The Need For Light – Thealogy of Rain – Especially Constant Heavy

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The Need For Light

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I have created my own sort of Astrean Sunwheel for this season. I was not able to buy a wreath or the materials to make one, so I chose to cut a circle out of paper and stick it on my wall next to my altar. I have also created five “candles” out of paper that I will stick on the Sunwheel on the appropriate day.

Today, the first Sunnadi of the Astrean Season, we light a green candle for wisdom.

ArchMadria posted the Scripture readings for this candle lighting and I read them aloud to myself as I stuck my first “candle” on the wall next to my altar. One of them in particular resonated with a recent train of thought of mine:

18. Light is pure force or delight. It is the joy of Thea, and Her breath and spirit. 19. Light is the outpouring of life into existence. All things that exist come from life; they are made and sustained by light. -The Crystal Tablet 18-19

It is my understanding that the reason why many cultures and religions have celebrations and holidays around midwinter is to cheer the human spirit in these (literally) dark times. Although I have depression all the time, it is particularly exacerbated by dark weather. Of course this time of year is darker as the hours of daylight are shorter, but I live in the Pacific Northwest and it rains all. the. time. During the past two months there has been only five rain-free days. Calling it “depressing” would be an understatement from my perspective.

So when I read that “light is pure…delight,” I immediately take that in the most literal of senses. Everyday I am keenly aware of the fact that “all things that exist come from life” and that “they are made and sustained by light.” Including me.

In these days I long for the Solstice and the promise of longer days. I long for the Spring and the cessation of this rain. I long for the day when I will be able to move to a less rainy climate.

But here and now I attempt to acknowledge my need for Light, to grieve its loss and maintain hope for its return, and to turn my mind to the spiritual truths that these natural realities reflect. In her recent post on Winter, ArchMadria Pamela wrote:

During Astrea, the Holy Daughter first appears as our Star of Hope, She Who enfolds us within Her Soul and guides us back to Our Celestial Mother. Though we may feel, at times, like we are plunging and flailing beneath the depths of turbulent, inky seas, She uplifts us and shows us the way back to safe shores and the comforting light of home. So united with us is She, that there is nothing we experience that She does not experience with us, nothing within us that She does not understand. She sails those seas with us and is with us every moment of each day. -ArchMadria Pamela Lanides

It is of great comfort to me to know that Dea knows my distress during these dark days because She feels it with me. She feels the wet, cold, dark, grey, grey, grey days that seem never ending.

But She also remind me of the fact that they will end. That She comes forth to bring us back to Dea Madria. That this journey through the darkness is a journey towards light, towards life, towards Her.

A very Happy Astrean Season to you all!

Dea Bless!❤



Sophia Ruth’s comment:

Thealogy of Rain – Especially Constant Heavy

Hello Jacqueline,
Happy Sacred Month of Astrea Sunwheel Ritual Time (Astrean Season).

On the surface, I responded to your article with “hmm, last year I looked at an internet image of the appropriate candle for the Sunwheel rituals. I wish that I had thought of creating a paper one!”

At the deeper Spiritual level, I thought what is the thea/o logy of heavy, constant rain.
1. Darkness, cold, constant rain is the opposite to Madria Dea – supernal Sun, warm and light.
2. We have an expression in England: “it is sheeting it down!” – meaning a bed sheet obscuring the sun. This directly relates to the Scripture: Title 3, Chapter 7, The Veil of Matter, Verse 11. For matter is like to a veil that darkens the eyes, giving them to see only a little part of the things that lie about them.
3. Hindu / Vedic people believe that Rains are associated with the three primary process of existence, namely creation, preservation, and dissolution. (The Deanic Werdes/Moiras). Water is symbolically the element of Life.
4. Hindu / Vedic people believe that a rain drop that falls from the heavens is compared to the individual soul that enters the phenomenal world to become an embodied soul. The Vedas do declare that the souls that go to the ancestral world at the time of their death, (The Filianic Avala / Deanic Abalon/Avalon), return to the earth after their karmas through rains to take rebirth. (The Deanic Moira/fate, Hindu karma/dharma).

Love and Light, Sophia Ruth


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