Sacred Month of Ceres August 8th – September 4th

Sacred Month of Ceres August 8th – September 4th

This is a Clan Jana named month.

Goddess of Corn and grains. The word cereal stems from Ceres.

The Madrian1&2 name was Hesperis meaning evening star because the evenings lengthen.
The month renamed by Clan Jana as Sunna was originally named Kerea from the root word Ker, which means Horn as in Horn of Plenty or Cornucopia.

I see this month as a celebration and thanks giving to
“The Bright Mother and Her gifts to the world. We find in the world a memory of that golden time when the Bright Mother was near to the world and joy held sway over all.
137 From “A Year with Dea” by Brythwen Sinclair
Recommended purchase for Dea’nists and Filianics


In ancient Roman religion, Ceres Latin: Cerēs was a goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility and motherly relationships.[3]
The Romans saw her as the counterpart of the Greek goddess Demeter.

Ceres was a kind and benevolent goddess to the Romans and they had a common expression, “fit for Ceres,” which meant splendid.

Ceres was credited with the discovery of spelt wheat (Latin far), the yoking of oxen and ploughing, the sowing, protection and nourishing of the young seed, and the gift of agriculture to humankind; before this, it was said, man had subsisted on acorns, and wandered without settlement or laws. She had the power to fertilise, multiply and fructify plant and animal seed, and her laws and rites protected all activities of the agricultural cycle.

Ceres Enthroned


Ceres’ name derives from the reconstructed Proto-Indo-European root *ḱerh₃-, meaning “to satiate, to feed”,[5] which is also the root for Latin crescere “to grow” and through it, the English words create and increase. Roman etymologists thought ceres derived from the Latin verb gerere, “to bear, bring forth, produce”
Throughout the Roman era, Ceres’ name was synonymous with grain and, by extension, with bread.

[3] Room, Adrian, Who’s Who in Classical Mythology, p. 89-90. NTC Publishing 1990. ISBN 0-8442-5469-X.
[5] Lexikon der Indogermanischen Verben

There were 2 groups of Madrians, 1 the publicity seeking, lesbian separatists and 2 the more secretive gendar inclusive group from which Clan Jana originates. So in future I will number the source Madrian1 and Madrian2.


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