Black Madonna Mother of God of Ostra Brama, Mother of Mercy Lithuania, Vilna

Our Lady is exalted among the daughters of Heaven.

Shining Inanna, Star of the Sea,

Robed in celestial light.

She abases the cruel and proud,

And hearkens to the plea of the lowly.

The rich who deny her godhead find not contentment,

But blessed is the humblest of Her servants.

She delivers the captive into Her care,

And takes the hand of the fallen.

May the whole world praise Thee, beloved Inanna,

May Thy glory be told of in all the earth.

Let them exalt Thy dominion

And Thy valiant courage

And glorify Thy holy Name.

Have mercy on Thy servant who gives Thee blessing

And take Thy servant’s hand in need and suffering.

In illness and distress give Thy servant the gift of life

May Thy servant go forever in joy and delight

To magnify Thy holy Name

Before all the peoples of the world.

The earliest surviving version of this prayer is about 4,000 years old


I make this gender neutral by replacing her with their, them, they and she with Thy servant.

I have a small booklet Mythos of the Divine Maid, it is at the back of that and also in The Sacred Myths and Rites of the Madrians by Philip Jackson on page 47 and 48. My version is on a smaller page and has hand drawn flowering borders but the wording is exactly the same. I did not find the ancient version (4,000 years old) on the internet, as it came from a book or manuscript in the 1970s.

Inanna, can be replaced by Jana, Anna, Rhianne, whichever name for immanent Dea you find most meaningful.


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