Electryone and Amber

From https://deamatronablog.wordpress.com/2016/11/07/electryone-and-amber/

ArchMatrona Georgia

While doing research on Greek and Roman Goddesses of Light, I was especially intrigued by the discovery of the following goddess, whose genealogy is said to be from both Thea (Titanide of the Sun and Sky) and Tethys (Titanide of Venus and the Sea/Ocean).

Name (Doric) Alectrona (feminine genative of Alector “rooster”)

Name (Greek) Electryone (similar to Electa “amber”)

Name (Roman) Elektryone (similar to Elekta “amber”)

Wanting to know more about Electryone’s connection to “amber”, I did further research until I came upon the following article. 

Electron: Greek Etymology and Baltic Mythology


I hope you all find this article as fascinating as I did. I had heard that “amber” was referred to as “the tears of the sun” and now I know why.


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