Travel Altars by Sorella Shoshana and ArchMadria Kathi


Many devotees, of certain religious traditions such as Orthodox Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Wicca carry portable altars or shrines with them whenever they travel or take a trip or vacation. Traditional Catholics might bring along a statue of Mary and a crucifix along with their missals and rosary beads. Here are some examples:

Orthodox Christians have an home shrine called an Icon Corner. And so, some Orthodox Christians might carry a foldable Triptych such as this one from Holy Trinity Store, (please note, prices on Triptychs vary widely):

Orthodox Christian Icon Corner
Orthodox Christian Icon Corner

There are all kinds of beautiful Buddhist travel altars:

Buddist Travel Altar
Buddhist Travel Altar

Hindu travel altars vary widely from a small tin size or a bit more elaborate:

Hindu Altar Tin

Hindu Altar Tin

Hindu Altar Box
Hindu Altar Box

Wiccan altars also vary from small tin sizes to the larger altars:

Wiccan Altar 1

Wiccan Altar 2

Sorella Shoshana:

Our own Sorella Shoshana of the Iremian Janite Order of Priestesses and Sisterhood has fashioned her own unique Deanic travel altar.

Sorella Shoshana Deanic Travel Altar 1
Sorella Shoshana Deanic Travel Altar 1
Sorella Shoshana Deanic Travel Altar 2
Sorella Shoshana Deanic Travel Altar 2

Here, Sorella Shoshana is using electric candles for the health and safety of her bird, Lyric.

I believe that boxes like these may be found in most major craft stores. They can be painted or varnished according to taste. Priestesses might add a small chalice and plate (patene’) if liturgy is to be served.

Of course, it’s nice to carry along the scriptures, too. Where I pray the rosary, I always carry my rosary beads in my purse.

Thank you, Sorella Shoshana for such an inspiring idea. Your travel altar is beautiful!

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides

Travel Altars


ArchMadria Kathi:

In reference to our past article on travel altars, I would like to share some travel altar and Janati mandala photos sent in by ArchMadria Kathi:

Travel Altar, closed:

ArchMadria Kathi Deanic Travel Altar Closed

Travel Altar, open:

ArchMadria Kathi Deanic Travel Altar Open

Janati Mandala:

ArchMadria Kathi Deanic Janati Mandala

Thank you, ArchMadria Kathi. Truly lovely and inspiring!

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides


I am still gathering items for my home altar.
Which I have to pack away after a ritual.
But I have been so inspired by these 2 Deanic travel altars, I could take photographs of my large crocheted altar cloths and large wooden 5 Sacred Symbols to line my travel altar box. The mirror underneath the candle is a good idea too.
Sophia Ruth


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