Feast of Divine Life / Harvest Hestia

Feast of Divine Life / Harvest Hestia

The Rite of Sacrifice / Offering

This is the first time that I have performed (and adapted) The Janite Deanic Rite of Sacrifice / Offering.

We celebrate the Holy Trinity.

The Great Mother as Ground of All Being.
As I understand Her:
Dea Matrona is ultimate reality. Dea is the first, and highest and only necessary “thing” [Intelligence/Spirit] that exists, and thus, had Dea Matrona not emanated / “breathed out” Celestial Mother Mari, Dea Matrona would be the only “being” [Intelligence/Spirit] that exists.

The Celestial Mother Mari is the Matrix. She gathers from Source or Absolute Deity, the Great Mother, the seeds containing the Essence of Life and She births [emanates] them into material manifestation. Therefore, the Holy Mother Mari is, for us: Dea, Apple of Wisdom.

Di Jana is the Apple of Wisdom.
The outer apple represents the material manifestation of Creation. The inner spiritual seeds containing the Essence of Life, taken together with the outer apple of material manifestation represent the two Threads of the Spiritual and the Material being woven together to create All Being, which is exactly what World Soul Di Jana, Apple of Wisdom, signifies.


This Holy Rite may be offered as a solitary ritual or with family and friends on the phases of the moon or a Festival/Feast Day. It may be used for home or outdoor worship. It is a shortened form of the Great Liturgy of Dea and includes a Rite of Offering rather than a Communion Rite.


Force is understood as the combined Divine Power, Strength, Will and Energies of Dea.


The Rite is served on the Dark Moon in honor of the Great Mother. It is served on the Crescent Moon in honor of the Holy Daughter. It is celebrated on the Full Moon in honor of the Celestial Mother.


The Sacred Name of Power, IHV by saying the He with the outbreath, it is breathed rather than pronounced. It may also be pronounced Yot ‘E Voh.


Bowing: Fold hands in prayer, resting tips of fingers on chin and bow.

Soteria is pronounced So’-te-reea

Needed items:
Table or altar placed in the East. The spiritual head of the household, performing the Rite, faces East unless otherwise indicated. [I have].
Altar candles [I have].
Incense [No].
Five Element candles placed either along the back of the altar or in their cardinal directions on the altar. [No].
Holy water [I prepared earlier].
Holy oil [No].
Chalice and plate with white wine or white grape juice (unfermented wine) and fresh bread/rolls. (If there are to be a large number of people, more than one chalice may be filled with wine. All chalices of white wine and white grape juice should be properly blessed during the Rite.) [I prepared earlier, white grape juice and a slice of bread, ritual chalace and plate, blessed].
Libation bowl. [No, an ordinary bowl blessed].
Fresh flowers, if available. [No].
An inspired reading, hymns, the scriptures, Sophian or Persephone related hymns, or seasonal or moon poetry to be chosen in advance. [I have].
Females should be veiled or wearing a scarf or hat, males may wear a religious cap if they feel called to do so; all should dress appropriately. [I have].


My altar, which is symbolic and expanding

The Rite:

Trace the Fora over yourself and say: In the Name of the Mother, and of the Daughter and of the Great Mother. Blessed is She.

Light altar candles and incense.
C: Bless the altar and images with holy water while saying:
In the Name of the Mother, and of the Daughter, and of the Great Mother. Blessed is She.


In the Name

of the Mother

and of the Daughter

and of the Great Mother.

Blessed is She.

C: We are here to celebrate the Rite of Offering upon: Feast of Divine Life / Harvest Hestia


C/M: Let us seek sanctuary of the Janati of the fourfold Earth and of the Three-fold Heaven, that no harmful thing may come between ourselves and our devotion.

C: O, Most Holy Janati, in the most sacred Name of She that we are come to honor


(all trace the Fora upon themselves)

In the Name of the Mother

And of the Daughter

And of the Great Mother,

Dark beyond the Light

And Light beyond the darkness;

We entreat you that your vigilance shall keep our service pure.

C: (turns to each quarter, tracing in the air, each time, the sign of the Fora while saying)

East: O, Madria Grace, Guardian of East and Water, may there be peace, be with us. (bow)

South: O, Madria Vicka, Guardian of South and Fire, may there be peace, be with us. (bow)

West: O, Madria Justina [replacing Thema], Guardian of West and Earth, may there be peace, be with us. (bow)

North: O, Madria Sofia, Guardian of North and Air, may there be peace, be with us. (bow)

Centre: O, Madria Candre, Madria Theia and Madria Rhea,

Guardians of Spirit and Center, may there be peace, be with us. (cross arms over heart and bow).

C: (Forms the Fora above the Altar)
In the Name of the Mother, and of the Daughter, and of the Great Mother,
Dark beyond the Light
And Light beyond the darkness.
A: Blessed is She.



C: Madria Dea,
Star of the Shimmering Depths, look upon us.
Light of the nocturnal heavens,
Protector of the running deer
And of all free spirits,
O, hear us.
We are come to celebrate Your resplendent purity
and to solemnly devote ourselves
to Your service.
Mistress of the Silver-Helmed wave,
come among us.

C/M: Let us confess together our belief in that which alone is true.


I believe that I am created from before the dawn of time
by the Eternal One, Madria Dea;
I believe that She is One and there are none beside Her,
and I believe that She is also Three.


I believe in the Mother, She Who is Pure Light;
the Creator of the Earth and of the Heavens,
and of all the infinite Cosmos.


And I believe in Her Holy Daughter, born of the Holy Mother;
She Who rules all the energies of Creation,
Whose Nature is Perfect Love.


And I believe that there is She, Who stands beyond these Two,
Whose Name has not been spoken on this Earth;
for She is the Beginning and the End,
the First Principle and the Final Cause,
the unoriginated Origin of Being;
the Great Mother of all that is and all that is not;


I believe in the Seven Janati, the Seven Great Powers of Dea. I believe that
they are the Living Streams of Virtue who flow from the Mother and
that together, these Living Streams form the River of Life.


I believe that I was made a perfect creature,
and I believe that at the dawn of time my soul did turn from
the Perfection of existence,
that I may know of the other things, for many things I did not know;
And thus gathered I infirmity of my sovereign will;


I believe that through this fault I needs must suffer
the limitation of imperfect being, to learn and know the other things,
in the increase of my knowledge;
for I know within Her Divine Will, the darkness must be known
to truly know the Light
and the Dark beyond the light.


And I believe, that all Her Will might Be,
that the Daughter of Eternity
gave Herself to be cast through the realms into Moura. (1)


I believe that She rose triumphant
And reigns as Queen of Heaven.
I believe that guided by the Seven Living Streams
and through the Triumphant life of the Daughter,
I may return to Eternal Communion
with the Eternal One, Madria Dea,
In the Completion of the Wholeness of Her Will.

Blessed is She.

C/M: Great Dove of the Waters that has brought forth the world from the Matrix of Your Being.

C: Dove of the Sacrifice that are crushed beneath the heel of Moura (1) [replaced: death] that You may come as our Soteria [replaced Savior]

ALL: We thank You,

We bless You,

We adore You.

C/M: Gentle Mother, that has given forth Your Daughter with tears into the hands of darkness,

All: Accept the tears of our love and our regret. [replaced: contrition]



Preface: (Choice of text dependent upon moon phase. If a feast day, all three are used).

For Full Moon:

C/M: O, Supernal Sun of Our Creation, You Who are the Celestial Light, Essence and Spirit,
All: Inflame us through Your Fiery Rose Heart.


For Crescent Moon:

C/M: O, Gentle Moon of our Salvation, You Who are the Earthly Love, Form and Soul,
All: Enter our hearts with Your Love.


For Dark Moon:

C/M: O, Veiled Cosmic Origin, You Who are the Great Life, Source and Force,
All: Inspire us with Your Wisdom.


C/M: Let us, who are true believers, receive into our hearts, the words of Dea. [replaced: Our Lady]

Free download: https://theahaus.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/fulltext-of-ncuv.pdf
(with thanks to Glenn King)

July 2012
The Filianic Scriptures, New Celestial Union
Version (Second Edition, Third Update)

Title 2. The Crystal Tablet [52 verses]
Chapter 1 only
1: 52 verses.

The Crystal Tablet 12-29

12. Life is the life of the spirit, the first principle; beyond being and unbeing. Life was before existence. Life is the cause of existence. 13. How shall the soul live in life? 14. Let her realize the truth of her self and the truth of the Absolute. Let her know that her life is beyond even her existence, that the absolute life, the life of Thea, is beyond all existence. 15. Let her not be held from herself or her Thea by anything that exists, for all the things that are have come from nothing and to nothing shall return. But the divine life, and her life within it, was ever and shall ever be, though time itself shall only last a space. 16. Let her not trust the ground her feet are set upon and doubt the ground upon which that ground stands. Rather let her doubt the sea, the sky, the fingers of her hand and the breath of her mouth; for all these things may be illusions, as in some sense they are. 17. But let her know life divine as the truth beyond truth and the faith beyond faith and doubt.
18. Light is pure force or delight. It is the joy of Thea, and Her breath and spirit. 19. Light is the outpouring of life into existence. All things that exist come from life; they are made and sustained by light.
20. Though an existing thing appears never so solid, yet its body is made of light. All material things are but consolidated force; and the vibration of force is the whole of their being.
21. Yet material things are far from the source of light. They have become subject to consolidation and restriction. 22. Pure light knows no bounds, but is perfect joy, and breathes its own perfection.
23. How shall the soul approach to light? 24. Let her make her every act a resplendent creation, and let every outpouring of her strength be a well-made gift for her Lady. Let her not fall into dullness, but be ever creating herself anew in the delight of her strength. 25. Let her not seek for reward, but only for her own perfection; thus the action itself shall become perfect.
Let her turn from the transient and find delight in the eternal. 26. For every earthly action is the shadow of some higher form; and the soul must choose whether in her act she shall approach that form, or sink from it into deeper shadows and the morass of illusion. 27. She who rejects the light of the Spirit in this world shall, beyond death, be plunged into darkness and the confusion of bodiless echoes. 28. But every act that is performed in dedication to the Mother is an expression of the soul’s true self, and loosens the chains of her bondage. 29. If the soul lives in light, nothing shall be impossible to her, for her will shall become one with the will of our Lady


The Sacrifice:


Silver Star of the Waters, Who has fashioned all the cosmos into being. Beyond all knowing is the splendor of Your Light. Enfold my spirit, beneath your hallowed mantle, and may the pure stream of Your Grace, flow through me, into this world and in all the worlds to come.

Madria Dea, we pray that You will Bless the gifts we bring to You, for we bring them not only in our own names, but for all who love You; may they be nourished and grow strong in Your true devotion.

Beloved Kyria, we bring these gifts for Your blessing in the name of Holy Ekklesia, who has gathered all of Your children into one Body, knowing no bounds of either time or space.

For we know that Ekklesia transcends this world, even as this sacred altar transcends the earthly stuff of which its parts are made. For we know that as we stand before this altar within Ekklesia, we stand at once before Your Celestial Altar, which is both in Heaven and in every place where Your children come together in Your Name.

C: Holds the sacrifice (bread) in the smoke of incense with both hands.

C: We know that there is but one Sacrifice made by all Your children in every place, eternally. Bless this gift, that we may take part in that one Sacrifice.

(All kneel on one knee. C bows her head.)


The Sacrifice / Offering

C: Places Sacrifice back on plate. (May either be safely burned as an offering or placed outside on the ground.)

C: Mother of all that is, accept the gift Your children bring to You.

(All rise. C; lifts the Chalice in her left hand and traces the Fora over it with her right)

C: Let us offer libation to Dea.

(C then pours a portion of the wine from the chalice into the libation bowl. She then traces the Fora again over the bread. She dips her two fore fingertips into the wine and sprinkles a few drops onto the sacrifice. The action is repeated three times. She then traces the Fora, again.)

C: Madria Dea, as we drink of the one cup, may Your Divine Spirit be infused within our being.

(The Chalice is passed to all. All drink. If a Madrina (deaconess/server) is present, she serves them, afterwards drinking, herself. The celebrant drinks last.)



Inspirational reading, poem, myth, etc.
(May be read by the C, a family member or friend. The celebrant may give food for contemplation, speak about the Mysteries of the season, spiritual truths, etc.)

What is She not, the Spirit, my Mother? click here
Thou Art The Life click here
Now stand at the centre of the flux click here
Psalm 9 – I will praise Thee click here
Psalm 17 – I Will Call Upon Thy Name in the Nations click here
Psalm 9 – I will praise Thee click here


C/M: Let us kneel before this altar that is both upon Earth and in the Heaven.

(All kneel except C and close eyes).

C: Let us consider that the earthly things we see about us are but illusion and that could we see with clearer eyes, a more glorious vision would appear before us.

Let us feel the Spirit of Dea, as it grows within us and seek to catch a glimpse of that vision.

(C kneels. During Contemplation, certain meditations may be spoken, including the following):



(C: traces the Fora three times, once at each blessing)

C: May the blessing of the Mother be upon you and upon this world.

May the blessing of the Daughter be upon you and upon this world.

May the blessing of the Great Mother be upon you and upon this world.

Dark beyond the Light and Light beyond the Darkness.


Beloved Dea, [replaced Kyria], we pray that you will bless us on our parting from Your Temple and infuse us with Your delight, so far as we are able to contain it.

Silver Light Of The Forests

Silver Light of the darkling forests, send us forth in the protection of Your Spirit that no profane thing may enter into us.

Grant us to see all things with delight that are lovely and to glory and increase in force and energy.

Fill us with wonder in the sight of the seas and of the heavens and of every place wherein You are.

Commander of the roaring wave, help us to turn from all that is low or inglorious neither with anger nor with pain, but to know that in You we stand above all such things.

Guiding Light of the faithful soul, fill the deepest caverns of our spirit with the exhilaration of Your love. Send us forth upon the world as torchbearers of Your delight and grant us strength in You and in ourselves that we may value all things rightly, regardless of the consuming weight of the profane and the frailty of all that is beautiful.

C: (Makes the sign of the Fora and says)

In the Name of the Mother

And of the Daughter

And of the Great Mother.

Blessed is She.

Let us bless the Queen of Heaven.

Blessed is She.

Let us thank the Seven Janati of Power.

Thanks be to the Seven Janati.

Thus may it remain.


Since it is not a Sacrament, the Celebrant need not be a Madria/Priestess and the participants need not be initiates.
C is a celebrant or Madria/Priestess
C/M is a server or Madrina/Deaconess

(1) Moura – may either translate as darkness or death. It indicates that, like Sophia, the Holy Daughter suffered a descent down through the realms. Some, in our Faith, believe the Daughter died, others do not. Devotees are free to believe according to their conscience.

The libation wine is poured out onto the Earth by the H who says, while pouring, Hail, Holy Mother, Hail, Holy Daughter, Hail, Great Mother.
Blessed is She.



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