28 Moura / 19 March The Divine Shattering

These are just a few collected notes, that I have gathered together.


Name of the Day is still being discussed.

Personal: Latin Quassare “to shatter,”
of Quatere “to shake,”
from PIE root *kwet- “to shake”

which reminds me of the word vibration, the Holy Daughter’s torturous Descent down through the ever increasingly denser and darker dimensions eventually causing…

“for She has given a portion of Herself in order for each human to come into being in this world. In giving of Herself to humans, in this state of physical density and isolation, the World Soul becomes shattered. This shattering can be metaphorically grasped in considering what might happen to a glass alembic or flask when too much pressure is put upon in the alchemical works. Thus, the Shekinah represents the ultimate archetype of selfless sacrifice. All Her sacrifices have been for the benefit of creation so that humankind may experience this life in order to fulfill its destiny and purpose. (3). And, this is exactly how we understand the Sacrifice of the Holy Daughter.

3) http://www.universalkabbalah.net/Shekinah

So the one word Quassare leads me through the Cosmic drama in it’s entirety.

(Interestingly enough, in Greek, Divine Shattering is Feminine: theía thráfsi.)

Janite Dea-nic Tradition: Kala (meaning “black, of a dark colour, dark-blue …” or “a fixed or right point of time, a space of time, time … destiny, fate … death”).

The Importance of this day

“On this day, Janites spend a day in somber remembrance of this greatest, most heart-rending, soul wrenching, sacrificial myrrh-infused, stopped moment out of time when all the Cosmos holds its breath; the  most knee-bowing, head-veiling, thunderstruck, awestruck, Shining Being witnessed, Ultimate, Primordial Love Sacrifice of the Most Pure and Holy Daughter. She literally gave Herself to us. And, She never left us. She stayed.

The ancient Romans/Greeks had a day/period of lustration.
I feel this idea is very fitting for female Deanic clergy and devotees. Many ancient religions held rites of Purification, modern religions do, as well, in the form of baptism, Mikvahs and other purification rites.

Purification baths are inherently feminine in nature. Water is feminine and powerful. It is a carrier of information and energy.

Madria Candra is the Mistress of Purity, the Guardian of Spirit and Ruler of Moura and so it is quite fitting that
Lustration would occur during the Sacred Month over which She rules.


Janites practice the ancient rite of lustration / purification (salts and oils based upon frankincense, a symbol of Her priestess role – for the Holy Daughter and myrrh as one of the substances used in the purification of women would be appropriate) and veil in solemn honor of the Divine Mystery: Her Descent and Shattering on 28 Moura / March 19 (March 18 on a leap year). Also in preparation for the symbolic sharing of the life-giving Soul of the Holy Daughter on Eastre.

Frankincense flowers are 5 petaled just like one of our Seven Great Symbols of Our Faith, the Rose of Joy. The Frankincense flower petals symbolise to me Divine Spirit suffused through the four elements: water, fire, earth and air of the manifest realms.

This is one day that I think a fast might be considered, but never mandatory. Fasting comes in different modes. [See my notes below].

May the Queen of Heaven, She Who is the Divine Shattered One; She Who is the Holy Soul of the World; She Who is the Queen of Heaven, bless you and be with you. Blessed is She.

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides
[ Sorella Sophia, I fast overnight and eat breakfast / a snack when I am hungry.

1. A Full Fast – These fasts are complete – no food and no drink.

2. A Regular Fast – Traditionally, a regular fast means refraining from eating all food. Most people still drink water or juice during a regular fast.

3. A Partial Fast – This type of fast generally refers to omitting a specific meal from your diet or refraining from certain types of foods.

Here are some types:

A. Overnight is a full fast for women of 14 hours and for men of 16 hours. If your last meal is at 8pm tonight, you wouldn’t eat again until 10am (women) or 12pm (men) tomorrow. This method generally means you’ll be skipping breakfast.

B. Warrior is a regular fast for about 20 hours during the day and eat one large meal at night within the 4 hour feeding time. During the fasting part of the day, you can consume a few servings of raw fruits and vegetables, fresh fruit/veggie juices, and a few servings of protein (protein shake, some nuts, boiled eggs, etc) if desired. These are kept quite small.]


To do and purchase https://www.gaia.com/article/energy-cleanse-ritual-aura-purifying-baths
Kuumba Made Frankincense & Myrrh Organic Bath & Body Oil


Sun Symbol – still Point at the centre of manifestation

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Sun Symbol – still Point at the centre of manifestation

Madria Erin of the Auroran Tradition posted a Tumblr post directing us towards an article entitled “God Herself – A Brief Meditation” by T. Thorn Coyle.
It has a small mention of The Star Goddess, which I am sure will interest others.

What really caught my attention were two paragraphs:

We cannot think of God Herself as One, because that separates her out from all else. Rather, thinking of her as Zero, the circumference that includes everything and the center point around which everything else revolves, is closer to the experienced reality.

Monotheists almost had it right in speaking of the unity of love, but they did not yet have the number zero, the cipher, the void. By naming something one, they were trying to get at its unity. What they were not able to realize at the time, is that naming something one, instead of all, is a first separation out, it is a distancing that makes the All the Other. And therein lies trouble. Therein lies alienation. One, rather than remaining a unifying force, becomes a separate being. And that separation opens a deep wound.
The symbol of “Zero, the circumference that includes everything and the center point around which everything else revolves
This lead me to

  1.  The ancient circumpunct symbol:

The ancient symbol known as the dot in the circle, circled dot, circle with a point, or a circumpunct, is one of the oldest symbols known to humans.

According to Gnostics, it is the most primal aspect of God. To Greek philosophers and the Pythagoreans, the circumpunct represents God, or the Monad – the point of the beginning of creation, and eternity. It is the sun of astrologers and astronomers; the alchemical gold of the alchemist, and the Keter of the Kabbalah. (1)
There is a common astrological, and now astronomical, symbol for the Sun. It’s a circle with a dot in it. This particular image was once the alchemical symbol for gold, being “…the most perfect of the metals. For the alchemist, it represented the perfection of all matter on any level, including that of the mind, spirit, and soul.” The symbol’s association with both gold and the Sun evidently dates back as far as alchemy does. The article Gold and the Sun mentions that aurum the latin word for gold, is derived from the Greek name Aurora, the goddess of the dawn. So the color of gold was associated with the brilliance of the Sun since ancient times. (2)
The main ideogram for “Sun” was a representation of the solar disk.
With the sign number and meaning from Sir Alan Gardiner’s “Egyptian Grammar”:
N 5 = sun in most secular writing
The “Sun” ideogram in early Chinese writing, beginning with the oracle bone script (c. 12th century BC) also shows the solar disk with a central dot. (3)
The circumpunct is the symbol derived from this natural Sun Halo.

Ice halos above Foveran beach – geograph.org.uk – 675126

2. The truth behind the symbols:

These are all glyphs, even the ball of burning gases which is our worldly sun that direct us towards the spiritual truth:

From the original article: The Void, the number Zero – the circumference that includes everything, the Cipher.
[ which means Late Middle English (in the senses ‘symbol for zero’ and ‘Arabic numeral’): from Old French cifre, based on Arabic ṣifr zero. https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/cipher ]

Applies to: The Great Mother / Absolute Deity / Dea Matrona / Mysteria / Deam Mysterium
She who is Ultimate Source, containing the potentiality of All.
She who is equivalent to the Gnostic Monas.

Also applies to:
The Celestial Mother / Matrix & Creatrix / Dea Matrea / Madria Dea / Dea Madria

creatio ex nihilo The Latin phrase meaning “creation out of nothing”

In Title 1, Chapter 1, The Holy Mythos, Creation.
1. Before and beyond all things is Dea.[1] When nothing was, She was.

I replaced “the Mistress of All Things” with Dea
Mistress meaning: A woman in a position of authority or control

The center point around which everything else revolves.

Title 4, Chapter 1
The Clew Of The Horse

7. Each manifest thing has a cause, and each cause has a cause before it, but the first cause has no cause before Her, and She is the Spirit. 8. She that does not act is the cause of all action. She that is not is the cause of all being. She that is still is the centre and source of all movement. 9. At the rim is the movement greatest; close to the centre is it least. 10. Where there is no movement there is purity.

Dea is The still Point at the centre of manifestation.
Residing in Her realm known as the Pleroma which is the Supernal Fullness of the All and Fullness of Perfection, the place of Bliss and Union with Dea.

From the original article: The Three Eternal Truths
The Coming Age, number 15, Rosea, 5082 Iron Age/1980

One God alone, none other God than She.
One Law alone, none other Law than Her Law.
God became Soul, that souls might come to God.

It has been said that all the Scriptures, all the teachings, and every part of wisdom are contained within the Three Eternal Truths “enfolded like a rose within the bud.”

More than this, the Three Truths themselves
are all contained in essence within the first Truth,
and the first Truth is contained within it’s first word: One.

“The One” is the most basic metaphysical definition of God.
She is the primordial Unity who gives rise to all multiplicity,
the spaceless Point where from all space proceeds.

Multiplicity is the result of manifestation,
and to say ‘manifestation’ is always, in some degree to say ‘separation from God.’
The first Truth refutes the abiding heresy of axial beings
– the illusion that we are apart from God.
By perfect contemplation of the first Truth,
it is possible to eradicate this heresy from our hearts,
and when a soul succeeds in this, it will cease to be manifest,
having achieved complete Liberation.

To return to – to “become one with” – the Holy One
and thus to receive the consummation of the third Truth.

To say “none other God than She” is not merely to deny something,
but to affirm that She is the “One without a second”,
the Essence of all things;
for while She is other than all things,
no thing is other than She.


One Law alone, none other Law than Her Law.

The first Truth speaks of the One God before and beyond all manifestation.
The second Truth speaks of the perfect and harmonious manifestation of all things from Her.

Law is literally Order, the music of the spheres, the harmony of the universe.
Human life was designed to be a way back to the One – a path of salvation;
but for that end, every part of it must be in harmony:
our art, our clothes, our relationships, our stories, our daily work.
Each should be done according to the Law,
that the world may be a bridge that leads to Heaven.
It is only an axial being, such as a human who has the ability to choose,
between the lawful/harmonious and the unlawful/disharmonious.
That is the meaning of the second Truth.


God become Soul, that souls might come to God.

Humanity is neither matter nor Spirit.
We are psyche or soul, which stands between the two and may give herself to either.
God, as Holy World Soul descended to the level of psyche.
God, made all Her choices perfectly.
All Her acts were made in obedience to Her Mother, Who is Her Self.
Through Her suffering descent into denser levels, She shattered.
Therefore She is the Self within all souls of axial beings.


The Three Eternal Truths are an image of the Holy Trinity:
The One preceding all manifestation is the Great Mother;
The Law , implying manifestation belongs to the Celestial Mother Creatrix;
whist God become Soul is, of course, the Holy Soul Daughter.

The thesis: the One without a second;
antithesis: manifestation – the differentiation of ‘things’ from God
synthesis: the reconciliation of ‘things’ with God.


1) http://gnosticwarrior.com/circumpunct.html
2) http://solar-center.stanford.edu/folklore/symbolism.html
3) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_symbol

Also: http://www.spiritualsun.com/resources


Of Interest:
The sun manifests the colour of gold at sunrise and at sunset. The latin word for gold, aurum (thus, the chemical symbol Au), derives from the Greek word Aurora – the golden goddess of the dawn. Rudolf Steiner gave ‘AU’ as the Sun-sound, so try intoning it. The word ‘aura’ comes from the same root, indicating the idea of radiance as associated with this metal.

Until very recent times gold was used as a heart remedy, this being the organ associated with the sun. Homeopathic doctors still use it in this manner in high dilutions and regard it as a remedy for depressive or suicidal conditions: a ‘total eclipse of the heart’.


Gold Heart Art

Its distribution within the human organism reaches its highest concentration in the region of the heart. Gold is used by doctors to diagnose heart problems. As the highest concentrations of gold in the human body occur around the heart, a radio-isotope of gold has been developed (the Au-195 isotope), which can give an image of the blood-containing structures within the heart, a process called ‘heart-imaging’. Gold gives a heart image!
In Britain this new technology has been developed in St. Bartholomew’s hospital, London. One expert described the gold used in this way as ‘a very convenient medium for rapid assessment of changes in cardiac function’ (3,4).
3. Elliot et al., Physics in Medicine and Biology, 1983, Vol. 28, pp.l39, 147.
4. Dymond et al., Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 1983, Vol. 2, pp.85-92

Cows have the highest concentration of gold in their horns. The horns are the one part of a cow that points upwards, which give to the cow its dignity.
Medicinal Colloidal gold is becoming more widely used as a medicine – a very traditional alchemical concept. It is claimed to work in a quite subtle way as a heart-remedy. Some find that their will-power is enhanced upon taking it, in terms of being able to focus on what one wants to achieve. Especially in America there has been a tradition that colloidal gold is given for ‘dypsomania’ or craving for alcohol. Drug-addicts are said to experience a loss of appetite for their drugs after taking the solution for a few days. Here is a web-testimony: “I have found great benefit personally in the emotional area. My wife will tell you I am a much easier person to live with … My brother who is four years older was in such a bad state the doctors had him on Zoloft, the antidepressant that is like Prozac. He started on colloidal gold almost two years ago and is living a happy life now with no known side-effects.”  It is said that the body’s warmth-mechanism may be positively affected by gold, particularly in cases of hot flushes, chills and night-sweats.
One would like to hear more discussion of these effects, as may deepen our insight into how traditional heart-qualities are associated with gold, the Sun-metal. The colloidal gold solution is a ruby-red hue, as likewise the precious ruby is red from homeopathically-dilute traces of gold in the quartz.  Besides being a great morale booster and healer, dietary gold is an effective but subtle pain reliever: gold salts are injected into arthritic joints to relieve pain.http://www.levity.com/alchemy/kollerstrom_gold.html
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Is Trinitarianism True Monotheism? by ArchMadria Pamela

Dea: Singularity and Multiplicity by Jacqueline

Madrian Thoughts on manifestation and the cross symbol

The Litany of the Holy Daughter

The Litany of the Holy Daughter


Hail, Dea Filia, Divine Daughter God.

Hail, Sustainer of the Cosmos.

Hail, Princess of the Earth.

Hail, O, Queen Daughter.

Hail, Our High Priestess.

Hail, Divine Wisdom.

Hail, Pure Love.

Hail, Pure Form.

Hail, Supernal Moon.

Hail, Great Dove of the Waters.

Hail, Dove of Peace.

Hail, Holy Soul.

Hail, Divine Spark.

Hail, Star of Hope.

Hail, Most Immanent.

Hail, Fountain of Grace.

Hail, Our Spiritual Wine.

Hail, Our Soteria.

Hail, Divine Lily.

Hail, Silver Light of the Forests.

Hail, O, First Light of Dawn.

We glorify You, we magnify You and we Adore You


The Holy Daughter wears the garb of Creation, but She is not Creation.

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The Holy Daughter wears the garb of Creation, but She is not Creation.

When the Divine manifests Herself on the physical plane, She wears a wardrobe suitable for the occasion. She can garb Herself in anything: ex: winds, clouds, planets, stars, trees, flowers, birds, animals, or people. However, that does not mean that any of those physical forms are Her Body. Her Spiritual Body is within those forms as a person is within their clothing. ArchMatrona Georgia E. B. Cobb of the Lady of Light Chantry (LLC).
A cause of confusion has to do with the Nature of Dea and specifically, the Holy Daughter and this is where we strongly diverge from the beliefs and mythos of Wicca, neo-Paganism and certain New Age teachings.
Some of us have come from Wiccan or Pagan backgrounds. While these spiritual Traditions have a lot to offer and they are right for many Soul Paths, we felt that there was something vital missing for our own Soul Paths.
Though we had and still have great respect for these religious and spiritual Traditions, we left to search for the Face of the True Divine Feminine that was right for our individual Soul Paths; the One for Whom we longed as Our True Mother God. Our souls cried out for Her. Our hearts longed for Her. We searched and searched until finally, we found Dea, we found Her as God.Our Divine Mother is Transcendent, beyond Her Creation. The Holy Daughter is Immanent, She is with us in Creation and exists within us as the Divine Spark of our souls, the Flame of our hearts.

We do not see the Cosmos or the Earth as Dea’s body because She is Pure Spirit, Pure Light and the Cosmos is Her Creation. How could the Creatrix become Her creation? But, the Holy One may certainly flow through Her Creation, just as electricity flows through a wire, but is not the wire; just as heat flows through the iron, but is not the iron; just as She is the Divine Spark within us, but She is not us. 


Though we have taught this before, this thealogy is so fundamental to our religion, that it bears repeating at this time:

As the Great Mother, She is Supernal Life. She is Absolute Deity. She is Singularity. She is the Dark beyond the light and the Light beyond the darkness. Her Name is Mysteria/Mystery. She is Dea Matrona. (Great Mother Goddess).

As the Celestial Mother, She Supernal Light. She is the Ground and Matrix of all Being. She is Spirit. She is Transcendent (beyond Creation). Her Name is Mari. She is Dea Madria. (Mother God).

As the Holy Daughter, She is Supernal Love. She is the Ruling and Sustaining Energies of manifest creation. She is Soul. She is Immanent (within Creation). Her Name is Kore/Kora. She is Dea Filia. (Daughter God).


All material manifestation began as Supernal Primordial Ideas of Potentiality. The Below, which is created, dense, material manifestation, is but a poor reflection of the Above, which is rarefied Supernal Reality, our True Home.

At one point, in the very beginning of our existence, beyond our memory, we desired to extend our knowledge beyond the limits of the knowable, which brought us into a state of ignorance and formlessness. (This is not the same as the erroneous notion of original sin, nor was this desire a moral evil.)

As indicated in the long form of our Creed, we believe that the Celestial Mother honored our sovereign will and our desire to know what lies beyond the limits of the knowable. She did this by creating the manifest universe. This is very similar to what is said of the ‘Fallen’ Sophia, (a term we categorically reject): “that by her desire to know what lay beyond the limits of the knowable she had brought herself into a state of ignorance and formlessness.”  (1)  While the ‘Fallen Sophia’ is often said to be the Archetypal story of our souls, the True Holy Daughter did not ‘Fall’, She is Eternal Perfection. She is Supernal Purity. She is God. We are the ones who, at a time beyond times, desired to know and experience that which lay beyond Perfection, not the Holy Daughter.


As mentioned in a previous article, like the Holy Shekinah in Kabbalism, the Holy Daughter, Whom Janites call Kore or Kora, which means (Divine) Maid or Maiden, makes it possible for us to experience that which lies outside of Perfection by giving us our souls. As the soul allows the opposites of body and spirit to unite, the Shekinah plays this role for us.  She is the Soul of humanity. She has given a portion of Herself in order for each human to come into this world. (2).  And further:.  She has always stayed with us, wherever we were exiled or isolated or shut out, the Shekinah was always there in exile and isolation with us. And, like Sophia, the Holy Daughter is the Divine Spark within each of us.


As the Ruling and Sustaining Energy of Creation, we may certainly sense the Divine Kora’s (the Divine Maiden’s) underlying, flowing Presence through-out Nature; with the wind,  in a rippling lake or across a meadow blanketed with multi-hued wildflowers. But, She is not the wind or the lake or the meadow. As ArchMatrona Georgia so eloquently stated, She can garb Herself in anything. (3) She is able to garb Herself with the wind, in the lake or across the meadow, which is a beautiful reality.




In summary:

The Divine Kora does not take on material form. She does not incarnate either as a human being or as our Sister, the Earth. Rather, She is the Mother of our souls, She is the Mother of the Earth and She is the Divine Spark within our souls.

And as the ruling Energy of Creation, the Energy of Love, She may take on the garb of Nature, but the Holy Daughter gives it Form. Nature is not Her Form…..

She is the Form of Nature.


Litany of the Holy Daughter

Hail, Dea Filia, Divine Daughter God.

Hail, Sustainer of the Cosmos.

Hail, Princess of the Earth.

Hail, O, Queen Daughter.

Hail, Our High Priestess.

Hail, Divine Wisdom.

Hail, Pure Love.

Hail, Pure Form.

Hail, Supernal Moon.

Hail, Great Dove of the Waters.

Hail, Dove of Peace.

Hail, Holy Soul

Hail, Divine Spark.

Hail, Star of Hope.

Hail, Most Immanent.

Hail, Fountain of Grace.

Hail, Our Spiritual Wine.

Hail, Our Soteria.

Hail, Divine Lily.

Hail, Silver Light of the Forests.

Hail, O, First Light of Dawn.

We glorify you, we magnify you and we adore you.


May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.


ArchMadria Pamela Lanides

1) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sophia_(Gnosticism) (See under motive.

2) http://www.universalkabbalah.net/Shekina

3) https://deamatronablog.wordpress.com/2016/10/25/the-llc-understanding-of-divine-nature-and-human-nature/

Clarification: garb
3. outward appearance or form.
1585-95; < Middle French garbe graceful outline < Old Italian garbo grace < Germanic; compare Old High German garawen, Old English gearwian to prepare, adorn (see gar2), gear


Finger, Handbag, Trouser Pocket Rosary for Autumn Holy Trinity – Apples of Wisdom, Divine Life, Light & Love

Finger, Handbag, Trouser Pocket Rosary for Autumn Holy Trinity – Apples of Wisdom, Divine Life, Light & Love


Pendant 4 inches
Gemstone loop 6 inches


Construction and price:

Colours & Symbol:
The Great Mother: 5 petals of a darker purple dianthus
The Celestial Mother: 5 petals of lighter pink apple blossom
The World Soul Daughter: 5 pentacle star seed of the
Apple of Wisdom, green with leaf

inspired by ArchMadria Pamela’s post

All LIFE rests in potentiality, within Source or Absolute Deity, the Great Mother, Dea Matrona.
She Who is the ‘Bright Shimmering Darkness’ and the ‘Dark beyond the light and Light beyond the Darkness’ The Ground of all being. Dea is the first, and highest and only necessary “thing” [Intelligence/Spirit] that exists.
Dea Matrona emanated / “breathed out” the Matrix & Creatrix, Dea Matrea, Celestial Mother Mari.


The seed, containing the blueprint and essence of the life of the Apple Tree, is symbolic of the Matrix & Creatrix, Dea Matrea, Celestial Mother Mari, Who, Herself, contains the Supernal Blueprint and ESSENCE of the Tree of Life.
She gathers from Source or Absolute Deity, the Great Mother, the seeds containing the Essence of Life and She births [emanates] them into material manifestation. Therefore, the Holy Mother Mari is, for us: Dea, Apple of Wisdom.


The outer apple represents the material manifestation of Creation. The inner spiritual seeds containing the Essence of Life, taken together with the outer apple of material manifestation represent the two Threads of the Spiritual and the Material being woven together to create All Being, FORM, which is exactly what Divine Soul Di Jana, Apple of Wisdom, signifies.



Collage of my Pendant idea

1. Holy Trinity Pendant

in English White Oak wood (Janya Lady Justina / Thema pronounced Thay-ma correspondences)
with artwork collage, I am commissioning pendants from Madria Erin’s source:


2. Apple beads x3 in Mashan Jade (Dyed Apple Green Marble)

10mm x3 (41 beads) £3.73 1/2 pence  https://www.beadshopuk.com 0.09 pence each x 3 = 0.27  pence

The healing properties of Marble is used as a cleanser which is beneficial for the blood, skin and systems that help cleanse the body such as the lymphatic, digestive system and integumentary system. Metaphysically this stone is beneficial for clarity during tantric activities and meditative states. It aids strength of self control and mastery of thought. It improves total recall of dreams and provides protection, stability and structure of one’s physical, emotional and spiritual facets.

3. three seed beads in clear rock crystal quartz

8mm (6 beads) 0.99 pence http://www.charming-beads.co.uk 0.1 1/2 pence each = 0.99 pence

Its name derives from the Ancient Greek “krustallos” meaning ice because they believed that quartz was ice that never melted because it was formed by the gods.

Properties – Believed to be the most powerful healing and energy amplifier. It absorbs, stores and releases energy and is excellent for unblocking.

4. “septade” 4x (Earth) beads in Dark Blue Dyed Jade

10mm (38 beads) £4.48 1/2 pence  http://www.beadshopuk.com 0.12 pence each x 4 = 0.47 pence

5. “septade” 3x (Heaven) beads in Purple Dyed Jade

8mm (10 beads) £2.96 https://www.beadshopuk.com 0.29 1/2 pence each x 3 = 0.88 1/2 pence

Jade is known as the “heart” stone as it enhances all aspects of love, is also known as the stone that brings abundance and is also known as stone for bringing emotional balance and stability. Jade is also known to give self reliance and confidence. is known also for its protective qualities especially with children with illnesses. Jade comes in many shades of green. Jade is more known in ancient times for its toughness. Jade may also come in shades of grey, white, black, yellow or orange or even violet tones.

Type C Jade: This refers to jade that has been color enhanced (to be blunt, dyed). Jade is a porous stone so it is easy and inexpensive to dye. A variety of methods can be used – from sophisticated polymers to as simple as boiling the jade in dyed water. Most bright green jade and purple jade is the result of dye, but clever sneaky jade dealers are also dying the color so that it is subtle and mottled – just slightly better than it was – so that it looks more natural.

Jade Imitations
These are materials that look like jade (sometimes extremely convincingly!) but are not at all jade – not even remotely related to it.
Dyed polycrystalline quartz (aka dyed chalcedony): This is very convincing because it has the same granular-looking translucence as jade (even with a microscope!). You can tell the
difference sometimes because the quartz will take on a higher polish than the jade (vitreous luster vs. waxy luster)
Hydrogrossular garnet

Read More http://www.shopgemstones.com/how-to-tell-if-jade-is-real-or-

Bracelet total cost: £17.61 1/2 pence



Photograph of finished pendant from Moonscraft


1. Triad of Mother God

Deae Matres [pronounced DEE-uh MOT-rays] (or Deae Matronae), throughout northern Europe more generally known as the Matres or Matrones.

Copywrite of the Matriarch of the Janite Deanic Ekklasia, ArchMadria (Bishop) Pamela

(Adapted/Shortened version)

Psalm 12: Sweet is the Fruit of Your Wisdom

Dea, Sweet is the Fruit of Your Wisdom,
profound is the Mystery contained therein.
Astonished am I, to find the secrets of the vast cosmos
hidden within the tiniest seed of life.
Overjoyed am I, to taste of its knowledge;
the surety of its faith uplifts me.
I will contemplate the Real of the Above
hidden within the seed of the Below.
Everything, in its Season, must be.


2. Apple beads x3 in Mashan Jade (Dyed Apple Green Marble)

(I made these three up, adapted from ArchMadria Pamela)

O, Dea, Apple of Wisdom,

we thank You, we bless You and we adore You.
For through Your everlasting life,
we are protected by the Veiled Stillness at the Centre of All.
The Heavenly Mother and the Divine Soul Daughter
find Their Completion in You.
O, Great Mother, Dark beyond the light and Light beyond the darkness.
O, Great Mother, You are the Wise Apple of our source, Life.
O, Dea, Apple of Wisdom, be with us.

O, Dea, Apple of Wisdom,

we thank You, we bless You and we adore You.
For through Your resplendent light,
we are warmed by the certainty of Your Unconditional Love.
Divine Soul Daughter was sent by You, so all creation would be saved.
O, Heavenly Mother, illuminating Holy Light, splendid Essence of Purity.
O, Heavenly Mother, You are the Wise Apple of our life lived in Spirit.
O, Dea, Apple of Wisdom, be with us.

O, Dea, Apple of Wisdom,

we thank You, we bless You and we adore You.
For through Your perfect mediation of Spirit and Soul to form,
we are elevated by the Holy Love of Your Pure Divinity in all the worlds.
O, Divine Soul Daughter whose Gentle Light guides and sustains all.
O, Divine Soul Daughter, You are High Priestess and Divine Gate to Spirit.
O, Divine Soul Daughter, You are the Wise Apple of our soul seeking Spirit.
O, Dea, Apple of Wisdom, be with us.



My finished portable seasonal Rosary for Autumn

3. three seed beads in clear rock crystal quartz

I cannot decide between these two, although I may go for the simpler option 1 to start with!

Option 1
1). Eternal is the Life of the Great Mother. We thank You. we bless You, we adore You.
2). Eternal is the Light of the Heavenly Mother. We thank You. we bless You, we adore You.
3). Eternal is the Love of the Divine Soul Daughter. We thank You. we bless You, we adore You.


Option 2
(I made this up, adapted from ArchMadria Pamela)
1). Hail, Deantha Vespera: Divine Flower of the Evening, Life & Source of All, be with us.
2). Hail, Sapientes Pomum Flores Coeli: Wise Apple Flower of Heaven of the Noon-tide, Light & Essence of Creation, be with us.
3). Hail, Pomum Aurora: Apple Fruit of the Dawn, Love & Soul of the World, be with us.


4. seven “septade” beads

in the Liturgical colours of Janya Lady Justina of Dyed Dark Blue Jade 10mm (4 beads for the 4 Janyati of the manifest planes) and Dyed Purple Jade 8mm (3 beads for the Janyati of Spirit).

Option 1

From The Seven Jeweled Rays
Copywrite of the Matriarch of the Janite Deanic Ekklasia, ArchMadria (Bishop) Pamela


Justina meaning Just, Righteous.

I am Justina, the Blue Ray of Justice. I am the Natural Law of the Cosmos.
The Four-Fold Earth is where I reign and it is Earth that I guard.
Come to me when you are in need of truth and fairness and I will defend you with all my might.
Learn of me the Jade Stones of Order and Harmony and your Path shall be made clear.
If you are in need of material sustenance, you shall never go without.
Lean on me in times of trial and I shall heed your cry.
I am Justina.


Option 2
4 x Dyed Dark Blue Jade beads as above in Option 1
3 x Dyed Purple Jade beads beads for the 3 Janyas of Spirit

Hail, Three in One Dea, Life, Light & Love Divine & Apple of Wisdom. Glory be to Thee.
Blessed art Thou, Glorious is the Eternity of She, who is, Blessed is She.
Divine Madria Dea, bless us, Thy children, now and always and forever.


5. three seed beads in clear crystal

I cannot decide between these two, although I may go for the simpler option 1 to start with!

Option 1
1). Eternal is the Life of the Great Mother. We thank You. we bless You, we adore You.
2). Eternal is the Light of the Heavenly Mother. We thank You. we bless You, we adore You.
3). Eternal is the Love of the Divine Soul Daughter. We thank You. we bless You, we adore You.


Option 2
(I made this up, adapted from ArchMadria Pamela)
1). Hail, Deantha Vespera: Divine Flower of the Evening, Life & Source of All, be with us.
2). Hail, Sapientes Pomum Flores Coeli: Wise Apple Flower of Heaven of the Noon-tide, Light & Essence of Creation, be with us.
3). Hail, Pomum Aurora: Apple Fruit of the Dawn, Love & Soul of the World, be with us.

Di Jana companion on our soul path

Di Jana companion on our soul path

During the Sacred Season of Winter, Madria Dea manifests onto the manifest planes as World Soul Di Jana, (Di Jah-na), bringing Holy Hope and Divine Unconditional Love to all wandering souls. For Clan Jana, the Holy Daughter is the Divine Gate of Gentle Light through Whom we find our way back to Union in Perfection. She is Divine. She is God in Her Earthly Form. (Some are not sure of the Trinity and see the Daughter as the Mother’s actions in these worlds.)

During the Sacred Season of Moura, Di Jana suffers in Her descent through the lower vibrational levels and searches for all lost souls, She is our Soteria and  Parakleton (see note).

During the Sacred Season of Spring, Di Jana triumphs in spreading Heaven’s harmony, as Princess of the World, She guides and teaches us how to pray and commune with Dea during rites as Priestess of the World and leads awakened souls back through the Gateway to Perfect Re-Union with Perfect Love, as Queen of Heaven.

The Feast of Coronation / Exaltation of Di Jana as Queen of Heaven – Regina Coeli shows those of us on the manifest planes that we shall follow the World Soul into Heavenly Spirit (Mother Mari, Supernal Sun, Divine Life, Love and Perfection.)

soul as a dove

Soul as a dove

The Way of Love

Heaven, Perfection, the Pleroma, Perfect Union with Deity or however one thinks of our true home is the highest level of Being for all and we all traverse our Sacred Paths, Paths that are life, the life of Life, Herself, within Her Body (and so we are never separate from Her). We each have an eternity to pass from limitation, the illusion of separateness and the divisions of evil and suffering to the State of perfect union within eternal and infinite harmony.


Each individual soul is eternally unique. Each is an expression of Dea. All souls must tread their own Path, but all are part of the One Life, Light and Love which are Divine Being, Divine Energy and Divine Harmony. Our only guiding Principle is That which is She. When we search for our path, we search for our life, for our life is our path and our path is our life.


This path is the process of magnification or, as it is also widely known, deification. It is the process by which each particle of Her Body or, as our True Selves are known in Gnosticism, each spark of Her Spirit, finds their way back Home. The Sacred Moments (aka enlightenment) of each being marks the Completion of Her Will and is the Moment that is eternal and It’s potency and greatness are infinite.

How do we reach our individual Sacred Moment? We reach it by choosing the Way of Love. Each choice we make either leads us further up the Path of the Spiraling Staircase towards Dea or it takes us down a step or two away from Her. Each and every choice of thought, word and action within each moment of every day leads us either towards Perfect Union within Dea or deeper down into limited existence. The choice is always ours to make.


The Way of Love is the simplest way of all and yet, it is the richest and the most profound. “The prime consideration is that love governs your all, love for She, love of yourself, love for every soul and creature and thing, for all are Her’s— the Way of Love”.


“The Way of Love is our guiding Rule, by She, gently, in the dignity, gracefulness and strength of love, increasingly strive that Love be the source and quality of your every thought, word and act, that you be filled with love and send forth only intentions formed by love, that love be the air you breathe and ever the whole of you, for this is the way you shall return to Love Herself, even to the perfect Union with She Who is Mother of All, the Holy One and the Way of Love is the perfect knowledge that leads to Perfect Love. Blessed is She.”


Our souls are our spirits wrapped in karma. Each soul is bound by karma or moira. Karma or moira only dissolves when the soul walks the Way of Love. This is not an easy path. It demands of us the daily practice of the Supernal Virtues of the Seven Great Genaie.


The awakened soul understands that Love is All and that there is truly nothing that is outside of the All of Love. The Prime Essence of All Being is Love and therefore, with each and every one of us, the whole of our being must also become Love in order to eternally join with Love. It is not enough to live in love, we must become love. Once the soul becomes love, karma or moura dissolves; we are freed from all suffering and hardship and we become one with Love, Herself.


Once every being has reached the Eternal State of Pure Love, then will all worlds, all realms be wholly perfect, though this process takes a vast amount of aeons.


Dea allowed us to come here of our own free will. The Path of Return is that of the all consuming Love of Her fiery Rose Heart whose spark is within the temple of our own hearts, the temple of which is in the form of a rose. The Path of Return is the Path of Love.


May the Holy Mother bless you,

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides



From παρά ‎(pará, “beside”) + κλητος ‎(klētos, “called, invited [one]”)

(5th BC Attic): IPA: /paráklɛ͜ɛtos/
(1st BC Egyptian): IPA: /parákleːtos/
(4th AD Koine): IPA: /paráklitos/
(10th AD Byzantine): IPA: /paráklitos/
(15th AD Constantinopolitan): IPA: /paɾáklitos/
παράκλητος • ‎(paráklētos) m, f ‎(neuter παράκλητον); second declension

Called to aid, helping
(substantive) legal assistant, advocate
(substantive) One of who speaks on behalf: mediator, intercessor
(substantive) comforter, helper

Di Jana as Princess of the World

Di Jana as Princess of the World

Spiritual Guide and Tutor in how to live a Spiritual Life on the manifest planes (all worlds).

Di Jana Princess of the World

Di Jana as Soul of the World, descended (Her Holiness suffered in ways beyond our knowing) and gathered souls from every plane of manifestation, even from the lowest depths of Hell. She remained upon the manifest planes, and taught and governed in such a manner that all children of Dea may live in the manifest planes by the Spirit’s Divine Light and we may follow Her Holiness and tread the pathways to Heaven.

Vladimir Suvorov

Artist: Vladimir Suvorov

If our soul requires further training / advancement to achieve Perfect Love and Union then we rest for a short time in Di Jana’s Paradise, a Heavenly World of Her Love, the Western Isle, or Abalon: Old Celtic form of Avalon which means land of apples.

Glossary of Clan Jana
In ancient Rome, Diva Jana or Di-Jana also means Divine Gate. For Clan Jana, the Holy Daughter is the Divine Gate of Gentle Light through Whom we find our way back to Union in Perfection. In this way, She is considered Soteria, Saviouress.

Appropriate Scripture and Psalm

Free download: https://theahaus.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/fulltext-of-ncuv.pdf
(with thanks to Glenn King)

July 2012
The Filianic Scriptures, New Celestial Union
Version (Second Edition, Third Update)

More Scripture relating to the Holy Daughter as Princess of the World

See also Day of Maia

25 Verses
Title 1, Chapter 10
Chapter 10

4. …And She showed them how to offer sacrifice to the Mother of All Things. 5. And She said, “When the time has come for Me to go from you, I shall still be with You and shall never leave you, not for one fragment of an hour until we are together in completion. 6. But I shall unite you all who love Me in one great soul; [replacing “body” as Di Jana does not have a body] 7. the highest and the lowest, the living and the dead, those who falter at the door, and those who have climbed to the highest tower, all shall be one in My soul [replacing “body” as Di Jana does not have a body] which I have given to the world, and all shall be nourished by My Spirit.”
8. And they did not understand Her, but only wept that She must leave them. And She spoke no more of this, but taught them, and revealed many hidden things, such as though they may fill a hundred books.



The “Filianic texts,” in the Title 3 are so called since these are teachings written in a form of the Daughter of Thea speaking to us.

Verses are cited in the format of “title:chapter:verse,” like “1:3:9,” for instance, which points to the third chapter of the Holy Mythos (title 1), ninth verse

Title 3. Filianic Texts, or the collected sayings of the Daughter of Thea [308 verses]

Title 3, Chapter 1

Title 3, Chapter 2.

Title 3, Chapter 3

Title 3, Chapter 4

Title 3, Chapter 5

Title 3, Chapter 6

Title 3, Chapter 7

Title 3, Chapter 8

Title 3, Chapter 9

Illustration from The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald. (1920)

Illustration from The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald. (1920)

Psalms to Thea

The explaination of his adaption from the 13th century Marian Psalter.
by Glenn King

As of now I call this group of psalms simply The Psalms of Thea. Check this

PSALM 118F – How Have I Loved Your Law

How have I loved your law, O Lady? It is forever in my sight.
The abundance of your love has drawn my heart out of me:
And my flesh has wonderfully rejoiced in thee.
How sweet are your words, O Lady,
above all song they are precious to my ears.
Your words are light to my steps: and illumination to my paths.
How often have my sins conquered me?
But because I will not stray from your love I will be redeemed.
In you, O Lady have I hoped.

with many thanks to Glenn King