Di Jana companion on our soul path

Di Jana companion on our soul path

During the Sacred Season of Winter, Madria Dea manifests onto the manifest planes as World Soul Di Jana, (Di Jah-na), bringing Holy Hope and Divine Unconditional Love to all wandering souls. For Clan Jana, the Holy Daughter is the Divine Gate of Gentle Light through Whom we find our way back to Union in Perfection. She is Divine. She is God in Her Earthly Form. (Some are not sure of the Trinity and see the Daughter as the Mother’s actions in these worlds.)

During the Sacred Season of Moura, Di Jana suffers in Her descent through the lower vibrational levels and searches for all lost souls, She is our Soteria and  Parakleton (see note).

During the Sacred Season of Spring, Di Jana triumphs in spreading Heaven’s harmony, as Princess of the World, She guides and teaches us how to pray and commune with Dea during rites as Priestess of the World and leads awakened souls back through the Gateway to Perfect Re-Union with Perfect Love, as Queen of Heaven.

The Feast of Coronation / Exaltation of Di Jana as Queen of Heaven – Regina Coeli shows those of us on the manifest planes that we shall follow the World Soul into Heavenly Spirit (Mother Mari, Supernal Sun, Divine Life, Love and Perfection.)

soul as a dove

Soul as a dove

The Way of Love

Heaven, Perfection, the Pleroma, Perfect Union with Deity or however one thinks of our true home is the highest level of Being for all and we all traverse our Sacred Paths, Paths that are life, the life of Life, Herself, within Her Body (and so we are never separate from Her). We each have an eternity to pass from limitation, the illusion of separateness and the divisions of evil and suffering to the State of perfect union within eternal and infinite harmony.


Each individual soul is eternally unique. Each is an expression of Dea. All souls must tread their own Path, but all are part of the One Life, Light and Love which are Divine Being, Divine Energy and Divine Harmony. Our only guiding Principle is That which is She. When we search for our path, we search for our life, for our life is our path and our path is our life.


This path is the process of magnification or, as it is also widely known, deification. It is the process by which each particle of Her Body or, as our True Selves are known in Gnosticism, each spark of Her Spirit, finds their way back Home. The Sacred Moments (aka enlightenment) of each being marks the Completion of Her Will and is the Moment that is eternal and It’s potency and greatness are infinite.

How do we reach our individual Sacred Moment? We reach it by choosing the Way of Love. Each choice we make either leads us further up the Path of the Spiraling Staircase towards Dea or it takes us down a step or two away from Her. Each and every choice of thought, word and action within each moment of every day leads us either towards Perfect Union within Dea or deeper down into limited existence. The choice is always ours to make.


The Way of Love is the simplest way of all and yet, it is the richest and the most profound. “The prime consideration is that love governs your all, love for She, love of yourself, love for every soul and creature and thing, for all are Her’s— the Way of Love”.


“The Way of Love is our guiding Rule, by She, gently, in the dignity, gracefulness and strength of love, increasingly strive that Love be the source and quality of your every thought, word and act, that you be filled with love and send forth only intentions formed by love, that love be the air you breathe and ever the whole of you, for this is the way you shall return to Love Herself, even to the perfect Union with She Who is Mother of All, the Holy One and the Way of Love is the perfect knowledge that leads to Perfect Love. Blessed is She.”


Our souls are our spirits wrapped in karma. Each soul is bound by karma or moira. Karma or moira only dissolves when the soul walks the Way of Love. This is not an easy path. It demands of us the daily practice of the Supernal Virtues of the Seven Great Genaie.


The awakened soul understands that Love is All and that there is truly nothing that is outside of the All of Love. The Prime Essence of All Being is Love and therefore, with each and every one of us, the whole of our being must also become Love in order to eternally join with Love. It is not enough to live in love, we must become love. Once the soul becomes love, karma or moura dissolves; we are freed from all suffering and hardship and we become one with Love, Herself.


Once every being has reached the Eternal State of Pure Love, then will all worlds, all realms be wholly perfect, though this process takes a vast amount of aeons.


Dea allowed us to come here of our own free will. The Path of Return is that of the all consuming Love of Her fiery Rose Heart whose spark is within the temple of our own hearts, the temple of which is in the form of a rose. The Path of Return is the Path of Love.


May the Holy Mother bless you,

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides



From παρά ‎(pará, “beside”) + κλητος ‎(klētos, “called, invited [one]”)

(5th BC Attic): IPA: /paráklɛ͜ɛtos/
(1st BC Egyptian): IPA: /parákleːtos/
(4th AD Koine): IPA: /paráklitos/
(10th AD Byzantine): IPA: /paráklitos/
(15th AD Constantinopolitan): IPA: /paɾáklitos/
παράκλητος • ‎(paráklētos) m, f ‎(neuter παράκλητον); second declension

Called to aid, helping
(substantive) legal assistant, advocate
(substantive) One of who speaks on behalf: mediator, intercessor
(substantive) comforter, helper

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