Sanskrit Etymology of Angels – Janati

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Sanskrit Etymology of Angels – Janati

A History of the Madrian Separatists explains why Sanskrit is used

The Madrian1 separatists (2 people) started as Western influenced: Greek, Latin, Celtic, pre Vatican 2 Roman Catholic.By Hesperis: Aug. 8 to Sept. 4 1981 they had moved to 49 Industrial Street, Todmorden, Lancs then to Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire.I know that at that time, the women/those that present as a woman, dressed in a sari, saree, or shari. This is where and when the Hindu influence started, with Sanskrit etymology because many European languages are proto-Indo-European .

Hindu influence evidenced itself much later in images of Hindu goddesses / Janya and month names, when they became Aristasians trying to evade the criminal record for Actual Bodily Harm (ABH) and newspaper reports of sleep deprivation, starvation and beatings. (They then became Daughters of Shining Harmony / Chelouranya – Japanese influenced, still attempting to evade their harmful cult history). Madrian1

An explanation by Aristasians of why they took up Hindu concepts:
” Such images — particularly the Hindu ones — go back in an unbroken line to the original worship of the Mother as Absolute Deity. In Christianity, only the image remains (but the image is still very faithful) while the worship of Dea has been “theologised” out of existence. In Hinduism, while patriarchal myths have been woven about, say Sri Lakshmi, there are many within the tradition who still worship Her as Supreme Deity. Thus these are images in which the direct spiritual influence is still living (the same might be said about Kwan Yin bodhisattva, or the Tibetan Tara). We could use reproductions of more ancient images from prehistoric matriarchal times, and while this is not forbidden, it is generally considered that it is better to use images that are still connected by a living thread to the earliest tradition.

…largely a British phenomenon, and unlike Americans, there is a healthy respect for Indian culture there thanks to Britain’s colonial past in India and also because of the large immigrant population there from India. This contrasts with our situation here in North America, in which anything that looks, sounds or smells Hindu are products of fringe cults or Westernized “new age” movements.” Madrian1



I believe it was ArchMatrona Georgia who devised this list, but it is based upon Aristasian info and of course, much of it comes from the Greek.

JANAKA SKT “Parent, Origin, Primary Melody of Seven Notes
JANA SKT (fem-s) “Life”, JANATI SKT (fem-pl) “Derived from, Progeny, Secondary Melody”/, The Perfect Radiance of one facet of the Jewel of Deity”

Janya: Lucia SAI RAYA SKT “Lady-Lord, Royal, Rule, Dominion, Sovereignty
Planet: Sun/Sunna GER/IE “auspicious, blessed, good, virtuous, beautiful, ray of light, eyesight, illumination” Sol LAT,
Weekday: RAYADI SKT Sunday GER Dimanche FR
Titan: Theia GR “brilliant light”
Virtues: Magnanimity Generosity
Metal: Gold
Color of robes: Orange
Note: D (re)
Virtues: Magnanimity, Illumination and Generosity.


Moon GER/IE “mind, measure” Luna LAT, Selene GK
Phoebe GK “bright moon”
Purity Reason (Physics)
Violet Silver White
A (la)
Virtues: Reflection, Reason and Purity Feast Day


SAI VIKHE SKT “Courage, Force, Heroism, Power, Strength, Valor”
Mars LAT “strength, will”
Dione GK “divine queen” (Nike GR “victory”) Valor Courage Force
E (mi)
Virtues: Valor, Courage and Strength


SAI MATI SKT “Acute Attentive Mind, Intelligent, Shrewd, Wisdom”
Mercurius/Mercury LAT “quick, wit”
MATIDI SKT Wednesday GER Mercredi FR
Metis GK “cleverness, wisdom, prudence, council” Coeus GK “intelligence”
Intelligence Intuition (Metaphysics)
Mercury (Quick-silver)
Yellow (Saffron)
B (ti)
Virtues: Intelligence, Intuition and Wisdom


SAI THAME SKT “Law, Order”
(J)Iuppiter/(I)Jov LAT “divine parent”

Themis GK “divine-natural law-order”
Justice Order (Balance) (Harmony)
Blue (Purple)
F (fa)
Virtues: Justice, Order and Harmony.


SUCRIDI SKT Friday GER Vendredi FR
Tethys GK “sea, ocean, nurse,
Green (Pink)
C (do)
Virtues: Compassion, Love and Mercy


SAI RHAVE SKT “Discipline, Severity”
Saturnus/Saturn LAT “seed, sow, giver, mother”
RHAVEDI SKT Saturday LAT Samedi FR
Rhea GK “she who flows, current”
Steadfastness (Severity) (Time)
Indigo (Brown) (Black)
Virtues: Steadfastness, Temperance and Self-Restraint.
G (so)



There were 2 groups of Madrians, 1 the publicity seeking, lesbian separatists and 2 the more secretive gendar inclusive group from which Clan Jana originates. So in future I will number the source Madrian1 and Madrian2.


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