Custom Made Hornbeam Wooden Apple

Custom Made Hornbeam Wooden Apple

1 apple 2 halves 5 point star of seeds


Blossom End (using a clove)


Stalk end (sliver of walnut wood)


seed star in the hornbeam apple

Paul said:
The apple is made from Hornbeam wood,the stem is made from Walnut wood, which gives the stem a more realistic look i think and is turned thinly, so be careful when you unpack the apple as the stems are fragile,and the blossom is an orange clove.

Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus)
Interesting fact: the name hornbeam comes from the hardness of its timber – ‘horn’ means ‘hard’ and ‘beam’ was the name for a tree in old English.

Hornbeam is a deciduous broadleaf tree native to the south of the UK, but widely planted

Traditional used for the wood included ox-yokes (a wooden beam fitted across the shoulders of an ox to enable it to pull a cart), butchers’ chopping blocks and cogs for windmills and water mills. It was also coppiced and pollarded for poles.

Information about a hornbeam


From the talented crafter
Paul Johnston
Etsy shop PJ Woodcraft

My Review:



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