Sacred Season of Summer, Month of Rosa June 13 – July 10

Sacred Season of Summer, Month of Rosa June 13 – July 10

Sacred Season of Summer
The Season of Fire and Rose.

Fiery Rose

Sacred Month of Rosa June 13 – July 10
Rosa, (“Rose”), symbol of affection, warmth, and welcome

Roseday / Tuesday – honouring the Celestial Mother as the Fiery Rose of Heaven and the Rose of Joy. Roseday is presided over by Lady Vicka.
Lady Vicka is of the Fourfold Earth and is the Guardian of South and Fire. The Season of Summer. I will strive to emulate Lady Vicka, in Courage, Strength and Valor.

Solar: Summer Solstice

Dea as the Rose of Joy, the Glad Welcome:
Radiating from the center Heart-Hearth of Home
The Flowering and Fruitful Rose Garden of Delight

(ArchMatrona Georgia Cobb of the Lady of Light Chantry)


The Rose of Joy. The Celestial Mother Mari as the Assumption of our souls. She is the Fiery Rose of Heaven. Rosa Caeli means “of Heaven” in Latin.

(ArchMadria Pamela Lanides of Clan Jana)



This season is dedicated to the Mother as Centre and Essence, and the blazing sun of creation. The solar fire within the world is blazing up to consume the separation of matter and raise us across the abyss of separation to be one within our hearts with the Heart of the Mother. A single rose stands before altar images to recall our minds to the single goal. Bonfires are also a custom of the season.

“All the complexities of the world are but the turnings of a labyrinth, and at the centre is the fiery rose-heart of our Mother, burning with perfect love.”

from Madrian Traditions


Roses come in many colors. Each color provides a rose with a hidden symbolic meaning. The following ideals are a joyous, bountiful, bouquet of those secret meanings. All of these private thoughts remind us of Our Mother God (Dea).

Many of these silent messages refer to particular virtues of Lady Vicka:
adoration, admiration, affection, appreciation, beauty, calm, caring, commitment, courage, delight, elegance, enchantment, energy, enthusiasm, fascination, femininity, forgiveness, friendship, gentility, gentleness, gladness, grace, grandeur, gratitude, happiness, harmony, heavenly, honesty, honor, humility, innocence, joyfulness, kindness, life, love, loyalty, majesty, modesty, mystery, passion, perfection, protection, purity, remembrance, refinement, renewal, respect, reverence, romance, royalty, secrecy, silence, sincerity, spirituality, splendor, steadfastness, sweetness, sympathy, thankfulness, tranquility, truth, unity, warmth, welcome, wonder, youthfulness.

In commemoration of this happy day, it is recommended that a devotee of Dea present a rose (or roses) to a dear one, in token of the personal bond of affection between the one and the other.

For help in choosing the appropriate color, please consult the following sources.

Enjoy! Bishop Georgia


Direction: South.

Element: Fire.

Symbol: Rose.

Time of Day: Noon.

Sacred Color: Red.



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