Ishtar Queen of Heaven, the Goddess of the Universe

Ishtar Queen of Heaven, the Goddess of the Universe

These 2 parts may be sections of the same prayer of praise or just mixed together by an editor.


Mama Mary – Queen of Heaven and Earth by jmamante02

Unto Her who renders decisions, Goddess of all things,
Unto the Lady of Heaven and Earth who receives supplication;
Unto Her who hears petition, who entertains prayer;
Unto the compassionate Goddess who loves righteousness;
Ishtar the Queen, who suppresses all that is confused.

To the Queen of Heaven, the Goddess of the Universe,
the One who walked in terrible Chaos and brought life by the Law of Love;
And out of Chaos brought us harmony, and from Chaos
Thou has led us by the hand.

– Babylon, Eighteenth to Seventh Century BCE


Prayer to Ishtar

Queen of Heaven, Goddess of the Universe,
You are the holy one of women and men.
The one who walked in terrible chaos,
And brought life by the law of love,
And out of chaos brought us harmony,
And from chaos She has led us by the hand.

Woman of women, Goddess knows no equal,
She who decrees the destiny of people,
Highest Ruler of the Worlds,
Sovereign of the Heavens,
Goddess, even of those who live in heaven.
With Ishtar, there is counsel and wisdom.

The fate of everything She holds in Her hand.
Joy comes from Her every glance.
She is the power, the magnificence.
She is the Spirit that guides.
Be it maiden or mother,
Women remember Her,
And call Her name, O Shining One.

You stop the anger of all other deities.
You care for the oppressed and the mistreated,
Each day offering them your help.
You are the one who gleams the brightest,
In the midst of all other deities.

written 1600 B.C.
From a graphic Prayer to Ishtar

Ishtar, can be replaced by Jana, Anna, Inanna, Rhianne, whichever name for immanent Dea you find most meaningful.