Prayers to The Great Mother

The Great Mother / Absolute Deity / Dea Matrona / Mysteria / Deam Mysterium

Ground of All Being, Ultimate Source, the Supreme Being, Gnostic Monas, the Great Provider, the abundance of the Cosmos.
She is the original Fountain, the Great Cosmic River, from which all else flows.
She is not so wholly transcendent that She is not also with me as I am in Her. We may describe what She is not and we may also describe what She is, as far as our finite minds are capable.

The Litany of the Great Mother


Seasonal to the sacred month and season of Moura:

Janite Psalms for private use only

Psalm 9: O, Veiled Fora of Faith

O, Veiled Fora of Faith,
You are the Still Centre of All Being.
You are the Luminosity of Darkness.
You are the Wellspring of the Rivers of Life.
You are the Tabernacle of Divinity.
O, Veiled Fora of Faith, be with us.

Psalm 14: O, Great Mother.

O, Great Mother,
Dark beyond the light and Light beyond the Darkness,
powerful are Your ways and great is Your Mystery.
Through the shimmering veil, we glimpse you not.
In the Still Point of the Centre, do You reside.
The Grace of All Life pours forth from the Fountainhead of Your very Being.
Source of the Four Great Rivers, You are beyond all knowing.
The Celestial Mother and the Holy Daughter find Their Completion in You.
O, Great Mother,
Dark beyond the light and Light beyond the Darkness, may all Blessings Be.


Copywrite of the Matriarch of the Janite Deanic Ekklasia, ArchMadria (Bishop) Pamela


O, Dea, Fora of Faith,

we thank You, we bless You and we adore You.
For through Your everlasting life, we are infused with Your luminous Graces
and are protected by the Veiled Stillness at the Centre of All. O, Great Mother,
You are the steadfast Fora of our return to Spirit.
O, Dea, Fora of Faith, be with us.

I adapted this from ArchMadria Pamela.
Sophia Ruth


Evening Prayers:

Hail, Deantha Vespera: Divine Flower of the Evening, Life & Source of All, be with us.


Divine Flower of the Dusk, Lamp of Evening Star,

May your Torches light the path through the dark’ning hour

May your Golden Keys unlock Myst’ries of Dark Light

Keep us Saviour free from harm until Dawn shines bright

Wisdom’s Day, 12 Maia (27 May) 2015 CE

By: ArchMatrona Georgia Rosenhearth Bonnie-Fire
of the Lucienne Tradition


Other Prayers:

Her Emperial Majesty,
Empress of the Cosmos, beyond, before, All Things
Life of All Eternity,
Blessed is She.


Hail, Mysteria, Fount of Life, Glory be to Thee. Blessed art Thou, O, Empress of the Cosmos bless us, Thy children, now and unto the ages of ages.


Eternal is the Life of the Great Mother. We thank You. we bless You, we adore You.


O Great Mystery
Veiled Origin of Eternity
The First Principle
And the Final Cause
It is you who gives life,
And you who gives death
That we may have life anew
To guide our souls through profane realms.
O Great One,
Darkness who births the Light,
Mother of our Mother,
We praise You.
Thus may it remain.

Madria Erin of The Auroran Tradition of the Deanic Faith
Prayer from her previous blog:


Seasonal to the sacred season of Autumn

O, Dea, Apple of Wisdom,

we thank You, we bless You and we adore You.
For through Your everlasting life,
we are protected by the Veiled Stillness at the Centre of All.
The Heavenly Mother and the Divine Soul Daughter
find Their Completion in You.
O, Great Mother, Dark beyond the light and Light beyond the darkness.
O, Great Mother, You are the Wise Apple of our source, Life.
O, Dea, Apple of Wisdom, be with us.

I adapted from ArchMadria Pamela.
Sophia Ruth

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A Janya who reflects The Great Mother:

Madrian – Rhea (Ree Ah),

Janite – Madria Rhea, (I simplify this to Lady Rhaya)


O, Madria Rhea, Jana of Steadfastness, Temperance and Self-restraint, be with us.

Daily Prayer (add to the Mantra:)

May the Pure Stream of your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.

The Verses of The Seven Streams
The Seven Jeweled Rays
Lady Rhaya

I am Rhaya, the Indigo Ray of Steadfastness. I am the Fore-bearing Stream of the Supernal Cosmos.

The Three-Fold Heaven is where I reign and it is Spirit that I guard.

Come to me when you are in need of fortitude and resolve and I shall grant you strength of will.

Learn of me the Lapis of Temperance and Self-restraint and you shall conquer the world.

Whenever you are filled with self-doubt, I shall inspire you with confidence and earnestness.

If fear diminishes determination, I shall inspire you with perseverance and certainty of purpose and never lead you astray.

I am Rhaya.

Copywrite of the Matriarch of the Janite Deanic Ekklasia, ArchMadria (Bishop) Pamela

Feast Day, Correspondences, Prayer

Madria Erin – Lady Constance,

Theanic: Aset Melanae / Melanae / Melanay,

Aristasian – Rhave (Rah vay).


Rose Petals: A Filianic Psalter by Brythwen Sinclair

Deum Mysterium, Secret One who dwells in all
(page 65)

Deum Mysterium, You who are beyond all forms
(page 66)

Compline, Dusk/upon retiring
(page 124)

Can be purchased here:
E book:

Prayer to Madria Vicka

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ArchMadria Pamela Lanides


Prayer to Madria Vicka

O, Madria Vicka,
Guardian of Fire and admirable Defender of the Clans,
deliver us from all negativity, we pray.
O, Holy Protectress,
guide us away from the deceptions of those who would do us harm.
O, courageous and mighty arm of Dea, vanquish all evil;
protect our planet and all of her inhabitants.
May we live in peace; may we honor all the living
and may we serve Dea
in all unity, in all worlds and for all time.
Blessed is She.

About the Silver Star of the Waters Prayer

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ArchMadria Pamela Lanides

About the Silver Star of the Waters Prayer

I would like to take a moment to explain the recent changes in the Silver Star of the Waters prayer. This prayer is very basic to our Faith. It is to the Janite Deanic religion, what the Our Father is to Christianity. It is our most sacred prayer.


The original prayer:

Silver Star of the Waters, that have laughed all the world into being, beyond all knowing is the splendour of Your Light. Enfold my spirit in Your Mighty Hand, that the Pure Stream of Your Force may flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come. 

This image is based upon Yogananda’s description that the devotee experiences at the spiritual eye.

Silver Star of the Waters, that have laughed all the world into being: this verse comes directly from scripture, from the Mythos of Creation. And yes, we believe that Dea created the Cosmos through Pure Joy, from the laughter of Her Heart. But further, The Janites and the LLC teach that Dea created the Cosmos through the Divine Song or the Oran Mor, which means the Divine Song of Creation . And so, laughed would also rightly be sung. However, we chose fashioned for the prayer to indicate that Dea not only sung creation into being, She designed it using the cunning of Her hands which gave shape to each fragment. 5) and Her hands knew cunning. 6) And She stretched forth Her hands and gave a shape to each fragment and no one was like any other. (The Mythos of Creation, Chapter I verses 4-6).



While Mighty Hand certainly expresses the Power and Might of Dea, Her Mantle of Protection is a much more potent, feminine and significant form of imagery taken from within both our scriptures and our Faith.

1) You, that are weary with the world, you that are lonely, you that have suffered hardship, that have suffered hurt, come, gather about Me and be you enfolded in My Mantle.

2) In the inner silence you shall hear Me and in the inner darkness, shall you see Me.

3) And the future shall be better than the past. 

4) Come, seek protection in My mantle, for I have turned no creature from Me; be you sheltered in the folds of My garment.

5) For the ills of the world shall pass away, even as the terrors of the night.

6) And the dawn shall be bright with splendour and sweet with the singing of blessed souls.

7) And I shall by your comfort in the darkness. The Mantle, verses 1-7).


And finally, while the Pure Stream of Force means Energy or Grace, for some, it seemed to convey coercion or compulsion. For the Divine Feminine religion, Grace is a beautiful translation for Streams of Force or Divine Energy.

And so we have our final form:

Silver Star of the Waters, Who has fashioned all the world into being, beyond all knowing is the Splendour of Your Light. Enfold my spirit, within your Mighty Mantle and may the Pure Stream of Your Grace flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come. Blessed is She.


ArchMadria Pamela Lanides


Note: This prayer is the first one that I learnt and loved as a Madrian. It is wonderful to have a relevant version to my Janite Deanic Faith now.

The Royal Titles for the Trinity

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The Royal Titles for the Trinity


14 Abalon/Sept. 18

(Sunnadi is, of course, the day of the Sun. The Sun symbolizes the Bright Light of the Celestial Mother. It is also the symbol of Madria Theia. Madria Theia represents the Holy Mother and rules over this day.)


O, Madria Theia, Janya of Illumination, Joy and Benevolence. Be with us. May the Pure Stream of your Virtues flow within me, into this world and in all the worlds to come.


As we know, the Divine Feminine Trinity preceded the Christian Trinity by aeons.

Hekate Soteria Hekate


maxresdefault  Sophia

brigitflame  Brighid

bfffe151cf6aefb1901e5570c050878e  Triple Goddess of Hinduism.

For Janite Deanists, (Day-an-ists) the Divine Feminine Trinity is Dea Madria/Mother God; Dea Filia/Daughter God and Dea Matrona/Great Mother God. Each, in our Tradition, has a royal title (1):

The Holy Daughter has three Royal/Priestly titles:


The Holy Daughter is Princess of the Earth.

24) And the Genia (Janya) said: It is good that you bring your crown, for you are a great princess, but the Holy Child shall be Princess of all the World. (The Mythos of the Divine Maid, Chap. II verse 24.)

…1) To You I give the governance of all these things. 2) You shall command the movements of the waters and the wind shall be Your servant. 3) The seasons of the Earth shall You control and all the times and seasons in the lives of My creatures. 4) Every soul on Earth and in the Heavens shall be given into Your care and the highest stars of the firmament shall know You as their Sovereign….  6) And the Maid ruled over all the world... (The Mythos of the Divine Maid, Chap. II verses 1-6.)

This is reminiscent of both Persephone, who governs the Seasons and of Daughter Sophia, Who is the World Soul and governs Creation.

In Chapter II, the Genia/Janya continues to explain that the Holy Child, like the Goddess Sophia, is the Daughter of Wisdom. ( Lower Sophia is the Daughter of the Barbelo, Who is Higher Sophia, Wisdom, Herself.)

Sophia Come, eat of My Bread and Drink of the Wine I have mixed. These are the words of Wisdom/Sophia as found in Proverbs 9/5.

The Holy Daughter is Priestess of Heaven [mediating to the World]:

30) And the Genia/Janya said: It is good that you bring your crown, for you are a true and loving priestess and a servant of your people, but the Holy Child shall be Priestess of all the world and shall serve Her children even to the last and greatest service. (Mythos of the Divine Maid chapter 2 verse 30.)

16: And She stood at the great Altar and took up a wheaten loaf (for full text see Mythos of the Divine Maid, chapter Seven verses 16- 24.)


The Holy Daughter is Queen of Heaven.

10) And the children of Heaven greeted Her, crying: Hail, Princess of the World; Hail, Queen of Heaven. And they placed a crown of stars about Her head. 11) And the blue night was Her cloak and the stars of the sky, the crown about Her head and the moon lay at Her feet. And they cried again: Hail, Queen of Heaven. (Mythos of the Divine Maid chapter seven verses 10 and 11.)

(We have three versions of the Traditional main prayer to the Divine Feminine in the West, the Hail, Mary. The words are basically the same for each Person of the Trinity, which illustrates that Dea is One. The Hail, Anna version reflects the fact that the Holy Daughter is both Daughter of the Mother and Mother to us all.)

Hail, Anna, [Jana] Fount of Grace, Glory be to Thee. Blessed art Thou, O, Queen of Heaven and Blessed is Thy Beloved Mother. Holy Dea, Daughter God, bless us, Thy children, now and unto the ages of ages. Amen. [‘so be it’]


The Celestial Mother is the Mistress of all Things and from Her flow the Seven Rivers of Life (the Janati and their Powers/Virtues).

1) Before and beyond all things is the Mistress of All things, and when nothing was, She was. (The Creation, Chapter 1 verse 1.)


In Janite Tradition, the Celestial Mother is the High Queen.

Hail, Mari, Fount of Grace, Glory be to Thee. Blessed art Thou, O, High Queen of Heaven and blessed is Thy beloved Daughter. Holy Dea, Mother God, bless us, Thy children, now and unto the ages of ages. Amen. [‘so be it’]


In Janite Tradition, the Great Mother (equal to the Barbelo) is the Empress.

Hail, Mysteria, Fount of Grace, Glory be to Thee. Blessed art Thou, O, Empress of Heaven and blessed are the Beloved Mother and Daughter. Holy Dea, Great Mother God, bless us, Thy children, now and unto the ages of ages. Amen. [‘so be it’]


And so, the Holy Daughter is the Queen of Heaven; the Celestial Mother is the High Queen of Heaven and the Great Mother is the Empress of Heaven. Together, they are One. Blessed is She.


Eternal is the Light of the Mother.

Eternal is the Love of the Daughter.

Eternal is the Life of the Great Mother.

Glorious is the Eternity of Dea.


May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.


ArchMatrona Pamela Lanides

  1. Many thanks to the guidance of ArchMatrona Georgia E. B. Cobb of the Lady of Light Chantry.
Please Note: I have added clarifications within brackets [ ] for myself.

Prayer to Lady Vicka

Prayer to Lady Vicka


Nike by jlneveloff

O, Lady Vicka, Guardian of Fire and admirable Defender of Ekklesia, deliver us from all negativity, we pray.
O, holy Protectress, guide us away from the deceptions of the those who would do us harm.
O, courageous and mighty arm of Dea, vanquish all evil, protect our planet and all of her inhabitants.
May we live in peace, may we honor all the living and may we serve Dia in all unity, in all worlds and for all time. Blessed is She.

The 3 Sunna Adorations – modern

The 3 Sunna Adorations – modern

Extract from a longer praise poem including a verse to “the House of Mundilfari” and one to “Mani” the Moon God.

by Sophie Reicher

Summer psalm
To be said upon arising:

Hail to Thee, Oh Sunna,

Who charges across the vault of heaven

In Your gleaming chariot

At the breaking of the dawn.

Hail to Thee and to Arvakr and Alsviðr:

Early Charger and Gleaming Whiteness,

Fleet-footed steeds of Thee, Mighty Sol,

Who stands in splendor at the reins.

Hail unto Thee from the Abodes of Night, Oh Goddess.


To be said at noon:

Hail unto Thee Who art Sunna Triumphant,

Who art in Thy beauty and splendor

Even as Thou rideth across the heavens

At the mid-point of day.

Hail to Thee, Oh Goddess, Who stands in majesty

At the helm of Thy chariot

Charting the course of the day.

Hail to Thee from the Abodes of Morning, Oh Goddess.


To be said at dusk:

Hail to Thee, Sunna, Who art sublime in Thy setting,

Even unto Thee, Whose journey gives us joy,

Who traverses the heavens in Thy gleaming chariot

At the closing of the day.

You stand in splendor at Thy chariot’s helm, mighty Goddess,

And none may contest Thy power.

Hail to Thee from the Abodes of Day, oh Goddess.

Modern Morning Prayer to Sunna

Modern Morning Prayer to Sunna

by Galina Krasskova

Hail the rising of the Sun,
Great Goddess, Bestower of all good things,
Shining brightly, You traverse the heavens
Driving back the blanket of night.
Mighty Sunna, be my pace-setter.
Help me to structure my day rightly
With time to work, and play, and pray.
Let me not lose myself to the hammering call
Of all that has to be done.
Help me to follow Your rhythms,
For You are wise and practical
And Your presence blesses us all.
Each card has an image on one side and a prayer on the other.



Sunna by Grace Palmer ©2013 commission for Galina Krasskova’s
prayer card project. 7.5″ by 12″

Grace D. Palmer is a professional illustrator who has always been
drawn to myths, stories and traditions. In her imaginings of the
gods, she focuses on depicting their essential connection with
humanity and the historical backgrounds from which we know
their worship.

She places a high priority on non-standard ideals of beauty,
exploring a more diverse range of human aesthetics. Her
influences include the masters of the Northern Renaissance, and
early 20th century golden age illustrators.

You can see her work at her primary portfolio site
on DeviantArt
or on tumblr
She is open for commissions or for private print sales via email or messaging at either site.



Thou Sun Goddess of Arinna

Thou Sun Goddess of Arinna

The Hittite Sun Goddess of Arinna

Hittite Goddess and Child 15-13 century BC in the Metropolitan Museum, New York

This is a prayer to:
“Arinniti – sun goddess, possibly another name for the sun goddess of the city of Arinna. In the late 14th century BC, King Mursili II was particularly devoted to Arinniti.[16]”

( Mine: Also known as ARINIDDU )
[16] Hans Gustav Güterbock, An Addition to the Prayer of Muršili to the Sungoddess and Its Implications, Anatolian Studies (1980).

Thou Sun Goddess of Arinna art an honored deity;
Thy name is held high among names;
Thy divinity is held high among the deities;
Nay, among the deities, Thou alone O Sun Goddess art honored;
Great art Thou alone O Sun Goddess of Arinna;
Nay compared to Thee no other deity is as honored or great …

Boghazköy, Turkey, Fifteenth Century BC

See more at:


“In the 13th century some explicit gestures toward syncretism appear in inscriptions. Puduhepa, queen and a priestess, worked on organizing and rationalizing her people’s religion.[11] In an inscription she invokes:

Sun-Goddes of Arinna, my lady, you are the queen of all lands! In the land of Hatti (1) you have assumed the name of Sun-Goddess of Arinna, but in respect to the land which you made of cedars,[12] you have assumed the name Hebat.[13]”

[12] Coastal Syria is intended.
[13] Quoted in Beckman 1985:99f.

A more complete version:
“Here, Queen Puduhepa beseeches the Sun Goddess of Arinna
…To the Sun Goddess of Arinna, my lady, the mistress of the Hatti lands, the queen of earth and heaven. O Sun Goddess of Arinna: but in the land which you made the Cedar land you bear the name Hepat. I, Puduhepa, am a servant of you from of old, a heifer from your stable, a foundation stone (upon which) you (can rest). You, my lady, reared me and Hattusili, your servant, to whom you espoused me, was closely associated with the Storm God of Nerik, your beloved son… The festivals of you, the gods, which they had stopped, the old festivals, the yearly ones and the monthly ones, they shall celebrate for you, the gods. Your festivals, O gods, my lords, shall never be stopped again! For all our days will we, your servant and your handmaid, worship you. This is what I, Puduhepa, your handmaid, lay in prayer before the Sun Goddess of Arinna, my lady, the lady of Hatti lands, the queen of heaven and earth. Sun Goddess of Arinna, my lady, yield to me, hearken to me! Among men there is a saying: ‘To a woman in travail the god yields her wish.’ Since I, Puduhepa, am a woman in travail and since I have devoted myself to your son, yield to me, Sun Goddess of Arinna, my lady! Grant to me what I ask! Grant life to Hattusili, your servant! Through the good women and the mother goddesses long and enduring years and days shall be given to him.”


My notes about Hatti in central Anatolia / Turkey

The Hattian Sun Disc at Ankara Museum of Anatolian Civilizations

The Hattian Sun Disc at Ankara Museum of Anatolian Civilizations

(1) “The Hattians were an ancient people who inhabited the land of Hatti in Asia Minor in the 3rd to 2nd millennia BC. They spoke a non-Indo-European language of uncertain affiliation called Hattic (now believed by some to be related to the Northwest Caucasian language group). They eventually merged with or were replaced by the Hittites

The Hattian deities (hatt. shape) are often honored with the title “king” (hatt. katte) and “Queen” (hatt. kattaḫ), which allows to determine the sex of a deity.

Estan kattaḫ (“Sun”,. Ištanu Hitt) is sun goddess and mother of the gods, which is especially close with her daughter Mezulla. Her nickname was Wurunšemu (“the mother country?”). The eagle is her messenger. The goddess was taken over by the Hittites as early sun goddess of Arinna and was then the supreme deity of the empire. The Hatti obviously knew no male sun god, in contrast to the Luwian Tiwats (ie. * deuat “deity”).

Mezulla is the daughter of the sun goddess and the weather god. Another name was Tappinu (“daughter”). Hittite sources mention also Zintuḫi (hatt. Zintu “grandson”) as the granddaughter of the sun goddess.”

Myths include:
The disappearance of the Sun God
The Sun God, The Cow, and the Fisherman

“the sun-goddess Furušemu or Wurunšemu (represented by a leopard).” )

The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica

Alternate Title: Wurusemu

Arinnitti, Hattian Wurusemu, Hittite sun goddess, the principal deity and patron of the Hittite empire and monarchy. Her consort, the weather god Taru, was second to Arinnitti in importance, indicating that she probably originated in matriarchal times. Arinnitti’s precursor seems to have been a mother-goddess of Anatolia, symbolic of earth and fertility. Arinnitti’s attributes were righteous judgment, mercy, and royal authority. The powerful Hittite queen Puduhepa adopted Arinnitti as her protectress; the queen’s seal showed her in the goddess’ embrace.

The pantheon

The most widely worshiped deity of Hittite Anatolia was clearly the weather god, as befits a country dependent on rain for its fertility; and under the title “weather god of Hatti” he became the chief deity of the official pantheon, a great figure who bestowed kingship, brought victory in war, and probably represented the nation in its dealings with foreign powers. Thus the treaty with Egypt is said to be “for the purpose of making eternal the relations which the sun-god [of Egypt] and the weather-god [of Hatti] have established for the Land of Egypt and the Land of Hatti.” His name in Luwian, and probably also in Hittite, was Tarhun (Tarhund); in Hattian he was called Taru, and in Hurrian, Teshub. He is associated with the sacred bull and appears on monuments either attended by a pair of divine bulls or driving over mountains in a chariot drawn by bulls. In the cult itself Tarhun might even be represented by a bull.

As Tarhun’s spouse, the great goddess of the city of Arinna was exalted as patroness of the state. (Arinna has not been located, but it was situated somewhere in the heartland of the Hittite kingdom, within a day’s journey of the capital.) Her name in Hattian was Wurusemu, but the Hittites worshiped her under the epithet Arinnitti. She is always called a sun goddess, and sun disks appear as emblems in her cult, but there are indications that she may originally have had chthonic, or underworld, characteristics. As “sun goddess of the earth” she might be identified with Lelwani, the ruler of the netherworld. The king and queen were her high priest and priestess.

The weather god of another city, Nerik, was regarded as the son of this supreme pair, and they had daughters named Mezzulla and Hulla and a granddaughter, Zintuhi. Telipinu was another son of the weather god and had similar attributes. He was a central figure in the Hittite myths.

There was also a male sun god, distinct from the sun goddess of Arinna, a special form of whom was the “sun god in the water,” probably the sun as reflected in the waters of a lake. His name in Hittite was Istanu, borrowed from the Hattian Estan (Luwian Tiwat, Hurrian Shimegi). There was also a moon god (Hittite and Luwian Arma, Hurrian Kushukh), but he plays little part in the texts. In the iconography, the sun god was represented in the robes of the king, whose title was “My Sun”; the moon god was shown as a winged figure with a crescent on his helmet, sometimes standing on a lion. According to official theology there also existed a sun god or goddess of the underworld. In this place resided the Sun on its journey from west to east during the night.”


Cult Centre

“Arinna was the major cult center of the Hittite sun goddess, (thought to be Arinniti) known as dUTU URU Arinna “sun goddess of Arinna”. Arinna was located near Hattusa, the Hittite capital.[1]The name was also used as a substitute name for Arinniti.
The sun goddess of Arinna is the most important one of three important solar deities of the Hittite pantheon, besides UTU nepisas – “the sun of the sky” and UTU taknas – “the sun of the earth”.”

[1] Bryce, Trevor (2004). Life and Society in the Hittite World. pp. 142–143.

My notes about Hebat

The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica
“Alternate Titles: Hepa, Hepat, Hepatu, Hipta

Hebat, also spelled Hepa or Hepatu, in the religions of Asia Minor, a Hurrian goddess, the consort of the weather god Teshub. She was called Queen of Heaven and was assimilated by the Hittites to their national goddess, the sun goddess of Arinna. Teshub and Hebat had cult centres at Kummanni (classical Comana Cappadociae) and at Aleppo (Ḥalab) and other cities in the region of the Taurus Mountains. Hebat is represented as a matronly figure either standing on a lion or seated on a throne. She survived during Hellenistic times as Hipta, a goddess of Lydia and Caria…”


Hebat was adopted from the Hurrian pantheon as the principle goddess of state religion in the Hittite Empire, though because of name changes her precise role is not always clear. She is described as the “great goddess.” In some texts she is also the “sun goddess of Arinna” (a religious center near Boghazkoy thus far lost to archaeology) but her relationship to the sun god, in one fragmentary text called kumarbi and described as the king of the gods, god of right and justice, is unclear. She is more intimately linked with the weather god Tesub, “king of heaven, lord of the land of Hatti” and god of battle who, according to the same legend, displaced Kumarbi as king of the gods.
Hebat is often drawn as a matronly figure, without weapons, but generally in company with a lion. In a famous procession of gods carved on rock faces at Yazilikaya, the leading goddess is called Hepatu.

Hebat is mentioned when cross ref Tesub and Arinna
(p 256-257), [B]TESUB “Tesub is the most important deity in Hittite state religion, although he may be subservient to the Sun God(dess) of Arinna. Principally a weather god, as benefits a mountainous region experiencing frequent storms and otherwise changeable climate. Also a god of battle and “king of heaven, lord of the land of Hatti.” His consort is generally identified as Hebat.”

and p 25 Arinna (sun goddess of)
“Solar deity, Hittite and Hurrian. May have taken androgynous form, but also identified as the consort of the weather god Tesub. Probably the head of the Hittite state pantheon. There is little detail because the religious center of Arinna is known only from texts. The sun goddess was also perceived to be a paramount chthonic or earth goddess. She becomes largely syncretized with the Hurrian goddess Hebat.”

Source (

And Hebat is cited in

p 104 “In myth and art alike it is apparent that Hittite religion was much affected by Hurrian influence; no Indo-European deities appear, as among the Mitanni and the Kassites. One of the great monuments, the rocky cleft two miles from Hattusas now called Yazilikaya, “Inscribed Rock,” is entirely Hurrian. On its walls great processions of gods and goddesses were carved. One procession was led by the Hurrian sun-goddess Hebat, whom the Hittites equated with their local sun-goddess of the holy city Arinna; the other was led by her husband, the Hurrian weather-god Teshub–a fit deity for a land of storms.”
source (

and another textbook shows the hieroglyphic form of ‘Hebat’
FORGOTTEN SCRIPTS Cyrus H. Gordon p. 99 ISBN 046502484X (
Hellenistic times but the goddess of Comana was then Ma, a warlike deity identified by the Greeks with Enyo and by the Romans with Bellona.

In the far east of Anatolia, the Hurrian nation formed around Lake Van a new kingdom, which rose to considerable power, from about 900 to 600 bc. With few exceptions, the cuneiform inscriptions of this kingdom of Urartu are historical and reveal nothing of its religion, except the names of deities. The national god was Haldi, and he is associated with a weather god, Tesheba, a sun goddess, Shiwini (compare Hurrian Teshub and Shimegi), and a goddess, Bagbartu (or Bagmashtu). Haldi is represented standing on a lion, Tesheba on a bull, Shiwini holding a winged sun disk above her head. The cult was practiced not only in temples (one of which is shown in detail on an Assyrian relief) but also in front of rock-hewn niches in the form of gates through which the deity was probably believed to manifest himself.


Psalms suitable for Summer – Rose Heart

My Selection from the Psalter of Our Lady for Summer relating to Rose Heart

Firstly the introduction December 16, 2013

Psalter of Our Lady

These 150 psalms are taken from the Psalter of the Blessed Virgin Mary written by St. Bonaventure and have been painstakingly adapted by Mr Glenn King and Madria Pamela Lanides. They will be incorporated into our Hours (a work in progress), our liturgy and our Feast Day prayers. These psalms are taken from the Living Stream in the West.

For the most part, we have removed archaic language however, Thee and Thou, when referring to Our Lady, denotes honor and the respect that is due to Her.

Our thanks to Mr. King for this valuable service to the Filianic/Deanic community.

Madria Pamela Lanides


PSALM 108: O, Lady, heed my praise

O Lady, heed my praise:
and deign to accept this Psalter dedicated to Thee.
Look upon the will of my heart: and make my affection well-pleasing to Thee.
Hasten to visit Thy servants:
under the protection of Thy Mantle may they be preserved unhurt.
May they receive through Thee the illumination of Lady Mati:
and the charis of Lady Sushuri.
O Lady, look upon the contrite of heart:
and revive them by the ointment of piety.

My Notes

[ Psalms: a collection of religious verses, sung or recited ]
[ Madrian1 Lady Mati is Clan Jana Lady Sofia and Madrian1 Lady Sushuri is Clan Jana Lady Grace
Lady Sofia: Feast day on November 28th
Lady Grace: 2016-the-feast-of-madria-grace/ ]
[ Charis: Joseph H. Thayer made some significant observations concerning the meaning of charis: “that which affords joy, pleasure, delight, sweetness, charm, loveliness…good-will, loving-kindness, favor… charis is used pre-eminently of that kindness by which God [Dea] bestows favors even upon the ill-deserving, and grants to sinners the pardon of their offences, and bids them accept of eternal salvation through Christ [Di Jana].” ]


My Favourite Selections and Comments

I have selected 13 psalms that I regard as suitable for Summer and the Fiery Heart symbolic of the Divine unconditional love of Madria Dea.

Rose Haloed Mother

Personally, I adore these:

Psalm 27: I will cry and Thou shalt hear me, which expresses my confusion and neglect of the Goodness and Truth of Dea who is in every place, throughout all the manifest realms and internally, in our temple heart. Wherever and whenever, Dea offers a warm welcome.

Psalm 128: My enemies have often troubled me, which is related to the above, but instead of personal and internal conflicts this psalm seeks protection from external negative influences.

Psalm 41: As the deer longs for the sparkling brook, poetically expresses the longing for Dea that I have felt all this human life. Which also reminds me of the Scripture:
(with thanks to Glenn King)

July 2012
The Filianic Scriptures, New Celestial Union
Version (Second Edition, Third Update)

48 Verses
Title 3, Chapter 8
Filianic Texts, or the collected sayings of the Daughter of Thea

The Way of Simplicity

1. Unless your souls are simple as the running deers, My children, and your hearts as little
children filled with wonder, how shall you attain liberation? 2. Let your ways be gentle as the milk-white dove, and graceful as the gliding of the swallow. 3. For there are ways and rhythms in the course of life, of day and night, of seasons and the moon, by which all life, all thought, all work are governed, 4. and these movements are the breath of the Divine, reflected in the highest spheres and every living thing.

Psalm 31: Blessed are they, because the imagery reminds me of Dea’s Great Celestial Realm and living in Spiritual Unity represented by an abundant verdant Paradise.

Psalm 98: Our Lady Reigns, related to the above as it beautifully describes Dea in Heaven with Her Janati / angels, streaming Her powers/virtues throughout the manifest realms.

Sophia Ruth


The Summer – Rose Heart Psalms

PSALM 25 – Judge me

Judge me, O Lady, for I have departed from Thy ways:
But because I have hoped in Thee I shall not become weak.
Enkindle my heart with the fire of Thy love:
And with the girdle of righteousness bind my heart.
For Thy mercy and Thy justice are before my eyes:
And I am delighted with the voice of Thy praise.
O Lady, I have loved the beauty of Thy face:
And I have revered Thy holiness.
Oh praise Her name, for She is holy:
let Her wonders be declared forever.


PSALM 27: I will cry and Thou shalt hear me

To Thee, O Lady, will I cry, and Thou shalt hear me:
in the voice of Thy praise Thou will make me glad.
Have mercy on me in the day of my trouble:
and in the light of Thy truth deliver me.
Blessed be Thou, O Lady:
to the uttermost ends of the earth.
Thy sanctuary is my abode.
Render my conscience pure and undefiled
and make of my heart a place of propitiation
and a temple for the holy in-dwelling of Thy love.

[ Propitiation: is an action meant to regain someone’s favor or make up for something you did wrong.
Replaced wilt with will and our with my ]


PSALM 31: Blessed are they

Blessed are they whose hearts love Thee, O, Holy Dea:
their sins will be mercifully washed away by Thee.
Holy, chaste, and flowering are Thy Thoughts:
which blossomed into the flower of eternal greenness.
The beauty of Thy grace will never see corruption:
and the grace of Thy countenance will never fade.
Blessed art Thou, O sublime Empress of Creation:
for Thou has raised us to union with Thee.
O, Sacred Mother, Thou has sent us Thy Daughter as the way,
by which salvation from on high, has visited us.

[ Replaced hast with has ]


PSALM 32: Rejoice, the just, in Our Lady

Rejoice, the just, in Our Lady:
and in uprightness of heart praise Her together.
Draw near unto Her with reverence and devotion:
and let your heart be delighted in Her salutation.
Give unto Her the Sacrifice of praise:
and be you nourished with the Spirit of Her Daughter.
For She sheds upon you the Seven Jeweled Rays of Her Virtues:
and She will enlighten you with the splendours of Her mercy.
Her fruit is most sweet:
it grows ever sweeter in the mouth and the heart of the wise.

[ Replaced ye with the, ye with you and also deleted ye ]


PSALM 40 – Our Lady loves

Our Lady loves the oppressed and the poor:
May we remain faithful in Her praise.
O Lady of the angels, Queen of the world:
purify my heart with the fire of Thy love.
You are the Mother of the illumination of my heart:
You are the Nurse who refreshes my mind.
My mouth longs to praise Thee: my mind aspires to adore Thee.
My soul longs to pray to Thee
Because the whole of my being belongs to Thee, O my Queen.


PSALM 41: As the deer longs for the sparkling brook

As the deer longs for the sparkling brook,
so doth my soul pine for Thy love.
For Thou art the Mother of my life:
and the sublime sustainer of my existence.
Thy Daughter is the Savioress of my soul;
the beginning and the end of my salvation.
Hear me, O Lady, let my stains be cleansed:
enlighten me, O Lady, that my darkness may be illuminated.
Let my tepidity be enkindled by the Heart-Flame of Thy love:
let my torpor be expelled by Thy grace.


PSALM 44: My heart hath uttered a good word

My heart hath uttered a good word, my Lady:
it is sweetened with honey-flowing dew.
By Thy sanctity let my sins be purged:
by Thy integrity may incorruption be bestowed upon me.
By Thy magnanimity may my soul be loved
and joined to You through the bond of love.
By Thy Daughter, the chasm has been bridged:
by the bringing forth of Thy Beloved,
I am delivered from eternal death.
By Thy graciousness, I am restored:
and from the exile of misery
I am led back to the homeland of beatitude.


PSALM 59: O, Holy Dea, kear envelops us

O Holy Dea, kear envelops us as we have turned away from Thee.
Yet, Thou has had mercy on us by Thy Daughter.
Have mercy on us, O, saving Mother God:
who has brought forth salvation for all of creation.
For Thou infuses joy into the sad:
and joy and sweetness into the mourners.
Rejoice us by the sweet sounds of Thy Word:
and pour Thy balm of roses forth into our hearts.
Thunder, the heavens, from above, and give praise to Her:
glorify Her, the Earth, with all the dwellers therein.

[ Kear: A crack or flaw, the chasm or abyss that lies between Dea and each soul which opened when we chose to experience material manifestation.
Replaced hast with has, infusest with infuses and ye with the ]


PSALM 82 – Who shall be like unto Thee

O my Lady, who shall be like unto Thee ?
In grace and glory You surpass all.
As the heavens are above the earth:
so are You high above all, and exceedingly exalted.
Wound my heart with Your love:
make me worthy of Your grace and Your gifts.
May my heart melt in Thy love:
and may the desire of Thee enkindle my soul.
Make me desire Your honor and Your glory:
that I may be received by You.


PSALM 98: Our Lady Reigns

Our Lady Reigns, let the people rejoice:
She sits on the High Throne of Heaven.
Great in Ekklesia is Thy glory, O Lady:
and in Cosmos, shines forth Thy magnificence.
Sing before Her, the harmonious choirs:
and adore Her throne, for it is holy.
In Her Flames, the Fire of Love
and round about her are those who worship Her.
Her Seven Laws are before our eyes:
and the rule of compassion is in Her heart.

[ Ekklesia: Church, assembly of a people, spiritual community, for Janites, the people of Dea.
Replaced ye with the ]


PSALM 107 – My heart is ready

My heart is ready, O Lady, my heart is ready:
to sing praises to You and to chant.
Greater is Your love than all riches:
and Your grace is above gold and precious stones.
Beatitude and justice are given by You, O, Holy Dea.
Those who turn away from their sins to Thee
shall obtain the remedy of loving kindness
For Your fruit is grace and peace:
and those who please You shall be far from perdition.
Be to us a shade of protection in our temptations:
Let the spreading of Your wings defend us from it who devours.

[ Perdition: (in Christian theology) a state of eternal punishment and damnation into which a sinful and
unrepentant person passes after death.
Replaced him with it ]


PSALM 128: My enemies have often troubled me

My enemies have often troubled me from my youth up:
deliver me, O Lady, and vindicate my cause from them.
Give them not power over my soul:
keep my interior and my exterior.
Grant us forgiveness for our transgressions:
let it be given to us by Thy grace.
May we offer the Sacrifice worthily
and may we offer praise worthily:
that we may come to union with Thee by a blessed end.
Show us then with a gracious and serene countenance
the Rosy Heart-flame of Thy Love.


Psalm 140 I have cried

O Lady, I have cried to You, hear me:
incline unto my prayer and to my supplication.
Let my supplication be directed as incense before Thy face:
Both in the time of the evening sacrifice and in the morning.
Let not my heart turn aside into spiteful words:
And let not the thought of wickedness upset my mind.
Make me submissive to the good pleasure of Thy heart:
and let me be conformed to Your actions.
With the sword of understanding pierce my heart:
and with a dart of love inflame my mind.