My Birth Mother’s Life Celebration Service and Party Rosa 25th / July 7th 2016

My Birth Mother’s Life Celebration Service and Party Rosa 25th / July 7th 2016

The sun shone, friends and family had traveled from Scotland, Wales and from the Midlands and South East of England. We wore our brightest party clothes, shared her life achievements through happy memories. The service was taken by a lovely humanist celebrant.

My Birth Mother’s Scattering of Ashes Sunna 10th / July 20th 2016

My Dad chose her favourite place, a seaside with a mile long stretch of golden sands, on the west coast so famed for the magnificent sunsets. Irish-Norse Vikings settled here in the 10th century. At 8.30pm we walked along the promenade down onto the sands, I held the urn and my Dad scattered her. This is a walk that we had done many times during her lifetime.

St Bees Head at sunset by Doug Sim
St Bees Head at Sunset by Doug Sim 2014

Madria Pamela Lanides – Offering up a Liturgy in your mother’s honor Sunday Sunna 21st / 31st July 2016

May the perpetual Light shine upon her. Amen.
May her memory be eternal. Amen.
May her family receive comfort and solace. Amen, amen, amen.

Honeysuckle hedgerow

It has been warm sunshine all day. My Dad and I went for a walk along the fields and country lanes through various hamlets surrounding our market town and ate a traditional Sunday roast dinner in our local Country Inn. The hedgerows were full of honeysuckle and bees. Mom always said that honeysuckle reminded her of nursing me as a baby, because she said that it smelt of mother’s breast milk. We always had Honeysuckle talcum powder in the home.
Therefore, I was talking in my head to my Mom all afternoon.


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