The Janite Deanic Rosary

Reblogged from  yahoo group deanic conversations

Charms for the pocket Janati Rosary


I’m attaching a picture of a Janati rosary that I made using pony beads. Pony beads are an economical way to bead, as most of them can be bought in bulk. I bought a gigantic bin of them for less than ten dollars, and I only needed a few for the colored portion of this Rosary. This is more of a pocket style rosary, strung with parachute cord and a tiny angel charm attached. The gold and silver pony beads were not part of the bulk bin and I got those separately. If you look closely, you can see that there are two sizes of pony beads for the gold and silver; the smaller ones are spacer beads and they were considerably more difficult to string onto the parachute cording I’d selected! Anyway, here’s another idea that can be done quickly and cheaply. Because I’d made this some time ago, it has the “ten beads” design vs. the “seven beads” design as ArchMadria had described.

Madria Kathi

(good thing I have a granddaughter who’ll get great benefit out of the rest of the pony beads!!!)


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