Celebrating Winter-Star-Tide Lighting the Sun Wheel & Ringing the Silver Branch

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ArchMatrona Georgia

Dear Readers,

The Lady of Light Chantry Celebrates the Winter-Star-Tide (Season) with the “Lighting” of the Sun Wheel and the “Ringing” of the Silver Branch.

The Sun Wheel is similar to a “five candle” Advent Wreath, (with four candles at the four cardinal points and one candle in the one centre point). The Five Candles on the Sun Wheel are Symbolic of 1) the Four High-points or Mid-Seasons (which occur at the Equinoxes and Solstices of the Four Regular Seasons) and 2) the whole of the Fifth Liminal Season, (which falls between the Beginning of Spring at the Winter/Spring Cross Quarter, and the middle of Spring at the Spring Equinox) of the Solar Year.

The Silver Branch (or Silver Bough) is a magical (musical) tool (instrument) made of wood.  The branch  (bough) may be left its natural colour, or, it may be painted silver.  The branch is then decorated with silver “jingle” bells (or other silver bells). The LLC version adds colourful ribbons [like the bells and ribbons attached to a wedding wand]. The purpose of a Silver Branch is to ease the traveller’s passage between worlds.  The following two articles give further detail explanations regarding the nature of a Silver Branch



See photo and information about The Silver Branch towards the end of the article.

Both the LLC Sun Wheel and the LLC Silver Branch are Deanic adaptations of Norse and Celtic Traditions.


The Lady of Light Chantry – Lucienne Deanic Tradition

Celebrating the Winter-Star-Tide (Season)

Lighting the Sun Wheel & Ringing the Silver Branch

Day #1

Vision-day…River Journey 28 [November 27], 2016 CE

SUN WHEEL…1st Candle Blue…Spring-East-Water…Dove of Peace

SILVER BRANCH…1st Silver Bell tied with Green Ribbon…Kyria Tethys…Lady Grace

Day #8

Vision-day…Winter Star 07 [December 04], 2016 CE

SUN WHEEL…2nd Candle Red…Summer-South-Fire..Rose of Joy

SILVER BRANCH…2nd Silver Bell tied with Red Ribbon…Kyria Nike…Lady Victory


Vision-day…Winter Star 14 [December 11], 2016 CE

SUN WHEEL…3rd Candle Green…Autumn-West-Earth…Apple of Faith

SILVER BRANCH…3rd Silver Bell tied with Blue Ribbon…Kyria Themis…Lady Justice


Clarity-day…Winter Star 15 [December 12], 2016 CE

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe…Divine Visitation-Vision to a Native North-American, of Our Solar Mother God…bringing Hope in a time of (Dark) Dispair.


Victory-day…Winter Star 16 [December 13], 2016 CE

Feast of Sankta Lucia…”Holy Light”…Queen of Lights…Divine Visitation-Vision to Northern Europeans of a Holy Lady wearing a Crown of Lights and bringing Hope in a time of (Dark) Dispair.

“Star Moon”…Full Moon of the LLC Triskaideka of Winter Star


Vision-day…Winter Star 21 [December 18], 2016 CE

SUN WHEEL…4th Candle Yellow…Winter-North-Air…Star of Hope

SILVER BRANCH…4th Silver Bell tied with Yellow Ribbon…Kyria Metis…Lady Wisdom


Victory-day…Winter Star 23 [December 20], 2016 CE

Mid-Winter’s Eve, Grian-Star Fairy’s Eve…Modraniht “Mothers’ Night”…Feast of STARFAIRY Eve

The “Long Watch”

The “Longest Night” = Mid-Winter Solstice Eve


Wisdom-day…Winter Star 24 [December 21], 2016 CE

Mid-Winter’s Day, Grian-Star Fairy’s Day…Modratag “Mothers’ Day…Feast of STARFAIRY Day

The “Sun Stand’s Still”

The “Shortest Day” = Mid-Winter Solstice Day


Patience-day…Winter Star 27 [December 24], 2016 CE

Divine Lady Wisdom’s Eve …”North” Star of Hope Eve

SUN WHEEL…5th Candle Violet……Quintessence-Center-Spirit…Song of Love

SILVER BRANCH…5th Silver Bell tied with Orange Ribbon…Kyria Thea…Lady Vision

SILVER BRANCH…6th Silver Bell tied with Violet Ribbon…Kyria Phoebe…Lady Clarity

SILVER BRANCH…7th Silver Bell tied with Indigo Ribbon…Kyria Rhea…Lady Patience


Vision-day…Winter Star 28 [December 25], 2016 CE

Divine Lady Wisdom’s Day…”North” STAR OF HOPE Day…Feast of WISDOM

The “Sun Moves Again”

The “Days begin to Lengthen” = Dream of Spring


Please note that the Lucienne Tradition uses the Ostara Cycle in the lighting of the Sunwheel while the Janite Tradition uses the Divine Life Cycle, but the basic meaning is the same.



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