Mother Child Relief Sculpture, SoldierField, Chicago

Do let me introduce you to my

Mother God…


(pronounced Mah-dre-ah) Mother


(pronounced Day-ah)
In Greek thea/theos, in Latin dea/deus, in Sanskrit devi/deva, in Welsh diw, in Breton deiz, in Armenian tiw, in Lithuanian diena, in Old Church Slavonic dini, in Polish dzień, in Russian den.
From the Proto Indo European (PIE) root *dyeu- “to gleam, to shine;” also the root of words for “sky” and “day”.

Dea (Day-ah) is One, Three & Seven


The Great Mother, who is Supernal Life and Absolute Deity , generates “Consciousness/consciousness” or “Awareness/awareness” of Being/being.
The Celestial Mother, Who is Supernal Light and Spirit generates “Intelligence/intelligence” or “Person-hood/person-hood” of Spirit/spirit.
 The Daughter, Who is Supernal Love and Soul generates “Personality/personality” or “The Powers/the powers” of Soul/soul.
The Janati, Who are the Seven Streams of Life,  generate the Supernal Virtues.
 (Thanks to ArchMatrona Georgia of the Lady of Light Chantry (LLC) who has assisted with the expression of this thealogy.)

Spirituality is simply an individual form of religion.

We have a sacred thirst, which drives us onwards. There are many who reject religion in favor or spirituality as if religion is a dirty word. Religion is not a dirty word. People mistake organized religion for religion in general.


Religion is sacred because we are spiritual beings struggling to have an human, physically manifest existence. Religion is our way to try and bring our True Home into manifest creation as much as we can. Orthodox Christians teach that liturgy is the meeting place between Heaven and Earth. Icons are considered to be windows to Heaven.


There is no difference between religion and ‘spirituality‘. Spirituality is simply an individual form of religion. The very first definition of religion is that it is a belief in a Supreme Being. So, anyone who believes in a Supreme Being is religious. The next part of the definition is that it is a set of beliefs and practices. So, anyone who has even a personal set of beliefs and spiritual practices are practicing a religion according to the definition of the word. So, I reiterate, spirituality is merely a personal, individual practice of religion.


Religion is only wrong when it is used to control others through the use of fear or other means for nefarious purposes. It is only wrong when it teaches intolerance of others.


Not everyone needs religion and religion is not necessary for everyone. But for many of us, being spiritual people, we miss our home. We miss the Divine. And so, religion is a way of bridging Heaven and Earth. It is a way of navigating around the limitations of our senses and connecting to the Real on our soul level.


We are here, not just as individuals, but as soul groups and each soul group has a mission. We, on Earth, have the mission to make this a peaceful, more spiritual place. To concentrate, not on obtaining more and more goods, but to co-create in the myriad ways which are available to us. To elevate our greater consciousness for the greater good. No single life is ever without its mission, its purpose.

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides


There are various Deanic and Filianic groups out there and we only speak for the Janite Tradition. The Janite Deanic Tradition does not teach that Dea is an advocate for any political group or social agenda. Traditionally, the Deanic Faith does not involve itself in politics or advocacy groups. Dea is the Mother of All and She accepts All. As the Mother, She is above and beyond all that is transient. As the Daughter, She is within us all and is advocate for each and every one of us no matter who we. She loves all of Her children, equally. (The Daughter is also our Mother as Dea is One).

It is also an important reminder that the Deanic Faith is not for any specific group of people; the Deanic Faith is for all people, from all walks of life.

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides



I am

Sophia Ruth (my legal birth name)
British – Island European.
I researched ancient mythologies and deities aged 12.
I discovered Dea through a booklet in a bookshop, aged 18.





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