Praying the Rosary

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Praying the Rosary Rosary

My rosary

I’ve always like the idea of praying a rosary. Growing up as a Protestant I always admired so much of the Catholic faith, particularly the tangibility of so many of the practices, which Protestantism lacks for the most part. The beads, the rote prayers, the devotion -it was just very attractive to me. When I discovered Deanism and found that there is a rosary I was immediately interested.

There’s more than one Deanic rosary, but this one has a warm place in my heart. I like its resemblance to the prayers I am accustomed to, and I like its focus on Mary. Mary is the most accessible image of Dea for me (likely due to my Christian background and upbringing in a place where the majority are at least nominally or culturally Christian). I adore Her.

One thing that I really appreciate about the rosary is that it gives me something to pray when I’m having trouble formulating my own words. Due to a variety of neurodivergent conditions, I sometimes find the act of thinking of words to express myself + speaking them to be overwhelming. Returning to a set of pre-written prayers is really helpful at these times. It sends me back to the centre of everything.

I do find some aspects of praying the rosary challenging. For example I’ve been finding it challenging to keep my mind focused on each decade’s Mystery whilst still paying attention to what I am saying. It seems like a small mental adjustment to me, and I’m working on it.

I guess I also never realized how long the traditional Catholic rosary format is. Truly, it is a practice which requires discipline, focus, and concentration. But it is a meditation upon the most beautiful mysteries.

I purchased my rosary beads from a lovely Etsy shop called MariaSantissimaShop.


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