Madrian Geniae Correspondences

A Genia is what a soul was before we fell from perfection, and what those who never fell still are. Those that are called the Celestial Geniae are a particularly important set of Geniae. They each have individual names and special attributes.

These are :
Theia The sun, An orange robe, either riding a lion or with a lion crouching at her feet.

Phoebe The moon, A violet or silver robe, youthful appearance

Tethys Venus, water, A green robe standing on the waves of the sea

Nike Mars, fire, A short red robe and wearing a laurel wreath

Themis Jupiter, air, A blue robe holding a lyre or scales

Rhea Saturn, earth, Indigo or black robe

Metis Mercury, the quintessence, seated in a meditation posture in a yellow robe

The information I gave comes from a hand written copy of a Literary Circle paper which doesn’t scan.
Mr David Kay


Dear friends,

I thought this an appropriate time to give the Madrian correspondences for the Geniae.

Planet	Genia	Colour	Metal	Keynote	Tonic	Virtue
Mars	Nike	red	iron	E	Me	courage

Sun	Theia	orange	gold	C	Do	generosity

Mercury	Metis	yellow	mercury	F	Fa	wisdom

Venus	Tethys	green	copper	A	La	love

Jupiter	Themis	blue	tin	G	So	faith

Saturn	Rhea	indigo	lead	B	Te	humility

Moon	Phoebe	violet	silver	D	Re	purity


Planet	Gem	Tree	Creature	Incense

Mars	ruby	holly	wolf	Jasmin, aloes, sulphur, tobacco.

Sun	diamond	birch	lion	saffron, myrrh, cloves, cinnamon.

Mercury	opal	hazel	owl	mastic, mace, storax, nutmeg.

Venus	emerald	apple	dove	rose, amber, patcholi, sandlewood.

Jupiter	sapphire oak	eagle	balm, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon.

Saturn	onyx	alder	crow	civet, musk, aloes, brimstone.

Moon	crystal	willow	deer	frankincense, white sandlewood,

				jasmine, copal, eucalyptus.

May She be with you,
Mr David Kay

Notes for writers:

I used notepad to text tabulate with the html code

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