Sun Wheel – Yellow Candle – A Reminder of Hope

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Sun Wheel – Yellow Candle – A Reminder of Hope

(Please note Sophia Ruth amended the title wording of this blog post, for my own clarity)

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8 Astraea, 5518

Today I put up the yellow candle of hope on my Sunwheel for the second week of Astraea.

ArchMadria Pamela has posted the Scripture readings for this week’s candle lighting, which I recited while putting up my yellow candle.

Last Sucridi evening I was out late and was walking home with my girlfriend when I noticed that the sky, which has been covered with clouds for quite some time, had cleared and the stars were clearly visible. As I gazed up at them I found myself thinking of Anna because of something Madria Erin posted recently regarding the correspondence of stars to the season of winter:

“On a clear night, when you look at the night sky and see stars, you are in fact looking at thousands and thousands of far away suns. No matter how dark things seem, the universe is full of light, and this world is full of goodness. It is full of kind, selfless, courageous, wonderful people. It is full of miraculous beauty. And although clouds may hide the stars from our sight sometimes, they remain.” -Madria Erin

In my post last week I spoke about the need for light and Sophia Ruth responded with some information on a thealogy of rain which I found fascinating. I would like to highlight one part in particular:

“We have an expression in England: ‘it is sheeting it down!’ – meaning a bed sheet obscuring the sun. This directly relates to the Scripture: Title 3, Chapter 7, The Veil of Matter, Verse 11. For matter is like to a veil that darkens the eyes, giving them to see only a little part of the things that lie about them.” -Sophia Ruth

I have been meditating on this connection and Madria Erin’s observance about the suns in the sky since I saw the stars last Sucridi. The sight of the stars was short-lived, as I knew it would be. The sky was soon veiled with clouds again, and today we actually had our first snow of the year.

But this glimpse of the stars (and the few glimpses of our own sun that I’ve had since) are like little peeps beyond the Veil of Matter, under which I live most of the time. It was like a little reminder that this darkness will not always endure, that Anna is coming, that She is bringing the light with Her, that no matter how dark and dreary things seem, on the other side of the Veil we know we have a Mother who loves and cares for us.

And a God who has penetrated this Veil in order to bring us back to Her.

Dea Bless!❤



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