Hiatus / 20 March meaning beyond space and out of time

Hiatus meaning beyond space and out of time.
A Sacred year and a day

A lunar year (13 lunar months of 28 days) plus a day is a solar year (365 days). [Wiki]

It was in 46 B.C. that Julius Caesar ordered the adoption of the Egyptian Solar Calendar of 365 days.
He made 1 January the start of the year.

Spring / Vernal Equinox
Dates and Times
each year for 1096 years
1452 – 2547
Listed for four time zones and in two calendars

The Coming Age periodical Issue 1 was published in the sacred month of Astraea November 28 – December 25,
year 118 after the apparitions of Lourdes,  [1858], so this would also have been in 1976 for the Sacred year. In the
secular calendar it was the Winter of 1975.

Referring to http://ns1763.ca/equinox/vern1788-2211.html the Spring / Vernal Equinox for
1975 was on the day of 21st March at the hour of 05 57minutes (24 hour clock) in
Universal Time which is equivalent to Greenwich Mean Time or GMT.

Hence our fore sister founders of the Dea-nic faith started the Sacred year on the Spring / Vernal Equinox, 21st

From 2008 until 2043 the Spring / Vernal Equinox is on the 20th March at varying times.
See graph illustrating this http://ns1763.ca/equinox/autumn01.jpg

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