Etymology of Moura

Moura meaning dark and death in the Janite Tradition.

This is an inclusive word.

For Janites it suits The Great Mother being ‘Dark beyond the light and Light beyond the darkness’. It also suits the coming suffering of the Holy Daughter/World Soul Di Jana. To me, death meaning an end to this soul path and eventually a return to Dea.

For those who are Filianic believing in a symbolic death, perhaps Moura could also be seen as suitable for them.

Sophia Ruth


Moura is a homonym word with two distinct roots and meanings; one from Celtic *MRVOS, the other from Latin maurus.

The word “moura”, (medieval: mora) feminine of “mouro”, is thought to originate from the Celtic *MRVOS [ ‘dead’, also related to the Welsh marw. ] and the indo-european mr-tuos that originated in Latin the word mortuus and in Portuguese/Galician the word morto (dead). Some authors think that the mouras are the deceased.

There is also a possible relation to the Celtic word mahra or mahr, meaning spirit.”

“Moura In Russian .. Means dark haired beautiful girl”
[ Seems to be referring to Maura 1 ]

1 feminine name
“7. MAURA: Feminine form of Italian Mauro, meaning “dark-skinned; Moor.” Compare with another form of Maura.
GENDER: Feminine
USAGE: Italian, Spanish, Late Roman
PRONOUNCED: MOW-rah (Italian, Spanish)” [pronounced MOR-rah in Britain]

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