Meditation: The Auric Egg Exercise & How To…

Egg Planet Cosmic Egg Divination by Alexndraf

Egg Planet Cosmic Egg Divination by Alexndraf

I have posted all this article, I do not agree with the chakras information.

Meditation: The Auric Egg Exercise & How To…

The Auric Egg and Chakras

The Auric Egg Exercise, besides being an indispensable tool, is also a good preparation exercise for beginning meditation. Once learned it becomes automatic and may be used in preparation for any meditation. It is also quite useful when walking into the Mall and you need a some space between yourself and the energy draws and noise around you. Using this exercise in conjunction with, and as the opening exercise to the spiritual practice of retrospection, meditation and prayer is highly recommended as it is a calming and centering exercise.
Some people meditate on specific chakras using their corresponding color. You may wish to do so also, but know that white light is all that is really needed as white light contains all of the colors of the rainbow. However, in any case, chakras may be used as reference points of concentration when drawing light into the body and it certainly can help to focus your mind and relax your body.

Chakras are a spiritual term used to describe the location of certain centers of energy in the spiritual body that correspond to centers in the physical body called nerve plexuses. Plexuses are bundles of nerves concentrated in areas where nerves relating to a specific functions of the body are found clustered in close proximity. The picture below shows their location. The spiritual colors of the plexuses are portrayed as corresponding to the colors of the rainbow.
The head or crown chakra is assigned the color violet and spiritually it is seen as that chakra which connects us to the realm of higher thought, significantly it is also associated with the pituitary gland, a small oval endocrine gland attached to the base of the vertebrate brain, consisting of an anterior and a posterior lobe. The secretions of the pituitary control the other endocrine glands and influence growth, metabolism, and maturation.

The forehead chakra is called the third eye; it is assigned the color dark blue and is associated with spiritual sight.

The throat chakra is assigned the color sky blue and is associated with speech.

The heart chakra is assigned the color green, the color of healing (sometimes it is also shown as pink). The heart center maybe conceived of as the transformer of the lower nature into the higher nature; it is also the balancer of Spiritual Law and is considered the source of Compassion. It is located at the center of the cross of our bodies.

The solar plexus is assigned the color yellow and corresponds to the will and the Christ energy (or Krishna or Buddha Energy: the Golden Light is of the Purified Will).

The navel chakra is assigned the color orange and corresponds to the desire nature and assimilation.

The root chakra is assigned the color red and is located at the very base of the spine; it is considered to be the source of the life force; the color red is also associated with the Holy Spirit and is associated with generation and regeneration: Creation.

Auric Egg Exercise Instructions

1. For western style meditation sit in a straight-backed chair in a relaxed position. This position may be used by anyone. It is the position used by some of the ancients and western meditators throughout the ages.

For eastern style meditation you may adopt sitting on the floor with legs crossed in the folded lotus position.

Stretch your body, then feel, tense and relax any contracted areas. Do this several times. Become aware of your body and all its parts and inch by inch relax.

2. You may want to imagine a string at the top of your head pulling your spine erect. Feel the vertebrae of your spine gently stretched and your spine elongated and then mentally place each vertebrae beginning at the bottom of your spine, one upon the other, until your whole spine feels aligned. Then hold the position, but relax into a comfortable state.

3. Now, Visualize yourself within an Egg shaped field which extends outward from the center (the naval – solar plexus region) of your body, three feet in all directions.
4. Draw into the ovoid shape of the Egg from as high as you can imagine above your head, Pure White Light, down through the top of your head and into your body.

5. Anchor this light in your solar plexus area. Breathe naturally, feel the beating of your heart and your breath and allow them to become as one: at some point your breathing and heart will be in a natural rhythm. You will notice that you become peaceful.

6. On the in breath, feel and imagine the light coming into your body. As you exhale, allow the light to expand and fill your head, then your shoulders and arms, then allow the light to fill your torso area, then allow the light to fill your legs and feet.

7. You may also if you wish, draw the light down through the chakras; allow the light to expand to fill your body from each chakra. After you feel that your whole body is filled with light, allow the light to expand past your body to fill the field of the circle then the whole of the Auric region until you can feel it three feet around your body in all directions. Imagine that the outer edge of this sphere is solid and impenetrable.

Continue to draw in the light into the area of your solar plexus and let it expand from that region to fill your aura …

Maintain this space for at least 5 -10 minutes or longer if you like.

Notes: In performing this exercise you may begin to experience a vibrant uplifting of being, exhilaration and peace. This exercise is regenerative, healing and balancing. Consistent practice of this exercise will aid you in bringing forth a fuller experience of an inner reality.

Eventually you will find your own rhythm and as you practice, the steps you take will become natural. Soon, you may be able to sense or even see the brightness of the white light and you may begin to experience the exhilaration and the peace it brings. After three or four days of practice you may begin to see and/or feel the Light in your aura, or personal atmosphere.

The center of this Egg of Light is the ovoid space your physical and spiritual bodies occupy. In the center of the spiritual body, located in the region between the heart and the solar plexus chakras, it is said resides the Self and Soul. Some people have reported after a time that they notice that their center of gravity shifts to a more balanced place.

Once you have established seeing and experiencing this Light surrounding you and filling you completely, you may begin concentrating on Light at the center of your being, the God Self within; that part of you that is a spark of the Greater Light.

Visualization is the preparation and key that leads you into truly seeing and experiencing the Light within. Visualization allows you to be receptive to another reality. The idea is to relax and allow the light to come in.

It is recommended that you do this exercise if possible at least twice a day, once in the morning and once at night before retiring. It is also recommended that you have a journal nearby. You may wish to log your results, and keep a record of your progress and any spiritual experiences you may have.
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Dove Articles by ArchMadria Pamela Lanides

The meaning of the Dove symbol of our Faith

Each symbol is mystically associated with one of the Great Mysteries of our Faith and is intertwined with the Five Seasons of our Wheel of the Year.

The Dove is known to be a symbol of Motherhood because the Dove is able to produce its own milk. The Dove represents self-sacrifice because it ceases to forage for food shortly before its young are born to ensure purer milk. (4) Motherhood necessitates a certain amount of sacrifice in order to ensure the well-being of the off-spring.


It is known as a Celestial Messenger, linking Heaven and Earth and is symbolic of the release of the soul Heaven-ward. Purity, Love, Grace, gentleness and hope are all signified by the Pure White Dove.




In antiquity, the Dove would have been readily recognized as the Symbol of the Goddess, especially Ishtar and Aphrodite/Venus. In ancient Rome, Aphrodite’s catacombs were called “columbaria” (dovecotes), which, according to Barbara G. Walker, gave rise to the belief that the soul returns to the Goddess after death as a dove. In Christian iconography, the dove is sometimes shown with seven rays emanating from her, which further connects her to the Goddess, specifically to the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters, whose name in Greek meant “a flock of doves.” (5)


During the time of Christ, the Dove would have been readily recognized by the people of the time as the Epiphany or Presence of the Goddess, one of the reasons why many Christians are re-examining the Holy Spirit as being Female rather than male.



Ishtar Inanna with jug

The Name of Queen Semiramis, Founder of Babylon, meant Dove in the Syrian tongue.


The symbol of the Dove as representing the Goddess spread out from Crete to the mainland of Greece, to Cyprus and so on. In the Mycenaean iconography the doves appear as early as in the second half of the 16th century BCE. By the 12th century BCE, it appears that the Dove is symbolic of the epiphany of the Goddess, which is a very important concept. (6). And in many cultures, it was believed that the Goddess could take the shape of the Dove. The Dove was a symbol of Her Heavenly Power.


These are but some of the many ancient connections of the Dove with the Great Goddess in Her Epiphany, Her manifestation in the material realm, most famously, the Dove is the sign of Peace.


In this Mystery, we visualize the Dove as hovering over the Primordial Waters.


The aspects of the Element of Water are emotions, intuition, the deeper Mysteries, compassion, new beginnings (as in Spring renewal), the Fountain of Life, Grace, the Rivers or Streams of Life, Divine Energies and Priestesshood,


Madonna Oriflamma

Madonna OriFlamma by Nicholas Roerich

The Holy Mother Jana is the Mother of Peace, Who brings to us the Divine Waters of Grace and so, She is appropriately called, Dea, Dove of Peace.

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides.



The Calendar of Clan Jana

Solar: Spring Equinox

Mystery: The Dove of Peace: The Holy Daughter, Diva Jana, as the Holy Soul of the World, which is a description of the divine presence within creation. The Holy Daughter as the Resurrection of our souls.

She is the Soteria (feminine Greek word for Saviour) of the World.
Great Dove of the World, in Janite thealogy, this title is appropriate for the Holy Daughter. She is the Ruler and Sustainer of the World as well as its Regeneration.

In this Mystery, we visualize the Dove as hovering over the Primordial Waters. The aspects of the Element of Water are emotions, intuition, the deeper Mysteries, compassion, new beginnings (as in Spring renewal), the Fountain of Life, Grace, the Rivers or Streams of Life, Divine Energies and Priestesshood.


Our Great Mystery is Columba (Dove)

Our Great Mystery is Columba (Dove) which honors the Holy Daughter as the Great Dove of the World and our Soteria. Great Dove of the World is a title which, in other Traditions of our Faith, is beautifully applied to the Celestial Mother. In Janite thealogy, this title is appropriate for the Holy Daughter. She is the Ruler and Sustainer of the World as well as its Regeneration.

On the Feast of Columba, we remember Her as She becomes the Holy Soul of the World.

This Mystery is honored in the Sacred Season of Spring and is remembered each Columbaday (Doveday)/Friday, both of which are presided over by Kyria [Lady] Graca (Grace-a) who is of the Fourfold Earth and is the Guardian of East and Water.

The Holy Daughter is the Great Dove of the Waters and the Dove of Peace.

ArchMadria Pamela


Roseday/Tuesday 15 Columbina/April 4 2016: the Feast of Lady Grace

Roseday/Tuesday 15 Columbina/April 4 2016: the Feast of Lady Grace

Please note: Graca is pronounced: Grace-a.

Lady Graca

Today is the Feast of Lady Grace, the Janya of East and Water and the Primordial Living Stream of Compassion, Love and Mercy. She is the Matroness of healing.


On this, her feast day, time may be spent in quiet prayer or contemplation in her honor. A Moonrite or liturgy may also be served.


Janya: Lady Grace.
Titaness: Tethys: sea, ocean, nurse, grandmother.
She is of the four-fold Earth and is the Guardian of East and Water.
Guardian of Love, Compassion and Mercy.
Great Mystery: The Symbol of the Dove.
Feast Day: 5 Columbina/March 25.
Planet: Aphrodite-Venus: adore, desire, love, forgive, pardon.
Weekday: Doveday/Friday.
Metal: Copper
Color of Robes: Green (Pink)
Note: C (do)
Element: Water
Bird: Dove
Incense: Frankincense, White Sage, Rose, Copal, Myrrh, Benzoin and Cinnamon.
Sacred Oil: Ylang Ylang.
Sacred Herb: Queen of the Meadow
Sacred Flower: Lotus or Water Lily
Sacred Tree: Apple
Sacred Jewel: Selenite
Sacred Symbol: the Dove.
Mantra: O, Madria Grace, Guardian of Love, Compassion and Mercy, be with us.
She is the Matroness of Healing.


Tethys by lrasan

The Verses of The Seven Streams
The Seven Jeweled Rays

Lady Grace

Copywrite of the Matriarch of the Janite Deanic Ekklasia, ArchMadria (Bishop) Pamela

I am Grace, the Green Ray of Compassion. I am the Divine Nurse of the Children of Dea.
The Four-Fold Earth is where I reign and it is Water that I guard.
Come to me when you are in need of healing and I shall send you the Waters of Grace.
Learn from me the Pearls of Love and Mercy and the karma-moira of your soul shall dissolve.
If you are suffering, draw near to me and I shall grant you comfort and solace.
I am the Sea of Tenderheartedness, emulate me and extend my amity to all.
I am Grace.

What is a sun pillar, or light pillar?

What is a sun pillar, or light pillar?

By Deborah Byrd in
FAQS | EARTH on Mar 22, 2016
Sun pillars, or light pillars, are shafts of light extending from the sun or other bright light source. They’re caused by ice crystals drifting in Earth’s air.

EarthSky Facebook friends occasionally post beautiful photos of sun pillars, or light pillars. For example, there was a beautiful one seen from the U.S. West Coast on March 20, 2016 … a beautiful prelude to the first full night of spring. Sun pillars are vertical shafts of light that extend upward (or downward) from a bright light source, such as the sun or other bright light low on the horizon. They can be five to 10 degrees tall and sometimes even higher. They might lengthen or brighten as you gaze at them.

They’re beautiful and wondrous. They’re also the source of some UFO reports!

Sun pillar photo by Shanna Dennis

Photo by Lyle Evans in Highland, California.

The U.S. West Coast got an amazing sun pillar on the first evening of spring. Photo by Lyle Evans in Highland, California.

March 20, 2016, from the U.S. West Coast. This one is from Chris Levitan Photography CA

Another shot of the beautiful sun pillar seen on March 20, 2016, from the U.S. West Coast. This one is from Chris Levitan Photography.


Sun pillars or light pillars are formed by reflection from hexagonal plate-like ice crystals in Earth’s air. These crystals drift through the atmosphere with a horizontal orientation, gently rocking from side to side as they fall. Diagram via University of Illinois.

Sun pillars or light pillars form when sunlight (or another bright light source) reflects off the surfaces of millions of falling ice crystals associated with thin, high-level clouds, for example, cirrostratus clouds. The ice crystals have roughly horizontal faces. They are falling through Earth’s atmosphere, rocking slightly from side to side.

When is the best time to see a sun pillar or light pillar? You’ll most often see sun pillars when the sun is low in the western sky before sunset, or low in the east just after the breaking of dawn. You might even see a sun pillar when the sun is below the horizon. Light pillars can be seen at any time of night.

Wesley Liikane in Severn Bridge, Ontario captured these light pillars on December 23, 2013

Wesley Liikane in Severn Bridge, Ontario captured these light pillars on December 23, 2013. See more photos by Wesley at Cowboy with a Camera on Facebook.

They’re called sun pillars when the sun helps make them. But this the moon or even streetlights can create this light phenomenon, too, in which case the name light pillar is more appropriate.

These pillars of light often prompt people to report sightings of UFOs. They can sometimes look strange! There are said to be a lot of UFO reports caused by light pillars over Niagara Falls, where the mist from the rush of descending water interacts with the city’s many upward facing spotlights. Light pillars do appear frequently over Niagara Falls, especially during the winter.

As always, the great website Atmospheric Optics is a wonderful place to go and learn more about sun pillars.


Sun pillar seen by EarthSky Facebook friend Colin Chatfield on November 6, 2012 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.


Photo credit: EarthSky Facebook friend Kim Smith, taken February 2013. She says “My first ever sun pillar! We don’t often see them here in Walker Creek, Arkansas. I am glad I was out to photograph the sunset today when this occurred.”

Bottom line: Sun pillars, or light pillars, are vertical shafts of light that can sometimes be seen extending upwards or downwards from the sun or other bright light source. They’re caused by light reflection from hexagonal ice crystals drifting in Earth’s atmosphere.


Sun pillars are seen best within a few minutes of sunrise or sunset. Initially the have about the same colour and width as the sun, but sun pillars will gradually change their colour from orange-white to red-orange. Sun pillars generally fade 20 to 60 minutes after sunset. Under favourable conditions, e.g. icy fog, sun pillars might stretch out up to 30° above the sun, while light streaks of 5° to 10° are most common.

On rare occasions, regarded with awe in more superstitious times, it may occur with part of the parhelic cycle to give the appearance of a cross centred on the Sun. The sun pillar is comparable with the light course, the setting sun produces on a water surface.

Iridescent Kelvin Helmholtz clouds

Iridescent Kelvin Helmholtz clouds

These clouds look like breaking ocean waves. It’s rare to see them iridescent!

Here is something special and very rare.

Iridescent Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds, Mutare, Zimbabwe, March 11, 2016.

Iridescent Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds, Mutare, Zimbabwe, March 11, 2016. Photo by Dr. Peter Lowenstein.

Iridescent Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds with passing swallow, Mutare, Zimbabwe

Iridescent Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds with passing swallow, Mutare, Zimbabwe Photo taken March 11, 2016 by Dr. Peter Lowenstein.

Dispersing iridescent Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds, Mutare, Zimbabwe, March

Dispersing iridescent Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds, Mutare, Zimbabwe, March 11, 2016. Photo by Dr. Peter Lowenstein.

On Friday evening (March 11, 2016), a few minutes before sunset, a thin band of Kelvin Helmholtz clouds developed above a cumulonimbus anvil and became iridescent for just three minutes before dispersing.

The first three photographs on this page, in which the iridescence is bright, were taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ60 in intelligent auto mode and x60 zoom magnification.

The distant view – at the bottom of the page – was taken a short while before. The Kelvin Helmholtz cloud band had not yet become colorful.

To see Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds is rare, for them to become iridescent is much rarer and for a swallow to fly past during the fraction of a second when a photograph is taken defies all odds and is almost miraculous!

Read more about Kelvin Helmholtz clouds, and see more photos

Read more about cloud iridescence


Holy Halo

Holy Halo

© Fotograf Göran Strand

A lunar halo behind the statue of an angel in Frösön, Sweden.
Photo taken in March, 2016, by Göran Strand.

What makes a halo around the sun or moon?

Visit Göran Strand’s website:




World Water Day

World Water Day

March 22, 2016 in the World

The day was first observed in 1993 when the United Nations General Assembly declared March 22 as World Day for Water.
Safe water for drinking.
The role of gender in family access to safe water.
Sustainable aquatic habitats

The Daughter as the Holy Soul of the World

The Daughter as the Holy Soul of the World

ArchMadria Pamela Today at 4:35 PM

Please find below an article that I sent to Goddess Christians on the Feast of the Holy Soul from a Goddess Christian perspective.

Subject: The Daughter as the Holy Soul of the World

Today is Ostara and the Spring Equinox.

world soul

In my own Tradition, this is the day when we honor the Sacred Cosmic Drama of the Holy Daughter, Sophia, as the World Soul or the Holy Soul of the World.

Just as the Son suffers His Passion, the Daughter suffers a painful Descent through the Realms (as it has been described in certain Gnostic texts). My own teaching is that Her Descent was painful as She had to descend from the higher, lighter vibratory realms down into the lower, denser vibratory realms somewhat similar to how those who have had Near Death Experiences describe having to return to the body as an uncomfortable heaviness.

Just as the Son rises from the Dead to become the Savior, the Daughter becomes the Soteria as the World Soul. Far from being a punishment of Sophia, as was taught from the viewpoint of certain Gnostic schools of thought, by becoming the World Soul, She sustains Nature and rejevenates all life. She joins with us and gathers the Divine Sparks within us and guides us towards Divinization or Perfect Love.

Though this is the Holy Week of the Son, it is also the Feast Day of the Daughter.

The Father and the Mother are transcendent. The Son, through His incarnation as Jesus and the Daughter, through Her ‘incarnation’ as the World Soul, are immanent. They are with us. Just as the Son took part in bodily human nature, so the Daughter takes part in the nature of the soul. The Son raises us to the Father. The Daughter restores us to the Mother.

The Sophia herself is but a reflex of the “Mother of all living” and is therefore also called “Mother.” She is the formatrix of heaven and earth, for as much as mere matter can only receive form through the light which, coming down from above has interpenetrated the dark waters of the hylē; but she is also at the same time the spiritual principle of life in creation, or, as the world-soul the representative of all that is truly pneumatic in this lower world: her fates and experiences represent typically those of the pneumatic soul which has sunk down into chaos.

As the World Soul, there is nothing that we suffer that She does not suffer with us. There is no joy that She does not share with us. There is not a speck of Nature which She does not enliven with Her Spirit. She is not only the World Soul, She is the Cosmic Soul.

And, just as the Son ascends to the Right Hand of the Father so the Daughter is Assumed back unto the Mother as it states in Syrian Gnostic lore and in other sources. In Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom, Bride of God, Matthews writes, at length, about the World Soul. If you have the book, look up World Soul in the index.

cropped Mother of the World by Nicholas Roerich

Caitlin Matthews describes this painting of the Mother of the World by Nicholas Roerich, thusly:
Mother of the World. Sophia, like the statue of the Egyptian Goddess, Neith, is veiled. “I am all that was, and is and shall be and no man has lifted my veil.: Wisdom’s mysterious ways are intentionally pursued by men and women the world over: we call such people mystics, philosophers, esotericists. In this painting by Nicholas Roerich, the veiled Sophia is surrounded by starlike disincarnate avatars of Her wisdom, while below upon the Earth, a pair of male and female mystics invoke Her influence. This is a true representation of the World Soul of the transcendent appearance of Sophia Stellarum.

I agree with Matthews (but stating this in my own words) in that the thealogy of Sophia must be brought into the 21st century, free from the former Patriarchal restrictions. Whether we understand Her to be the Holy Spirit (the dove was known as the symbol for Sophia) or whether we believe that with the Father and the Son, She descends from Absolute Deity, or a combination of the two doctrines, She is truly God in Her Own Right. She is not a ‘creation of God, She is not Fallen and needing to be saved, She is the Eternal God just as the Father and the Son are God. They are God because that is their Nature just as we have the nature of being human. We are free to proclaim this loud and clear in this, the 21st century. We no longer need to fear the repercussions and recriminations of being labeled as heretics for proclaiming that God is both Father and Mother and in Their incarnations, They are Son and Daughter.

I have always believed that the true heresy lies, not in proclaiming the Divine Mother, but in denying Her.

Here are some other links:

Here is an interesting treatise on the World Soul, not necessarily from a Sophian perspective, but it contains some pearls of Wisdom:

From the Russian Mystics:

Ostara Carol


A splendid discovery by ArchMatrona Georgia

Ostara Carol

Tune: “Nous Allons, Ma Mie”
Traditional French Easter Carol, Oxford book of Carols no.147, pg. 302

For MP3 and Sheet Music 

Verse 1

Cheer up friends and neighbours
Now’s Ostara – tide
Pause from endless labours
Worries put aside
Folk should rise from sadness
Evil, folly, strife
When Ostara’s gladness
Brings the Earth to life

Verse 2

Out from snowdrifts chilly
Roused from drowsy hours
Bluebell wakes and lily
She calls out her flowers
Into life she raises
All the sleeping buds
Meadows weave her praises
And the spangled woods

Verse 3

All Her truth and beauty
All her joyousness
Are our pride and duty
Bearing her impress
Look! The Earth waits breathless
After winter’s strife
Ostara shows folk deathless
Spring leads death to life

Verse 4

Ours the more and less is
But, changeless all the days
Ostara wakes and blesses
Like the sunlight rays
All the folk have risen
And the bluebells ring
While from winter’s prison
Burst the flowers of spring!

© Adapted by Anna Stockinger 2007

This work by Anna Stockinger is licensed
under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives License.