The Story of the Apple Star

The Story of the Apple Star

Years ago at a fall festival,  I remember a story teller telling a really cute story about the star that you see when you cut into an apple.  When the kids and I came home from apple picking at the orchard today, I thought it would be a fun time to share the little legend.  However, although I remember the basic premise, I couldn’t remember any of the details.  Googling led me to several versions of  “The Little Red House with No Windows, No Doors, and a Star Inside” but I couldn’t find the story I’d heard.  Finally, I came across this version on a site for Girl Scouts
( ) It was short, but was the closest to the one I’d heard a long time ago.  I decided to elaborate on it a little bit and make my own version.  It was a big hit with my kids and I like how it includes a little lesson on how hard work and patience can bring you rewards.

Check it out…

how did the star get in the apple story

Click HERE or on the story below for a printable PDF version!

And here’s my son after I read the story and I cut into his apple to reveal the star…

Definitely check out the version that inspired me HERE (she also has a cute dried apple wreath project to go with it).

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