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From The Lady of Light Chantry – Days, Triskadekos & Seasons 08-05-2016

ArchMatrona Georgia

The LLC sees the Seven Feminine Planetary Guardians as the Seven Spirits of Dea Matrona [Our Lady].  The seven planetary (“wandering”) heavenly luminaries have been known since ancient times.   Each of these has been associated with one of Seven Spiritual (“Divine”) Powers or Guardians.  The seven-day week, and the names of each week-day, are derived from these seven planets and their names.  The Assyrian and Babylonian names are among the oldest.[1]  The Greek and Roman names came later.  The Anglo-Saxons names are the most modern.   Some names are feminine and others names are masculine.  In the earliest Greek Creation Story, Seven Titanides (“Great Feminine Powers”) and Seven Titans (“Great Masculine Powers”) are named in pairs, by the Great Goddess Eurynome, as the fourteen guardians of the seven planets.[2]  The Titanide names are similar in meaning to the names of the planets they guard, whereas, the Titan names are not.


Planetary Days: (7)


1st      English: Vision-day, named for Our Lady of Divine Vision/

Divine Lady Vision, Lamp of Illumination, Generosity, and Benevolence

          Guardian of the Sun

          Greek: Thea “sight” (thea) a beam or ray of light emitted by the eyes, producing illumination (a seer, visionary); “shining” (aether,) the light of the clear blue sky and the Mother of the light beams (sun, moon, dawn); cause of   the “brilliant glitter” and  thus “value” (of gems, gold and silver),

Anglo-Saxon: Sun-day, named for (Sol) Sunna “sun, light, to shine”


2nd     English: Clarity-day, named for Our Lady of Divine Clarity/

Divine Lady Clarity, Brightness of Reflection, Reason, and Understanding

          Guardian of the Moon

          Greek: Phoebe “bright, clear, pure”

Anglo Saxon: Mon-day named for (Meno-Mone) Mona “moon, to measure”


3rd     English: Valor-day, named for Our Lady of Divine Valour

Divine Lady Valour, Lamp of Illumination, Generosity, and Benevolence

          Guardian of Mars

          Greek: Dione “shining, divine queen”

Anglo-Saxon: Tues-day named for (Tu-Tyr) Tiw “shining”


4th      English: Wisdom-day, named for Our Lady of Divine Wisdom

Divine Lady Wisdom, Messenger of Intelligence, Intuition and Creativity

Guardian of Mercury

Greek: Mnemosyne  “memory, remembrance,” from mneme “memory”, see      “mnemonic”, goddess of “thought, intelligence, memory”, Mother of (life        giver, who sets in motion the activity of)  the Muses (Muse, “to think,  to    remember”, see music), the intelligent goddesses of creative inspiration ,    intuition, and communication, the mothers of all the arts and sciences.

Anglo-Saxon: Wednes-day, named for (Odin) Wodin “inspiration”


5th      English: Justice-day, named for Our Lady of Divine Justice

Divine Lady Justice, Foundation of Law, Order, and Harmony

          Guardian of Jupiter

Greek: Themis “divine-law, natural-order”

Anglo-Saxon: Thurs-day named for (Donar/Thunor) Thor “thunder”


6th      English: Grace-day, named for Our Lady of Divine Grace

Divine Lady Grace, Fountain of Compassion, Love, and Mercy

Guardian of Venus,

Greek: Tethys “sea, ocean, nurse, grandmother”

Anglo-Saxon: Fri-day named after (Frigg) Frigga “beloved”


7th      English: Patience-day, named for Our Lady of Divine Patience

Divine Lady Patience, Reservoir of Steadfastness, Temperance and Self-restraint

Greek: Rhea “to flow (with ease; a constant current, ever flowing stream, endless wave, enduring force): by extension: steadfastness, discipline, constancy, order, patience, self-control”

Guardian of Saturn

Anglicized/Latin: Satur-day, named for (Saturnus) Saturn “to sow”



Thea, Phoebe, Themis, Tethys, and Rhea were first generation Titanides.  After extensive scholarly research, the Matronites have chosen to restore the names of the the missing two, first generation Titanides, Dione (Guardian of Mars) and Mnemosyne (Guardian of Mercury) respectively.


The Lady of Light Chantry, A Deanic Matronite Harmonium blog



The Seven Spirits of Dea, the Seven Supernal Planetary Guardians or the Seven Fountainheads of the Seven Streams of Creativity originating in the One Fountain, the Creatrix, Dea

Referred to as a group

Divinum (“Divine”) Tutores (“Guardians”)

Referred to as seven persons

Greek Titanide Names: English Guardian Names:

1. Agia Kyria Theia 1. Holy Lady Vision

2. Agia Kyria Phoebe 2.Holy Lady Clarity

3. Agia Kyria Nike 3. Holy Lady Victory

4. Agia Kyria Metis 4. Holy Lady Wisdom

5. Agia Kyria Themis 5. Holy Lady Justice

6. Agia Kyria Tethys 6. Holy Lady Grace

7. Agia Kyria Rhea 7. Holy Lady Patience



[1] Five planets were identified with the gods of the Babylonian pantheon as follows:
Jupiter with Marduk,
Venus with the goddess Ishtar,
Saturn with Ninurta (Ninib),
Mercury with Nabu (Nebo),
Mars with Nergal.
The movements of the Sun, Moon and five planets were regarded as representing the activity of the five gods in question, together with the moon-god Sin and the Sun-god Shamash

[2] Titans and Titanides/Titanesses

Eurynome created the Seven Planetary Powers, putting a Titaness and a Titan over each.
Theia [Divine] and Hyperion were given the Sun and the power of illumination;
Phoebe and Atlas were given the Moon and the power of enchantment;
Dione [or Nike] and Crius were given the planet Mars and the power of growth;
Metis [Cunning] [or Mnemosyne] and Coeus were given the planet Mercury and the power of wisdom;
Themis and Eurymedon were given the planet Jupiter and the power of law;
Tethys and Oceanus were given the planet Venus and the power of love;
and Rhea and Cronus took the planet Saturn with the power of peace.
(Warning: this article has pictures of the goddess unclothed).


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