A wealth of information on the Fora by ArchMatrona Ghrian

Scottish Agate and Crystal Celtic Cross Brooch
Scottish Agate and Crystal Celtic Cross Brooch

Although the two words are spelled alike and sound alike, it is my understanding that the word “fora”, used to describe the main symbol of the Deanic faiths, is not related, etymologically, to the other word “fora”, the plural of “forum”. The word “fora” used to mean a Deanic symbol is said to have been derived from an ancient Mother Tongue. Whereas, the other word “fora” is known to have been derived from Middle English via Latin.

The Latin word “fora” is the plural form of “forum”. The Latin word “fora” means “marketplaces” or “public spaces” and has been extended to include the idea of “discussion boards”.

The ancient Mother Tongue word “fora” means “foundation” or “fundamental” because it is a symbol of the “foundational form” or “fundamental pattern” of the “foundational-fundamental principle of the Cosmos”.

The Mother Tongue word “fora” refers to a symbol made up of an equal-armed cross with horizontal and vertical bars surrounded by a circle, with the arms/bars of the cross originating in the middle, and reaching beyond the circle. The Center point, where the arms/bars originate, and from which they extend, is symbolic of (among other things) the Supernal Sun (Heart-Source-Origin), Dea, Herself. Therefore, the Deanic “fora” represents the Supernal Solar System.

The Center Point is, also, at the same time, symbolic or Dea, as The Sacred Mountain, The Holy City, The Holy Palace, The Fountain of Life, and/or the Tree of Life in the Center of the Sacred Garden of Avila (a Celtic word meaning “Apple Orchard” and referring to the Celtic “Other World” from which All Life originated, and to which all Life returns).

The arms of the “Fora” may be straight or curved (indicating a straight road, a curved road, a river or a growing plant).

celtic cross fleur-de lis hearts lapel pin
celtic cross fleur de lis hearts lapel pin

Example: One Deanic “Fora” design shows each of the four arms shaped as a “fleur de lis (“lily”). The different shaped arms indicates that there are many “forms” the “way/road/river” of “life” may take. The “four arms” represent the Four Earthly Geniae (Genetrices) of the Four Cardinal Directions, which Flow out from the Central Fountain of Dea, or Shine forth from the Central Light of Dea, and so forth. The Three Heavenly Geniae (Genetrices) are represented by 1) the “invisible” Central Point, 2) the space “within” the circle, and 3) the space “beyond” the circle.

The Circle is the “protective energy field” or “walls” surrounding the Sacred Mountain/City/Palace/Garden/Fountain/Tree. It is also the “sacred aureole-halo-nimbus emanating from the Holy Light of Dea Herself”.


ArchMatrona Ghrian

Oct 12, 2015


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