Our Lady of Beauraing, called Virgin Heart of Gold

Our Lady of Beauraing, called Virgin Heart of Gold

I have written previously about images of the Virgin Mary connecting with my Deanic beliefs.
I have just discovered this apparition, whose iconography to me relates to Dea as Perfect Goodness and Pure Unconditional Love in the Celestial realms as the Divine Sun.

Notre Dame au Coeur d’Or, Beauraing, Namur, Belgium

On the evening of November 29, 1932, a group of children aged 9 to 15 saw a luminous woman floating above the railroad bridge near their Catholic school. Afraid, they ran home. On the next night, they saw her there again, but she vanished, reappearing on a hawthorn bush by the school’s garden gate. Glowing in white robes with blue highlights and a crown of rays, the woman didn’t speak until December 2, when the children asked what she wanted of them. “To be very good,” she said. She later asked for a chapel, for pilgrimages and prayers, and identified herself: “Je suis la Vierge Immaculée.” From December 29 until the last apparition, a golden heart showed on the Virgin’s breast. On January 3, 1933, witnesses saw a ball of fire crackle at the bush right before the children dropped to their knees in Our Lady’s presence. She spoke individually to each child; they all heard her say “Adieu.”

For the very simple and short messages: http://ourladyofdivinopolis.blogspot.com/2012/08/messages-of-our-lady-of-beauraing.html

Heaven’s gradual revealing of the Heart of Mary concluded in Belgium in 1933. At Beauraing, we were shown Our Lady’s heart of gold, pierced neither by sword nor thorns. Here Our Lady’s message was simple, and might be expressed in this way:

Your heart can be like mine, burning with pure love,
if you pray much and sacrifice yourself for sinners.


Statue by local sculptor Aurélien Pierroux (from “Some Shrines of France,” https://www.catholictradition.org/Mary/shrines.htm).

These pages are becoming my virtual shrines.

Illustrations – click to enlarge


Statue of Our Lady of Beauraing stained glass

Stained Glass

Prayer Cards

Domestic Statues



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