International Women’s Day March 8th

International Women’s Day March 8th

Poster International Women's Day 2014 by Giovannina Colalillo

Poster International Women’s Day 2014 by Giovannina Colalillo

International Women’s Day has been held on 8 March every year since 1913, and has been recognised by the United Nations since 1975.

The UN says it’s a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities.

The theme of this year’s day is “Planet 50-50 by 2030” – aiming to achieve global equality in areas such as education and end all forms of discrimination.


The symbol used for women, the circle above the cross is the astronomical symbol for the planet Venus which shows Venus’ hand mirror very similar to the ankh sign.

“The written symbols for Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn have been traced to forms found in late Greek papyri.
According to A. S. D. Maunder, antecedents of the planetary symbols were used in art to represent the gods associated with the classical planets; Bianchini’s planisphere, produced in the 2nd century, shows Greek personifications of planetary gods charged with early versions of the planetary symbols: … Venus has, attached to her necklace, a cord connected to another necklace…”


The Ankh

The ankh, also known as breath of life, the key of the Nile or crux ansata (Latin meaning “cross with a handle”), was the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic character that read “life”, a triliteral sign for the consonants Ayin-Nun-Het.

The literal meaning is Eternal Life.

The origin of the symbol remains a mystery to Egyptologists, and no single hypothesis has been widely accepted.
E. A. Wallis Budge postulated that the symbol originated as the belt buckle of the mother goddess Isis,[4] an idea joined by Wolfhart Westendorf[citation needed] with the notion that both the ankh and the knot of Isis were used in many ceremonies.

The ankh symbol was so prevalent that it has been found in digs as far as Mesopotamia and Persia, and even on the seal of the biblical king Hezekiah.

A symbol similar to the ankh appears frequently in Minoan and Mycenaean sites[where?]. This is a combination of the sacral knot (symbol of holiness) with the double-edged axe (symbol of matriarchy)[7] but it can be better compared with the Egyptian tyet which is similar.

The ankh also appeared frequently in coins from ancient Cyprus and Asia Minor (particularly the city of Mallus in Cilicia).[10] In some cases, especially with the early coinage of King Euelthon of Salamis, the letter ku, from the Cypriot syllabary, appeared within the circle ankh, representing Ku(prion) (Cypriots). To this day, the ankh is also used to represent the planet Venus (the namesake of which, the goddess Venus or Aphrodite, was chiefly worshipped on the island) and the metal copper (the heavy mining of which gave Cyprus its name).

Coptic Christians preserved the shape of the ankh by sometimes representing the Christian cross with a circle in place of the upper bar. This is known as the Coptic ankh or crux ansata.


My life partner wears his ankh to symbolise the feminine Cosmic energy from which everything derives.


Vintage Egyptian Ankh

Egyptian Ankh Pendant


Canticle of the Great Mother, She Who Is.

Copywrite of the Matriarch of the Janite Deanic Ekklasia, ArchMadria (Bishop) Pamela

O, Great Mother, Divine Bliss, Nature of Conscious Life,

Through Your Luminous Darkness; all symbols are revealed,

Through Your Shimmering Brightness; all secrets are unsealed.

O, Great Mother, Divine Joy, Matrix of Cosmic Light,

Through Your Sheltering Mantle; our true souls are guarded,

Through Your Fiery Rose Heart; our spirits are warded.

O, Great Mother, Divine Peace, Dawning of Purest Love,

Through Your onrushing Waters; all Graces are streaming,

Through Your out-pouring Essence; all Mercies are teeming.

O, Great Mother, Divine Force, Prism of Silver Rays,

Through Your Radiant Stillness; all Colors are living.

Through Your Supernal Glory; all Geniae are giving.

O, Great Mother, Divine Bliss, Nature of Conscious Life,

Through Your Luminous Darkness; all symbols are revealed,

Through Your Shimmering Brightness; all secrets are unsealed.

Blessed is She.