The Madrian Rosary of Five Mysteries/Five Solar Seasons

The Madrian Rosary of Five Mysteries/Five Solar Seasons

The Madrian Priestess, Madria Olga Lotar, wrote extensively about the importance of praying the rosary. We are fortunate to have her writings on the rosary which were given to ArchMatrona Georgia E. B. Cobb of the Lady of Light Chantry.

Madria Olga indicated that the rosary had more than human origins, a viewpoint that is shared by Traditional Catholics. It is further stated that the Madrian Sisters, when in contemplation, had been directed to attribute each decade to one of the points of the Great Pentacle of the year (the Wheel of the Year) and to the corresponding seasonal and elemental Mysteries, all sorts of things suddenly began to fall into place one after another. Even with meditations on more or less arbitrary sets of events (such as those used in the Christian system), the Rosary has always possessed great power. But, when it is brought together with the five-seasoned Madrian year and its structure of Mysteries, it is as if the correct key had been found for a complicated lock. Dozens of tumblers click smoothly into place and the great oak door of the high-walled rose-garden swings open on its mighty hinges.

One sister wrote, ‘The amazing thing was that the system was so complete, so simple, so perfect. It wasn’t just that a sudden inspiration had unblocked a subconscious train of thought…. ages later we and others were still discovering how neatly and logically the parts of the system fitted together and new things fitted into it–things we had never even thought of . Nothing is forced or contrived, nothing is even accidental; the system is absolute because it is Divine. (1)

Madria Olga later states that: For the Rosary is a system of prayer and meditation, but it is also something more than that. It is a method put into our hands by Our Lady, Herself, by which we may attune our relativity feeble powers of prayer and meditation to certain cosmic laws which are beyond the power of human understanding.

As it says in the (Madrian) Catechism, ‘each Rosary is not only a thing said and done, but a thing created.’ The making (praying) of the Rosary is regarded as a special gift from the soul to its Creatrix and those who make (pray) the Rosary regularly bring themselves especially close to Her heart.” (1)

(1) All quotes are from Madria Olga Lotar in her paper, An Introduction to the Rosary.

The Rosary is usually a looped string of beads (though it may also be a cord containing knots).

Illustration of a Madrian Rosary
Illustration of a Madrian Rosary


5 groups of 10 decade beads/knots
5 single beads/knots separating them

The closed loop represents both the walled rose-garden and eternity.

Begin by composing yourself in quietness, then make the Pentacle upon yourself and say the Rosary Prayer before starting.

Rosary Prayer

Beloved Kyria,
Who have suffered in a way I cannot understand
that You might come to me,
I offer You my hand;
lead my soul into the garden of the Rosary,
that she may rest among the mystic roses of Your love.

On the single bead

Prayer of Eternity

Eternal is the Light of the Mother,
Eternal is the Love of the Daughter,
Eternal is their completion
in the wholeness of the Absolute;
And glorious is Eternity.

On each bead of the decades

Silver Star of the Waters

Silver Star of the Waters,
Who have laughed all the world into being,
Beyond all knowing
is the splendour of Your Light.
Enfold my spirit in Your mighty hand
that the pure stream of Your force
may flow within me,
in this world
and in all the worlds to come.

Each decade represents one of the 5 Great Mysteries.
Beginning at Earth and Autumn, we move sunwise, meditating on the Mysteries of each as we pray:

Earth; Autumn; the Golden Apple; the Mystery of Divine Life, Ground of all being.
Air; Winter; the Star; the Mystery of the Nativity.
Spirit; Moura; the Fora; the Mystery of the death of Our Lady.
Water; Spring; the Dove; the Mystery of the resurrection of Our Lady.
Fire; Summer; the Rose; the Mystery of the Rose of the World; complete personal assumption in the Mother.

Although a child can say the Rosary, a lifetime cannot exhaust its depth.
The Rosary is a powerful generator of spiritual energy as well as a purifying force.
Each completed Rosary not only confers great spiritual benefit on the individual, but is a real force for good in the world.
Regarded as a personal sacrifice, the Rosary is a small but beautiful gift to our Lady.

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