Tree of Life, Cosmic or World Tree

Tree of Life, Cosmic or World Tree


Tree with golden apple this is a 3d render illustration Stock Illustration

The Tree of Life is a symbol of the life of the cosmos and as such is found throughout the world. It is identified with the tree bearing the Golden Apples of Immortality which stands at the heart of Avala. This tree appears frequently in western myth and in most cases is surrounded or “guarded” by a serpent or dragon. The serpent here represents the opposing spiritual forces which the soul must overcome before it [made gender neutral by replacing she] can reach the fruit.


Heaven without hunters

The Tree of Life is also the cosmic or world tree, representing the three worlds of the cosmos: the roots symbolize the lower world or Hell; the trunk the material realm or earth; and the branches the spiritual realm, or Paradise

There is a legend that the pillar on which the corpse of the Daughter was hung (Mythos V, 17-18) is the central root of the Tree of Life.

An alternative legend says that the Tree of Life grew from this pillar; this symbolises The Creation (ie its consolidation from the perfect spiritual world of The Creation) of the material world, including earth and Avala, through the Divine Sacrifice. [I believe Divine Sacrifice to mean the suffering of descent a.k.a. Moura in Clan Jana].

The Tree of Life is described as the axis of the world, situated at the central point of the universe and stretching out to its furthest corners. It is thus a symbol of Dea [replacing the Goddess] as Source and Sustainer of life, Ground of all Being and Absolute Centre.

Extract from Symbolism – The Apple and the Tree of Life from
The Coming Age, number 4, autumn issue 1976


To be continued

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