Trinitarian-Deanic Godhead Diagram

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I’ve seen diagrams like this for religions with non-polytheistic but complex Godheads such as Gnosticism, and I thought it was a really good way of explaining things. I tried to make one for trinitarian Deanism/Filianism, at least how I understand it. I do not speak for all Deanists.

The names for the Janati are names I came up with myself. Of course, any appropriate names for them can be used.


Madria Erin

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The Wider Theanic / Filianic / Deanic Faith

The Wider Theanic / Filianic / Deanic Faith


Deanic Forum set up by Glenn King
(Greater Deanic Faith)


Deanic Conversations run by Glenn King
(Greater Deanic Faith)

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The Elegant Lady Feminine Seminary (The E L F S)
(ArchMatrona Georgia – Celtic/Norse Deanic Faith)
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Mr Glenn King

Aset Maryam

On Isis as God and other Ponderings


Thea Haus

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Personal Credo

42 Psalms of Thea (Dea)
he adapted from the 13th century Marian Psalter.

Angels and Janya: the meaning of terms

Personal Angelology

ArchMadria Pamela

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Our Divine Mother God

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Inspirational and informative, she is part of my soul path.


Madria Erin

Her Maiden Priestess

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Daughter of Dea

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Inspiring other young people to the Filianic Faith


Other Spirituality:

Meghan Don

Gnostic Grace

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“ recognizes the Mother/Daughter and Great (GrandMother)

Meghan Don. She has a book coming out in Aug. where she teaches the Seven Faces of the Divine Feminine of Mother Who is: Mother, Sacred Daughter and Grandmother. She also teaches the importance of the World Soul… all very similar to our views of Dea! Gnostic Grace also mentions the Archangels as being aspects of Divine Energy which is very similar to our teachings on the Janati: We draw upon the wisdom, support, and qualities of the Archangels and Angels, which can be understood as Divine Energies in another form.!about-us/mj02l
Although coming from a Gnostic-Christian perspective, she also seems to be walking an Earth-honoring Path in the process. Similar to the Deanic Faith, she teaches that there are different Forms/Images of Dea such as Quan Yin or Tara.
From her blog:!connecting-with-the-mother/c8fo!books–newsletter/c18d4
The Seven Faces remind me a bit of the Janati.”

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