Psalms suitable for Summer – Rose Heart

My Selection from the Psalter of Our Lady for Summer relating to Rose Heart

Firstly the introduction December 16, 2013

Psalter of Our Lady

These 150 psalms are taken from the Psalter of the Blessed Virgin Mary written by St. Bonaventure and have been painstakingly adapted by Mr Glenn King and Madria Pamela Lanides. They will be incorporated into our Hours (a work in progress), our liturgy and our Feast Day prayers. These psalms are taken from the Living Stream in the West.

For the most part, we have removed archaic language however, Thee and Thou, when referring to Our Lady, denotes honor and the respect that is due to Her.

Our thanks to Mr. King for this valuable service to the Filianic/Deanic community.

Madria Pamela Lanides


PSALM 108: O, Lady, heed my praise

O Lady, heed my praise:
and deign to accept this Psalter dedicated to Thee.
Look upon the will of my heart: and make my affection well-pleasing to Thee.
Hasten to visit Thy servants:
under the protection of Thy Mantle may they be preserved unhurt.
May they receive through Thee the illumination of Lady Mati:
and the charis of Lady Sushuri.
O Lady, look upon the contrite of heart:
and revive them by the ointment of piety.

My Notes

[ Psalms: a collection of religious verses, sung or recited ]
[ Madrian1 Lady Mati is Clan Jana Lady Sofia and Madrian1 Lady Sushuri is Clan Jana Lady Grace
Lady Sofia: Feast day on November 28th
Lady Grace: 2016-the-feast-of-madria-grace/ ]
[ Charis: Joseph H. Thayer made some significant observations concerning the meaning of charis: “that which affords joy, pleasure, delight, sweetness, charm, loveliness…good-will, loving-kindness, favor… charis is used pre-eminently of that kindness by which God [Dea] bestows favors even upon the ill-deserving, and grants to sinners the pardon of their offences, and bids them accept of eternal salvation through Christ [Di Jana].” ]


My Favourite Selections and Comments

I have selected 13 psalms that I regard as suitable for Summer and the Fiery Heart symbolic of the Divine unconditional love of Madria Dea.

Rose Haloed Mother

Personally, I adore these:

Psalm 27: I will cry and Thou shalt hear me, which expresses my confusion and neglect of the Goodness and Truth of Dea who is in every place, throughout all the manifest realms and internally, in our temple heart. Wherever and whenever, Dea offers a warm welcome.

Psalm 128: My enemies have often troubled me, which is related to the above, but instead of personal and internal conflicts this psalm seeks protection from external negative influences.

Psalm 41: As the deer longs for the sparkling brook, poetically expresses the longing for Dea that I have felt all this human life. Which also reminds me of the Scripture:
(with thanks to Glenn King)

July 2012
The Filianic Scriptures, New Celestial Union
Version (Second Edition, Third Update)

48 Verses
Title 3, Chapter 8
Filianic Texts, or the collected sayings of the Daughter of Thea

The Way of Simplicity

1. Unless your souls are simple as the running deers, My children, and your hearts as little
children filled with wonder, how shall you attain liberation? 2. Let your ways be gentle as the milk-white dove, and graceful as the gliding of the swallow. 3. For there are ways and rhythms in the course of life, of day and night, of seasons and the moon, by which all life, all thought, all work are governed, 4. and these movements are the breath of the Divine, reflected in the highest spheres and every living thing.

Psalm 31: Blessed are they, because the imagery reminds me of Dea’s Great Celestial Realm and living in Spiritual Unity represented by an abundant verdant Paradise.

Psalm 98: Our Lady Reigns, related to the above as it beautifully describes Dea in Heaven with Her Janati / angels, streaming Her powers/virtues throughout the manifest realms.

Sophia Ruth


The Summer – Rose Heart Psalms

PSALM 25 – Judge me

Judge me, O Lady, for I have departed from Thy ways:
But because I have hoped in Thee I shall not become weak.
Enkindle my heart with the fire of Thy love:
And with the girdle of righteousness bind my heart.
For Thy mercy and Thy justice are before my eyes:
And I am delighted with the voice of Thy praise.
O Lady, I have loved the beauty of Thy face:
And I have revered Thy holiness.
Oh praise Her name, for She is holy:
let Her wonders be declared forever.


PSALM 27: I will cry and Thou shalt hear me

To Thee, O Lady, will I cry, and Thou shalt hear me:
in the voice of Thy praise Thou will make me glad.
Have mercy on me in the day of my trouble:
and in the light of Thy truth deliver me.
Blessed be Thou, O Lady:
to the uttermost ends of the earth.
Thy sanctuary is my abode.
Render my conscience pure and undefiled
and make of my heart a place of propitiation
and a temple for the holy in-dwelling of Thy love.

[ Propitiation: is an action meant to regain someone’s favor or make up for something you did wrong.
Replaced wilt with will and our with my ]


PSALM 31: Blessed are they

Blessed are they whose hearts love Thee, O, Holy Dea:
their sins will be mercifully washed away by Thee.
Holy, chaste, and flowering are Thy Thoughts:
which blossomed into the flower of eternal greenness.
The beauty of Thy grace will never see corruption:
and the grace of Thy countenance will never fade.
Blessed art Thou, O sublime Empress of Creation:
for Thou has raised us to union with Thee.
O, Sacred Mother, Thou has sent us Thy Daughter as the way,
by which salvation from on high, has visited us.

[ Replaced hast with has ]


PSALM 32: Rejoice, the just, in Our Lady

Rejoice, the just, in Our Lady:
and in uprightness of heart praise Her together.
Draw near unto Her with reverence and devotion:
and let your heart be delighted in Her salutation.
Give unto Her the Sacrifice of praise:
and be you nourished with the Spirit of Her Daughter.
For She sheds upon you the Seven Jeweled Rays of Her Virtues:
and She will enlighten you with the splendours of Her mercy.
Her fruit is most sweet:
it grows ever sweeter in the mouth and the heart of the wise.

[ Replaced ye with the, ye with you and also deleted ye ]


PSALM 40 – Our Lady loves

Our Lady loves the oppressed and the poor:
May we remain faithful in Her praise.
O Lady of the angels, Queen of the world:
purify my heart with the fire of Thy love.
You are the Mother of the illumination of my heart:
You are the Nurse who refreshes my mind.
My mouth longs to praise Thee: my mind aspires to adore Thee.
My soul longs to pray to Thee
Because the whole of my being belongs to Thee, O my Queen.


PSALM 41: As the deer longs for the sparkling brook

As the deer longs for the sparkling brook,
so doth my soul pine for Thy love.
For Thou art the Mother of my life:
and the sublime sustainer of my existence.
Thy Daughter is the Savioress of my soul;
the beginning and the end of my salvation.
Hear me, O Lady, let my stains be cleansed:
enlighten me, O Lady, that my darkness may be illuminated.
Let my tepidity be enkindled by the Heart-Flame of Thy love:
let my torpor be expelled by Thy grace.


PSALM 44: My heart hath uttered a good word

My heart hath uttered a good word, my Lady:
it is sweetened with honey-flowing dew.
By Thy sanctity let my sins be purged:
by Thy integrity may incorruption be bestowed upon me.
By Thy magnanimity may my soul be loved
and joined to You through the bond of love.
By Thy Daughter, the chasm has been bridged:
by the bringing forth of Thy Beloved,
I am delivered from eternal death.
By Thy graciousness, I am restored:
and from the exile of misery
I am led back to the homeland of beatitude.


PSALM 59: O, Holy Dea, kear envelops us

O Holy Dea, kear envelops us as we have turned away from Thee.
Yet, Thou has had mercy on us by Thy Daughter.
Have mercy on us, O, saving Mother God:
who has brought forth salvation for all of creation.
For Thou infuses joy into the sad:
and joy and sweetness into the mourners.
Rejoice us by the sweet sounds of Thy Word:
and pour Thy balm of roses forth into our hearts.
Thunder, the heavens, from above, and give praise to Her:
glorify Her, the Earth, with all the dwellers therein.

[ Kear: A crack or flaw, the chasm or abyss that lies between Dea and each soul which opened when we chose to experience material manifestation.
Replaced hast with has, infusest with infuses and ye with the ]


PSALM 82 – Who shall be like unto Thee

O my Lady, who shall be like unto Thee ?
In grace and glory You surpass all.
As the heavens are above the earth:
so are You high above all, and exceedingly exalted.
Wound my heart with Your love:
make me worthy of Your grace and Your gifts.
May my heart melt in Thy love:
and may the desire of Thee enkindle my soul.
Make me desire Your honor and Your glory:
that I may be received by You.


PSALM 98: Our Lady Reigns

Our Lady Reigns, let the people rejoice:
She sits on the High Throne of Heaven.
Great in Ekklesia is Thy glory, O Lady:
and in Cosmos, shines forth Thy magnificence.
Sing before Her, the harmonious choirs:
and adore Her throne, for it is holy.
In Her Flames, the Fire of Love
and round about her are those who worship Her.
Her Seven Laws are before our eyes:
and the rule of compassion is in Her heart.

[ Ekklesia: Church, assembly of a people, spiritual community, for Janites, the people of Dea.
Replaced ye with the ]


PSALM 107 – My heart is ready

My heart is ready, O Lady, my heart is ready:
to sing praises to You and to chant.
Greater is Your love than all riches:
and Your grace is above gold and precious stones.
Beatitude and justice are given by You, O, Holy Dea.
Those who turn away from their sins to Thee
shall obtain the remedy of loving kindness
For Your fruit is grace and peace:
and those who please You shall be far from perdition.
Be to us a shade of protection in our temptations:
Let the spreading of Your wings defend us from it who devours.

[ Perdition: (in Christian theology) a state of eternal punishment and damnation into which a sinful and
unrepentant person passes after death.
Replaced him with it ]


PSALM 128: My enemies have often troubled me

My enemies have often troubled me from my youth up:
deliver me, O Lady, and vindicate my cause from them.
Give them not power over my soul:
keep my interior and my exterior.
Grant us forgiveness for our transgressions:
let it be given to us by Thy grace.
May we offer the Sacrifice worthily
and may we offer praise worthily:
that we may come to union with Thee by a blessed end.
Show us then with a gracious and serene countenance
the Rosy Heart-flame of Thy Love.


Psalm 140 I have cried

O Lady, I have cried to You, hear me:
incline unto my prayer and to my supplication.
Let my supplication be directed as incense before Thy face:
Both in the time of the evening sacrifice and in the morning.
Let not my heart turn aside into spiteful words:
And let not the thought of wickedness upset my mind.
Make me submissive to the good pleasure of Thy heart:
and let me be conformed to Your actions.
With the sword of understanding pierce my heart:
and with a dart of love inflame my mind.


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