Modern Morning Prayer to Sunna

Modern Morning Prayer to Sunna

by Galina Krasskova

Hail the rising of the Sun,
Great Goddess, Bestower of all good things,
Shining brightly, You traverse the heavens
Driving back the blanket of night.
Mighty Sunna, be my pace-setter.
Help me to structure my day rightly
With time to work, and play, and pray.
Let me not lose myself to the hammering call
Of all that has to be done.
Help me to follow Your rhythms,
For You are wise and practical
And Your presence blesses us all.
Each card has an image on one side and a prayer on the other.



Sunna by Grace Palmer ©2013 commission for Galina Krasskova’s
prayer card project. 7.5″ by 12″

Grace D. Palmer is a professional illustrator who has always been
drawn to myths, stories and traditions. In her imaginings of the
gods, she focuses on depicting their essential connection with
humanity and the historical backgrounds from which we know
their worship.

She places a high priority on non-standard ideals of beauty,
exploring a more diverse range of human aesthetics. Her
influences include the masters of the Northern Renaissance, and
early 20th century golden age illustrators.

You can see her work at her primary portfolio site
on DeviantArt
or on tumblr
She is open for commissions or for private print sales via email or messaging at either site.




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