore You.
Blessed is She.


Scripture or inspirational reading, poem, myth, etc.
(May be read by the H, a family member or friend.)

Free download: https://theahaus.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/fulltext-of-ncuv.pdf
(with thanks to Glenn King)

July 2012
The Filianic Scriptures, New Celestial Union
Version (Second Edition, Third Update)

25 Verses
Title 1, Chapter 10
Chapter 10

9. When the time was at hand, two high Janati [replacing archangels] descended, one on either side of Her, and She went with them into heaven. 10. The children of heaven greeted Her, crying: “Hail, princess of the world; hail, queen of heaven.” And they placed a crown of stars about Her head.
11. The blue night was Her cloak, and the stars of the sky the crown about Her head, and the moon lay at Her feet. They cried again: “Hail, queen of heaven.” 12. Thus began Her dear and glorious reign; and for the children of heaven, Her very presence was the completion of their joy. 13. And She poured forth Her grace and blessing from Her hands upon them and upon the earth. And Her grace and blessing were as rays of perfect light which penetrate the heart and flood the soul.
14. She said to them: “Do not forget your sisters of the earth, but move yourselves among them and hear their voices; lend them succour and breathe with them in their upward aspiration. 15. And when a soul in true devotion passes from the earth, lead her to the portal of heaven and the garden of Abalon [replacing Avala], and give her rest, and provision her with treasures of the Spirit to help her on her way.”
16. And She entered the great temple of heaven, where the spirits of earth’s children were gathered at the sacrifice, even as their souls were gathered on the earth. 17. Then She stood at the great altar and took up a wheaten loaf, and spoke, saying: 18. “Like to the grains, My soul [replacing “body” as Di Jana does not have a body] was cut down by the scythe of separation and suffering [replacing death]; and like to the grains did it rise anew. 19. For I am the ear of grains that is reaped in silence.” 20. She said: “Like to the grains my soul [replacing “body” as Di Jana does not have a body] was broken between the stones of separation and suffering [replacing death].” And saying thus, She broke the bread between Her hands.
21. And She gave the fragments of the bread to the spirits of earth’s children, saying: “Here is My soul [replacing “body” as Di Jana does not have a body] that is broken for you. Eat My soul [replacing “body” as Di Jana does not have a body], that you may be one with My soul [replacing “body” as Di Jana does not have a body], and may be one soul [replacing “body” as Di Jana does not have a body] in Me.”
22. Then She poured out Her Spirit from hands into a great chalice, and Her Spirit lay as wine within the chalice. 23. She said: “Even as you have offered Me bread in sacrifice, so I give you the bread of My soul [replacing “body” as Di Jana does not have a body]; and as you have poured out libations of wine to Me, so I pour out the eternal libation of My eternal Spirit.” 24. And as it is performed above in the Spirit, so is it
reflected below in the soul [replacing “body” as Di Jana does not have a body] and the spirit, and through the reflection do earth’s children have
part in the real. 25. So were the things that are told in this book reflected in the hearts of the children of Dea [replacing maids], that all might read them and draw closer to She that acted them.

1:9:16: “Archangels,” or “Geniae” in other versions.



O, Dea, Supernal Sun,
O, Dea, Supernal Moon,
O, Dea, Apple of Wisdom,
O, Dea Dea, Star of Hope,
O, Dea, Fora of Faith,
O, Dea, Dove of Peace,
O, Dea, Rose of Joy,
A: We thank You, we bless You and we adore You; for through Your Compassionate Love, we are infused with Your Luminous Graces and are sheltered beneath Your Great Mantle of Protection. Blessed is She.


A: The Creed of Clan Jana

I believe in the Eternal One, Dea Madria; I believe that She is One and that She is also Three.

I believe in the Celestial Mother; She Who is Pure Light and Essence; the Matrix of the Earth and of the Heavens and of all the infinite cosmos.

I believe in Her Holy Daughter; She Who is Perfect Love and Form; the Ruler of all the energies of creation; She Who is the Holy Soul of the World.

And I believe that there is She Who stands beyond these Two, Whose Name has not been spoken upon this Earth; She Who is Pure Life and Source, for She is the Beginning and the End, the First Principle and the Final Cause, the unoriginated Origin of Being, the Great Mother of all that is and all that is not; She Who Is.

I believe in the Seven Janati, the Seven Great Powers of Dea. I believe that they are the Seven Living Streams of Virtue who flow from the Mother and that guided by these Living Streams, I will rise to Perfection and eternally abide in the Supernal Realm of Her Love.

Blessed is She.


Preparation of the Gifts.
A: Silver Star of the Waters, Who has laughed all the world into being, beyond all knowing is the splendour of Your Light. Enfold my spirit in Your Mighty hand so that the Pure Stream of Your Light may flow through me, in this world and in all the worlds to come. Blessed is She.

The Gifts
H: Sprinkles holy water over the bread and the wine and says:
O, Holy Kyria, we thank You for the gifts of Your Creation. May these gifts be blessed in Your Name. (Traces the Fora over the bread and the wine and says): In the Name of the Mother, and of the Daughter, and of the Great Mother. Blessed is She.

H: Holds the plate of bread and then the chalice of wine in the smoke of incense with both hands and says: O, Madria Dea, may these gifts be sanctified in Your Name. In the Name of the Mother, and of the Daughter, and of the Great Mother . Blessed is She.

Yot ‘E Voh

All bow.

H: Let us offer libation to the (Celestial Mother), (the Holy Daughter), (The Great Mother, She Who Is). H then pours a portion of the wine from the chalice into the libation bowl. She then dips her two forefingers into libation bowl of wine and sprinkles a few drops onto the Sacrifice of bread.. This action is repeated three times. She then traces the Fora again over the bread.

H: O, (Celestial Mother), ( O, Holy Daughter), (O, Great Mother, Mysteria), as we drink Your Wine and eat of Your Bread, may Your Divine Spirit be infused within our being.
A: bow.

(Everyone present is offered the chalice (or the wine may be poured into very small glasses and distributed) and the sacred bread. Any remaining wine in the chalice is either consumed by the H or is poured out onto the ground at the end of the Rite. The libation bowl is to be reserved until the Rite is complete.

(This is a time for meditation, contemplation, teachings, prayer, rituals, divination, sacred dance, etc.)

Exaltia click here

Queen of Heaven, Dea of the Universe click here

My Mother, My Queen click here
H: O, Great Dove of the Waters (Crescent Moon),
A: May our hearts, which are in the form of a rose, be a Temple unto You.
H: You are the Song of the Cosmos. You are the Living Torch Who illumines all Paths.
A: Enter our hearts with Your Love.

H: Either faces family/friends for the final blessing or faces west to send the blessing out into the world and traces the Fora in the air after each of the following:
May the blessing of the Mother be upon you.
May the blessing of the Daughter be upon you.
May the blessing of the Great Mother be upon you.
Dark beyond the light and Light beyond the Darkness.


Silver Light of the darkling forests, send us forth in the protection of Your Spirit that no profane thing may enter into us.

Grant us to see all things with delight that are lovely and to glory and increase in force and energy.

Fill us with wonder in the sight of the seas and of the heavens and of every place wherein You are.

Commander of the roaring wave, help us to turn from all that is low or inglorious neither with anger nor with pain, but to know that in You we stand above all such things.

Guiding Light of the faithful soul, fill the deepest caverns of our spirit with the exhilaration of Your love. Send us forth upon the world as torchbearers of Your delight and grant us strength in You and in ourselves that we may value all things rightly, regardless of the consuming weight of the profane and the frailty of all that is beautiful.

H: Let us bless the Queen of Heaven.
A: Blessed is She.
H: Let us thank the Seven Janati of Power.
A: Thanks be to the Seven Janati.

A: Trace the Fora over themselves and say:
In the Name of the Mother, and of the Daughter, and of the Great Mother.

Blessed is She.

H: Thus it is and thus may it remain.
H: This Rite is Ended.
A: Blessed is She.

The libation wine is poured out onto the Earth by the H who says, while pouring, Hail, Holy Mother, Hail, Holy Daughter, Hail, Great Mother.
Blessed is She.


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