Eastre A truly lovely time by Madrina Dini of Deanic Tradition Pantheacraft (All Thea Craft)

From http://pantheacraft.blogspot.co.uk/2017/03/a-truly-lovely-time.html


I had a truly wonderful two days of Eastre with my family. Yesterday morning I decorated my hestia with Eastre decoration and flowers; luckily my husband, who works shifts, was available in the afternoon; so when we had collected our son from school, he had an eastre-egg and eastre-bunny treasure hunt in our home – then we all had cake and chocolate eggs 🙂
Today I served the Rite of Sacrifice in the morning after school run.
What does not come across in a blog-post is how absolutely delightful these two days have been – how happy and elated all three of us have felt, how we enjoyed the decoration, the special time together – the sense of great joy and hope – feeling so blessed! My husband and son are absolute darlings at any time – they so enjoy the natural spiritual aspect of our religion. Even without participation in religious rites or prayers – they love being part of a Deanic hestia 🙂


Madrina Dini Pantheacraft

About the author: http://pantheacraft.blogspot.co.uk/p/about-dini-pantheacraft.html

About Pantheacraft (an independent Deanic Tradition): http://pantheacraft.blogspot.co.uk/p/about-pantheacraft.html

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