Sacred Month & Season of Moura 1st Moura/20th February – 28th Moura/March 19th 2017

I have been writing about my devotions to Dea for one secular year / sacred year and a day.

I am grateful for Dea’s grace in drawing me closer to Her.

I am blessed by Dea in have a community of Her devotees sharing their beliefs and soul paths, with whom I can converse with.


Sacred Symbol of Moura – The Fora


Janyati: Lady Rhaya, Lady Theia, Lady Candra.
Element: Spirit.
Elemental Colour: Violet:
Liturgical colours: Violet, Silver, Orange, Indigo and Black.
Direction: Centre.
Time of Day: Darkest Hour before the Dawn.

Mystery: The Descent and Sacrifice of the Daughter.

Moura: (Meaning Dark, Destiny): Feb. 22- March 19.

Moura may either translate as darkness or death.  It indicates that, like Sophia, the Holy Daughter suffered a descent down through the realms. Some, in our Faith, believe the Daughter died, others do not. Devotees are free to believe according to their conscience.

15 Moura/March 6 (5 if a leap year): Feast of Madria Candra, Madria Rhea and Madria Theia.

[In 2017 the Janyati feast days have been gathered into one day]

28 Moura/March 19: The Sacrifice of the Holy Daughter.

Hiatus: March 20. (There are two days of Hiatus during a leap year.)

Nicholas Roerich - Mother of the World 1924
Nicholas Roerich – Mother of the World 1924

This is the time of the Year of the Great Mother, also known as the Dark Mother, not because She is a severe, Kali-like figure of destruction, but because, as Absolute Deity, She is beyond knowing. She is the Dark beyond the Light and the light beyond the Darkness.

During this time, we also observe the Descent of the Holy Daughter through the Seven Realms and Her Divine Shattering as explained in the Mythos of Shekinah/Sophia.

During Moura, we also observe the Feast Days of Ladies Rhaya, Theia, Candra as they are the Guardians of Spirit and Center, the Element and Direction of the Season of Moura.

And so, though it is a busy time of year, it is also a deeply spiritual time of year. It is a time of somber observance, prayer, meditation and scripture reading. For others who are Madrian and Filianic, our scriptures include the Descent and Death of Inanna in the Mythos of the Divine Maid. While Janites consider the Descent to be symbolic of the Descent of the Holy Daughter, we do not accept an actual Death of the Holy Daughter for thealogical reasons.

And so, as we begin the Holy Season of Moura, I offer two links. The first explains the Divine Shattering in a way that I’ve not seen , before, from a Jewish perspective. While we would not accept the idea that the First Creation was purposefully flawed and meant to fail, the rest of the article is excellent.

And for your edification, this hauntingly beautiful tribute to Holy Sophia:

May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.


ArchMadria Pamela Lanides


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