Madrian Thoughts on manifestation and the cross symbol


There is an interesting post Thoughts On The Cross by Madrian David Kay which describes sacred geometry (a subject that has long interested me) in response to a discussion about creation and manifestation.

Sorella (Sister) Sophia Ruth has found internet illustrations and her comments and questions are in red text.

Hello David, I have found illustrations for your described crosses and therefore I wish to know if I am visualising them correctly. His reply: As far as my knowledge goes, all your visualisations are correct.

Thoughts On The Cross

Sun symbol

All things begin with a point, therefore a point contains all things in potential.

A circle is the radiance of the point.



A line is an extension of the point in one direction.

[Comment by Sophia Ruth: I think that you mean ray not line.]

Sunray on Water
Sun Ray on the Water created by: Nature and Landscape Photographer Melissa Fague

A vertical line is the reflection of the spirit onto the material plane, creating a cross. Where the vertical line touches the horizontal line is the quintessence, the reflection of the spirit into matter, and contains all the possibilities of manifestation.


Greek, Saint Georges, King Georges

The horizontal reflection of the vertical line creates the cross of matter, the four arms being the four elements. At the centre, where the four arms meet, they are in equilibrium, reflecting the spirit. The four arms are the reflection of the spirit into the separativeness of manifestation, moving further away from each other as the move further away from the centre.


A circle surmounting the cross is the spirit reflected onto the furthest extension of matter.

Graphic: Sunwise / right turning swastika

A cross with tangential lines is the swastika, symbolising the turning of the world from the impression of the spirit.

A vertical line transfixing the cross creates the three dimensional, six armed cross of matter, making six the number of the sun as the centre of the manifest world, and the number of moira, which is the unfolding of all the events of the world from the spirit. A horizontal reflection of the vertical line creates the six spoked wheel of moira, which is the turning of the world from the unfolding of the spirit.

[Comment by Sophia Ruth: David, where did you gain this belief? I have never heard of this belief, I always thought that the number of the Sun was 1. Although 6 being the number of the sun seems to be a Kabbala belief, 9 being the moon number.]

Click to Enlarge Graphic: Article: The Wheel of Moira TCA Issue 11, Rosea, 121 after Lourdes 5081 page 1&2. Posted in Deanic Conversations yahoo group – archived.

Graphic: taranis wheel often misnamed as a solar wheel

A further reflection of the vertical line is the eight spoked wheel of themis, which is all actions unfolding from the spirit. The wheel of themis is a double cross; a diagonal cross superimposed on a horizontal cross. The diagonal lines are points of transition from one element to the next.

Graphic: Article: Who Is Moira in The Coming Age Issue 7, Rosea, 120 after Lourdes mentions the wheel of Themis. Posted in Deanic Conversations yahoo group – archived.

The cross reflected into time is the year, the solstices and equinoxes being the four elements, and the cross quarter festivals points of transition through the seasons, so that the turning of the year unfolds from the spirit.

May She be with you,



The only spiritual question that I ever remember receiving information back to was about the meaning of crosses.
Jennifer, Lady Alethea FiaMoura, Sister Angelina, Miss Priscilla Langridge etc probably used The Symbolism of the Cross book by René Guénon.

The Cross of Lorraine was explained as the vertical axis pole with worlds along it. The lower being earth and the higher being Heaven. The Papal cross having the worlds of Heaven, earth and underworld.



I view the St. Brighid’s Cross much as David Kay views the swastika, symbolising the turning of the world from the impression of the spirit / Supernal Sun.

The square centre meaning “In fact, when I see squares in my readings/interpretations, I always think of foundations (like homes, buildings or even plots of earth squared off for gardening). Squares are symbolic cues for me, and they speak to me about hearths, homes, matter and materialistic concepts. …In the Chinese way of thought, the square is a symbol for earth with the circle representing the shape of the heavens. This lends further weight to the earthy, grounded nature of the square symbol meaning. …Indeed, our ancestors transitioned from nomadic life by exchanging tents and teepees (circular) for solid square-based structures.”

“In Ireland, the superstitious believe that a St. Brighid’s Cross woven from rushes or straw, pinned to the door frame or roof rafters, protects the house from fire. Flames and the sun feature repeatedly in Christian icons and crosses (see Glory Cross). For the St. Brighid Cross, instead of a circular sun, we can imagine sun rays.”


Mr Philemon wrote:

Thank you, David, for your succinct outline of cross symbolism and thank you, Sorella Sophia Ruth, for your beautiful expansion on that outline!

The primary source I’m familiar with on this topic is Guénon’s The Symbolism of the Cross. It’s a short book but quite packed with insight.

Some additional comments on cross symbolism, drawing from that source:

The horizontal axis represents a given level of being, but given the infinity of the vertical axis, at any point there’s a symmetric infinite above and an infinite below. As such, the horizontal line represents any state of being, but particularly it represents that state of being in which the individual achieves realization by returning to the center point, or in the cosmological sense, the return of the cosmos in completion to Dea.

The vertical axis is fixed and infinite. In its cosmological sense, the vertical axis is the Axis Mundi. This infinite axis is the unmovable Pillar of Light (1). In a personal sense the vertical axis represents the true path of the individual soul. The vertical axis represents in this way the higher intellectual faculty – buddhi or nous. The horizontal axis in harmony symbolizes Thamë, since only through Thamë can there be that expansion from the center. Discord or Athamë can exist only locally within the wider harmony of the horizontal axis.

The vertical and horizontal axes form the union of a complementary pair, representing essence and substance. Depending on perspective, the vertical axis can be seen as active or passive, with the horizontal axis being passive or active in complementary union, but essence is always the superior and substance the inferior principle. Both are of course complements and properly two aspects of Dea Herself. The Feminine Universe inverts the patriarchal association of the feminine with substance and the masculine with essence by associating the feminine with essence, hence Feminine Essentialism. This is in accord with the symbolism since the representation of the two axes by forms are not fixed, but depend on perspective. As such, Feminine Essentialism represents a specific perspective on the relation of essence and substance.

The cross represents the three gunas, with the upward bar of the vertical axis representing sat (truth-goodness-being), the downward bar representing tamas (obscurity) and the horizontal bar representing rajas (activity). The two directions of the horizontal axis represents the creative opposition of duality, as do the two directions of the vertical axis represent the more fundamental creative opposition of knowledge (vidya) and nescience (avidya) through which manifestation is possible.

The six directions of the three-dimensional cross have a temporal meaning as a measure of the cycle of time. This may be more familiar as the six days of creation in Genesis, with the seventh day representing representing the still center of the cross. This is of course represented in the weekly cycle. Correspondingly the four-fold cross represents the four corners of the year, familiar in the Filianic/Deanic calendar, in the four divisions of the day, the four weeks of the month etc.

The cross represents the “Universal Maid” (as shown in the cover illustration of the Feminine Universe) or Universal Self. At a personal level the True Self is a microcosm of the Universal Self.

(1) As a footnote, the Pillar of Light is seen in the Shaivite tradition as the subtle form of the sacred mountain, Arunachala, in Tamil Nadu, Southern India. Arunachala is seen as the material form of Shiva. This form is represented and instantiated in the Shiva-Linga, which with the Yoni, represents the union of Shiva and Shakti, just as the cross represents the union of the creative principles.

The Moons of Hestia 1st Hestia / 26th December 2016 – 28th Hestia / January 22nd 2017

The Moons of Hestia

1st Hestia / 26th December 2016 –

28th Hestia / January 22nd 2017

Full moon over candle lit home


Jan 1st: (4 days after the Dark Moon): Crescent Moon. (For the Holy Daughter).

Jan 12th: Hearth Moon. (For the Celestial Mother).

Jan 27th / 5th Brighde: Dark Moon. (For the Great Mother).

Sacred Month of Hestia 26th December – January 22nd

Sacred Month of Hestia 26th December – January 22nd


Our predecessors in the Madrian faith also named this month Hestia.

In Ancient Greek religion, Hestia (/ˈhɛstiə/; Ancient Greek: Ἑστία, “hearth” or “fireside”) is a virgin goddess of the hearth, architecture, and the right ordering of domesticity, the family, the home, and the state.

Hestia’s name means “hearth, fireplace, altar”,[3] the oikos, the household, house, or family. “An early form of the temple is the hearth house; the early temples at Dreros and Prinias on Crete are of this type as indeed is the temple of Apollo at Delphi which always had its inner hestia[4] The Mycenaean great hall which had a central hearth – such as the hall of Odysseus at Ithaca, a megaron. Likewise, the hearth of the later Greek prytaneum was the community and government’s ritual and secular focus.

Hestia’s name and functions show the hearth’s importance in the social, religious, and political life of ancient Greece. It was essential for warmth, food preparation, and the completion of sacrificial offerings to deities.

1. R. S. P. Beekes, Etymological Dictionary of Greek, Brill, 2009, p. 471.
2. Burkert, p. 61.



Fire is a yearthing (coming to earth) of Solar fire.
The fire in the hearth reflects the sun within the home as the symbol of Spirit.
In traditional societies humans were “centred” with the Spirit of Dea in their hearts, each household around the hearth, each village around the Temple, all activity directed towards the centre, She who is the Divine Source of all.
The hearth fires were always lit from from the altar flame of the Temple.

Fire Priestesses


The kindling of the inner fire, the recognition of the Spirit within, the immanent Dea within the human heart, these are the mysteries of Winter.

Be aware of:
1. The presence of Di Jana / Kore (whichever name you use) always.
2. The soul/spirit quest for Dea
3. The reflection of the Divine in all natural things.


The Hestia Tapestry is a Byzantine tapestry, made in Egypt during the 6th century AD. It is a late representation of the goddess, whom it identifies in Greek as “Hestia Polyolbos” (Hestia full of Blessings). Its history and symbolism are discussed in Friedlander, Paul. (1945). Documents of Dying Paganism. University of California Press.

Relevant Articles:

The Spiritual Significance of Head-wear through the Ages by Sorella Shoshana

The Goddess Hestia as The Keeper of the Flame

Hearth Blessing Day


28 Astrea/December 25: Feast of the Star Maiden

28 Astrea/December 25: Feast of the Star Maiden

To our Christian members and friends, we wish you a Merry Christmas.

To our Jewish members and friends, we wish you an Happy Hanukkah.

To our Filianic friends, we wish you an Holy Nativity.

To our Deanic members and friends, we wish you an Happy Feast of the Star Maiden

The star fairy is Princess of the air sylphs/can be a representative of Janya Lady Sofia ultimately Dea, Herself.
 Spiritually the star fairy, brings Joy of Dea on earth and spiritual gifts. It is usual to offer good intentions to her.
 From Sorella Sophia:
“I also wrote a short note of good deeds and intentions which was held above the hearth fire and the updraft carried it up the the Star Fairy (Dea). Etymology: cheminée (chimney) is closely related to chemin (way or road). The chimney in the house is like the fontanelle in the head (the opening we have as babies that symbolically opens up to heaven) or the sun-door in the universe which is the way out of the material world to the higher realms”
Therefore the Deanic/Filianic tradition of the Star-Fairy was a continuation with added religious significance, the Divine Spirit entering the World through the Northern Portal.
 This can be, in a more secular viewpoint, a bringing of material gifts for the children, like Santa Claus.

See More

28 Astraea/December 26: Filiadies: God With Us



Today marks the first day of the Nativity. Some of us Déanists on Tumblr have taken to calling the holiday Filiadi, which is literally “Daughter’s Day” in Latin (after the Janite usage of “Daughter’s Day,” although theirs is on 25 Astraea), or Filiadies, “Daughter’s Days,” for those of us who celebrate the holiday over a period of twelve days.

I photographed my altar last night after putting up my final, red candle to mark the completion of the Astraean Season.

My thealogy is not completely developed, but I definitely view this holiday as a celebration of Dea being with us. Dea as Mother is a comforting and loving, beautiful face to be sure, but the face She wears to us as the Maid is a bit different. Anna feels to me more like a loving friend, this is Dea come down to our level, so to speak. She is literally God with and within us.

Yesterday I found myself singing a song I learned at church as a young child, but I replaced Jesus’ name in the song with Anna’s so that the words became: “Anna is all the world to me/My life, my joy, my all/She is my strength from day to day/Without Her I would fall/When I am sad to Her I go/No other one can cheer me so/When I am sad She makes me glad/Oh She’s my friend.”

The simple, friendly picture the song paints touched me. Dea is a friend I have always with me, within me. The wonder of this holiday, at least to me right now, is that God is experiencing my life alongside me. It’s mind boggling.

I’ve been in therapy for a long time for depression and other mental illnesses, and I’ve been working for a while at trying to help myself sit with difficult emotions, to embrace everything that I’m feeling and not numb myself or push it away when it’s uncomfortable. I had something of an epiphany several weeks ago wherein I realized that in allowing myself to truly feel my feelings and be present with all my experiences, I am actually honouring Dea. Not just because She created me to be a feeling creature, but because She’s in me, because there’s a certain sense in which She is me, and when I cut myself off from my own self I am turning away from Dea. In not honouring my whole, true self, I am not honouring Her.

God knows the aches and the pain and the exhaustion I feel. She understands and affirms my tears. She is with me even as my depression makes it hard enough to be a person, never mind celebrate anything.

I am often prone to feeling so alone. I don’t think anything can replace human contact and connection, but knowing that Dea is with me in such a personal sense gives me a radically different perspective on my loneliness.

For me, today and the next eleven days are the Filiadies; they are the Daughter Days. They are the days when I will take the opportunity to be reminded that Dea as Daughter, Dea with us, Her Spirit, is ever in me, and I will never be alone or abandoned.

I wish everyone warm and peaceful holidays. Dea Bless!❤


December 22nd: commemoration of my earthly birth mother’s birthday

December 22nd: commemoration of my earthly birth mother’s birthday

With Mother’s Night and my earthly birth mother’s birthday so close together. I have been missing my earthly birth mother’s presence in my life. I know that her Dea-given soul wrapped spirit departed this manifest plane very quickly. For that I am thankful to Dea. Blessed is She. It leaves me with an empty feeling of loneliness, of not being able to talk to her. This is how I believe that the children of Dea felt when we ventured outside of Her Good Realm. It has been another life lesson in really needing the gentle light Holy presence of Di Jana/Kore (Dea immanent – here with creation).


My Father visited the beach where we enjoyed many happy times together, it was in the middle of “Storm Barbara” and he could hardly walk along the sea front without being blown off his feet.

I commemorated my mother by looking at these images of sunsets and smiling amidst the tears.


Daughter’s Day 2016: Congratulations ArchMadria Kathi!

Daughter’s Day 2016:
Congratulations ArchMadria Kathi!

Fora of faith

On this Daughter’s Day, 2016, we announce with great joy that Kathi B. has been elevated, through solemn ceremony, to the office of bishop.

Congratulations, ArchMadria Kathi! Many blessings and many years to you!

Thank you, ArchMadria; I truly appreciate all you have done for me and I will keep you and everyone in my prayers.


The Litany of the Holy Daughter

The Litany of the Holy Daughter


Hail, Dea Filia, Divine Daughter God.

Hail, Sustainer of the Cosmos.

Hail, Princess of the Earth.

Hail, O, Queen Daughter.

Hail, Our High Priestess.

Hail, Divine Wisdom.

Hail, Pure Love.

Hail, Pure Form.

Hail, Supernal Moon.

Hail, Great Dove of the Waters.

Hail, Dove of Peace.

Hail, Holy Soul.

Hail, Divine Spark.

Hail, Star of Hope.

Hail, Most Immanent.

Hail, Fountain of Grace.

Hail, Our Spiritual Wine.

Hail, Our Soteria.

Hail, Divine Lily.

Hail, Silver Light of the Forests.

Hail, O, First Light of Dawn.

We glorify You, we magnify You and we Adore You