Eastre A truly lovely time by Madrina Dini of Deanic Tradition Pantheacraft (All Thea Craft)

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I had a truly wonderful two days of Eastre with my family. Yesterday morning I decorated my hestia with Eastre decoration and flowers; luckily my husband, who works shifts, was available in the afternoon; so when we had collected our son from school, he had an eastre-egg and eastre-bunny treasure hunt in our home – then we all had cake and chocolate eggs 🙂
Today I served the Rite of Sacrifice in the morning after school run.
What does not come across in a blog-post is how absolutely delightful these two days have been – how happy and elated all three of us have felt, how we enjoyed the decoration, the special time together – the sense of great joy and hope – feeling so blessed! My husband and son are absolute darlings at any time – they so enjoy the natural spiritual aspect of our religion. Even without participation in religious rites or prayers – they love being part of a Deanic hestia 🙂


Madrina Dini Pantheacraft

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28 Moura / 19 March A Somber Sunday 2017

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Moura Fora Purple

It is the day when we commemorate the Divine Shattering of the Soul of the Holy Daughter.

Even though it is Sunnadi, there should be no liturgy or Rite of Sacrifice served. It is a somber, quiet day. We should be mindful of the suffering that the Holy Daughter endured during Her painful Descent down through the realms. We should contemplate Her Sacrificial Shattering which gave us our souls.


For all of us, even those who might have to work,  there should be time spent in the reading of scripture, quiet meditation and prayer. We should also veil (even if it is simply a wide headband/Alice band or a bandana scarf, which, I didn’t realize there was such a variety of styles until I did an image search of them! ).

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides

It is with great joy that I make two announcements:


(ringing bells for major announcement).

14 Moura/March 5


It is with great joy that I make two announcements:

First, our own Sorella Sophia Ruth has chosen to become ordained as a Janite deaconess during the holy month of Columbina! Let us keep her in our prayers as she prepares to be marked forever in the service of the Holy One, Madria Dea. As a deaconess, her title will be Madrina.

Please note: Each title of our clergy honors a Member of the Divine Feminine Trinity:

A madrina (which means godmother/guardian mother) is a deaconess who represents the Holy Daughter, She Who is the Queen of Heaven, Dea Filia.

A madria, (madria means mother), is a priestess who represents the Celestial Mother, She Who is the High Queen of Heaven, Dea Madria.

An ArchMadria is an high priestess/bishop who represents the Great Mother, She Who is the Empress of Heaven, Dea Matrona.

Sorella Sophia Ruth will serve as a deaconess for a year and a day, after which, she may be ordained as a priestess, if that is her desire according to her Soul Path.

O, Madria Candra, Matroness of the priestesshood, be with her, guide her and strengthen her in the service of Our Lady, blessed is She.


It is also with tremendous joy and gratitude that we welcome back into Her service, Madrina Dini Pantheacraft. Madrina Dini has taken time away to complete her studies in the Shakti path, in addition to other spiritual studies, and will have much to teach us, I’m sure. The Shakti Tradition is one of the four main denominations, or schools, of Hinduism. Shaktism is devoted to the Divine Feminine Trinity as being Supreme without denying the Divine Masculine. The Deanic Faith might be considered the Shaktism of the West, once it is fully developed over time. Madrina Dini plans to develop a Pantheacraft Tradition of Deanism.

Welcome back, Madrina! Many blessings of Dea be upon you!

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides


Daughter’s Day 2016: Congratulations ArchMadria Kathi!

Daughter’s Day 2016:
Congratulations ArchMadria Kathi!

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Fora of faith

On this Daughter’s Day, 2016, we announce with great joy that Kathi B. has been elevated, through solemn ceremony, to the office of bishop.

Congratulations, ArchMadria Kathi! Many blessings and many years to you!

Thank you, ArchMadria; I truly appreciate all you have done for me and I will keep you and everyone in my prayers.