Spring, a Season of the Holy Daughter (Vernal Equinox / 20 March)

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Quite joyfully, it is the Sacred Season of Spring, the Season of the Holy Daughter as the Great Dove of the Waters.

While some Traditions honor the Celestial Mother as the Great Dove of the Waters, in the Janite Tradition, this title is applied to the Holy Daughter as She is closely associated with East and Water, a feminine Element.

One of  the two ‘Faces/Powers/Forms’ of the Holy Daughter is Madria Grace, Whose feast day is 5 Columbina/March 25.  Madria Grace is the Guardian of East and Water. She is also the Mistress of healing, which we associate with water (sacred wells, etc.). Holy Water, water that has been especially blessed, also conveys, transmits and permeates through-out all that it touches, the Divine Energies of Grace.  And so it is that through Her Face/Form of Madria Grace, the Holy Daughter is very closely associated with the Sacred Element of Water.

(A side-note to priestesses and deaconesses: A reminder that the color of the Element of Water is blue and so blue is the Elemental color of Spring. The colors of the robes of Madria Grace are pink and green. So, it follows that our altar cloths are blue while our veils, shawls/sashes are green/pink. For those who wear the Sacred Symbol pendant of the Season, it is, of course, the Dove.)

As is traditional, we face East when we serve our liturgies and rites. It is indicated in both our liturgy and in our scriptures that when we stand before our own altar on  Earth, we are standing before the Presence the Holy Daughter at the Heavenly altar.

We have come before Your Earthly altar within Ekklesia, in union with the Great Janati Who stand before Your Celestial Altar in Heaven. (The Great Liturgy, Janite edition.)

And She entered the Great Temple of Heaven, where the Seven Janati were gathered at the Sacrifice, even as the Children of Dea were gathered upon the Earth.

And She stood at the Great Altar and took up a wheaten loaf and spoke, saying: (The Great Liturgy, and verses 16 and 17 of The Mythos of the Divine Maid (Kora),  Janite editions.

For we know that as we stand before this altar within Ekklesia, we stand, at once, before Your Celestial Altar, which is both in Heaven and in every place where Your children come together in Your Name. (The Great Liturgy, Janite edition and the Rite of Sacrifice).

When I first entered the Deanic world, it took me a long time to get used to the Cardinal directional/Elemental system that we received from the Madrians. But now, I would never consider using any other system, whether Eastern or Western. The system we inherited from our fore-sisters is perfect for our Faith, for the Mysteries, for the Times, for the Seasons… it is ultimate perfection in every way and a great Blessing for all Deanic devotees.


I slowly came to understand that Water is the most appropriate Element for East and Spring because it renews and replenishes all life, just as Spring brings forth a great renewal and replenishing of manifest Creation.

Water, when blessed, becomes a carrier of the information, intent and energies of grace. It becomes holy water which cleanses our souls and renews our spirits.  Not only does it purify us from within, but it also washes impurities from our bodies. And so, Water cleans and rejuvenates us on both the inside and the out.

This integral interconnection of Water with the Sacred Season of Spring is reflected in the dewdrop on a newly budded flower. It’s luminosity shines within the grace-filled waters of Lustration, Baptism and Mikvah. It refracts the Seven into rainbow-hued facets of the One Diamond of Dea.

It is through Water that Life is born. It is through Water that Life is renewed. It is through Water that life is resurrected.

Water is associated with priestesshood. Where the Element of Water embodies intuition, spiritual cleansing, spiritual purity, primordial emotion, grace, psychic sensitivity and the attuning of the subconsciousness, all of which are embedded in the priestesshood, it may be considered the Second Primary Element of the Priestesshood after Spirit.

The Great Dove of the Waters.

We have now seen how the Holy Daughter is intimately associated with the Element of Water. How is She the Great Dove?

We must remember that in the ancient world, the dove was always the symbol of the goddess. To those of the time of Jesus, the dove symbol of the Holy Spirit would have readily been recognized as a Feminine symbol. (See this great article: http://ancestorsandarchetypes.weebly.com/dove-goddess.html).

And more and more, many Christians have come to realize what the ancient Syrian Christians believed and taught: the Holy Spirit is Feminine.

We read in Genesis (the origins of which predates Judaism) And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters. The Spirit of God was the Feminine Holy Spirit Whose symbol is the Dove.

Sophia is often said to appeared in the form of a White Dove. 1)

There are many Christians who believe that Sophia and the Holy Spirit are One. 2)

The Dove is the primary Symbol of the Holy Daughter, Who, in Janite Tradition, is image-based upon the Divine Sophia. The Holy Daughter, She Who is the Daughter of Light, She Who is the Daughter of Wisdom, is the Three-fold Dove: the Great Dove of the Waters, the Dove of the Sacrifice and the Dove of Peace. (The Dove of Sacrifice is from our liturgy.)

The Holy Daughter, Water, East, Dove, Madria Grace, Dawn and Spring, all are both mystically and symbolically intertwined to weave the whole Mystery that is the Resurrection of All Life. For not only does She share Her Soul with us, but She gathers the Divine Sparks within us and carries them back to Her Mother, where we may drink from the Waters of the Eternal Spring.

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides

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  2. Heracleon and Ptolemy tell us that the dove symbolizes ‘Sophia, the Mother above.’
  3. https://aras.org/sites/default/files/docs/00024Birds.pdf

Dove Articles by ArchMadria Pamela Lanides

The meaning of the Dove symbol of our Faith

Each symbol is mystically associated with one of the Great Mysteries of our Faith and is intertwined with the Five Seasons of our Wheel of the Year.

The Dove is known to be a symbol of Motherhood because the Dove is able to produce its own milk. The Dove represents self-sacrifice because it ceases to forage for food shortly before its young are born to ensure purer milk. (4) Motherhood necessitates a certain amount of sacrifice in order to ensure the well-being of the off-spring.


It is known as a Celestial Messenger, linking Heaven and Earth and is symbolic of the release of the soul Heaven-ward. Purity, Love, Grace, gentleness and hope are all signified by the Pure White Dove.




In antiquity, the Dove would have been readily recognized as the Symbol of the Goddess, especially Ishtar and Aphrodite/Venus. In ancient Rome, Aphrodite’s catacombs were called “columbaria” (dovecotes), which, according to Barbara G. Walker, gave rise to the belief that the soul returns to the Goddess after death as a dove. In Christian iconography, the dove is sometimes shown with seven rays emanating from her, which further connects her to the Goddess, specifically to the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters, whose name in Greek meant “a flock of doves.” (5)


During the time of Christ, the Dove would have been readily recognized by the people of the time as the Epiphany or Presence of the Goddess, one of the reasons why many Christians are re-examining the Holy Spirit as being Female rather than male.



Ishtar Inanna with jug

The Name of Queen Semiramis, Founder of Babylon, meant Dove in the Syrian tongue.


The symbol of the Dove as representing the Goddess spread out from Crete to the mainland of Greece, to Cyprus and so on. In the Mycenaean iconography the doves appear as early as in the second half of the 16th century BCE. By the 12th century BCE, it appears that the Dove is symbolic of the epiphany of the Goddess, which is a very important concept. (6). And in many cultures, it was believed that the Goddess could take the shape of the Dove. The Dove was a symbol of Her Heavenly Power.


These are but some of the many ancient connections of the Dove with the Great Goddess in Her Epiphany, Her manifestation in the material realm, most famously, the Dove is the sign of Peace.


In this Mystery, we visualize the Dove as hovering over the Primordial Waters.


The aspects of the Element of Water are emotions, intuition, the deeper Mysteries, compassion, new beginnings (as in Spring renewal), the Fountain of Life, Grace, the Rivers or Streams of Life, Divine Energies and Priestesshood,


Madonna Oriflamma

Madonna OriFlamma by Nicholas Roerich

The Holy Mother Jana is the Mother of Peace, Who brings to us the Divine Waters of Grace and so, She is appropriately called, Dea, Dove of Peace.

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides.

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The Calendar of Clan Jana

Solar: Spring Equinox

Mystery: The Dove of Peace: The Holy Daughter, Diva Jana, as the Holy Soul of the World, which is a description of the divine presence within creation. The Holy Daughter as the Resurrection of our souls.

She is the Soteria (feminine Greek word for Saviour) of the World.
Great Dove of the World, in Janite thealogy, this title is appropriate for the Holy Daughter. She is the Ruler and Sustainer of the World as well as its Regeneration.

In this Mystery, we visualize the Dove as hovering over the Primordial Waters. The aspects of the Element of Water are emotions, intuition, the deeper Mysteries, compassion, new beginnings (as in Spring renewal), the Fountain of Life, Grace, the Rivers or Streams of Life, Divine Energies and Priestesshood.


Our Great Mystery is Columba (Dove)

Our Great Mystery is Columba (Dove) which honors the Holy Daughter as the Great Dove of the World and our Soteria. Great Dove of the World is a title which, in other Traditions of our Faith, is beautifully applied to the Celestial Mother. In Janite thealogy, this title is appropriate for the Holy Daughter. She is the Ruler and Sustainer of the World as well as its Regeneration.

On the Feast of Columba, we remember Her as She becomes the Holy Soul of the World.

This Mystery is honored in the Sacred Season of Spring and is remembered each Columbaday (Doveday)/Friday, both of which are presided over by Kyria [Lady] Graca (Grace-a) who is of the Fourfold Earth and is the Guardian of East and Water.

The Holy Daughter is the Great Dove of the Waters and the Dove of Peace.

ArchMadria Pamela



Four Extra Ordinary Days

Four Extra Ordinary Days

I differ during these 4 days in my calendar from Clan Jana. This is due to my life partner celebrating his birthday on March 20 or Hiatus.
I also cannot lessen my food/drink intake with a fast. Therefore I have given up chocolate in all forms as I recognised that I had an unhealthy addiction to it.

2016 is a leap year, so this is how I organise my calendar every year:

First Extra Ordinary Day
28 Moura / March 18th
(The last day of the Deanic circle of the year)

The Fast of the Fora



Light Beyond The Dark

The Great Mother as the Life and Veiled Origin of Eternity, Dark beyond the light and the Light beyond the Darkness.
Day of Fast, for those without medical conditions.

Before midnight, my predessesors in the faith would extinguish all candles and hearthfires (electrical lighting, gas fired central heating boilers and gas oven hobs).

I am going to say my Moura Rosary in full with option 2

Here is the link

Directional Circle

I visualise the Fora as a three dimensional figure in glowing gold, with the three lines running north-south, east-west and up-down, all intersecting at the centre, where there is a glowing golden sphere.

This is the one dimensional Fora gesture Here is the link


Let us spend this time in self-reflection and examination. Let us pray that Dea will help us to be faithful to our individual Soul Path and may we always remember that our every act is a choice which either leads us closer to or further away from Dea, Our Divine Mother.



Second Extra Ordinary Day
No date / March 19th
Beyond space and before time
Not a part of the old year nor of the new
A year and a day



Diana hunting by moonlight

Diana hunting by moonlight

Remembering the Holy Daughter as She Descends through the Realms in order to be with us and guide us back to the Union with the Celestial Mother.
Females may choose to wear a veil on this day. Men may wear a beret or Dalix beanie style hat with no cuff, if they so desire.
Day of Fast, for those without medical conditions.

Unless I take the day off work, I cannot reduce activity to a minimum and pray ceaselessly, which would be my natural inclination.
I am not a nun in a closed Order.

The time has come to turn your heart into a temple of fire.

“The time has come to turn your heart into a temple of fire.”
I do pray that my heart temple be fueled and bright, that my soul be pure and good – worthy of carrying my Spirit to the Celestial Realm to be re-united with Dea.

My predessesors in the faith, would be without light, heat or cooking. A physical reminder of the furthest a soul could wander away from Dea before being guided back.

Madria (Priestess) Erin, of Clan Columba – a youth ministry in Britain, sang her poem about The Holy Daughter’s Moura Descent – which is very talented of her.


Third Extra Ordinary Day
Official Hiatus / No date / March 20th
Life Partner’s Birthday
Spring Equinox

Because of my life partner celebrating his birthday on March 20, I do not mark this day as the official Hiatus.
I celebrate his life as my best friend, soul mate, life companion.


Spring (aka Vernal) Equinox


Astronomical seasons meanwhile start on a different dates each year and totally vary in length, depending on the Earth’s 23.5 degree tilt on its rotational axis as well as its orbit around the Sun.

Spring and Autumn equinoxes (equal day and night) and the Summer (longest day) and Winter (longest night) solstices mark the start of the astronomical seasons each year. The word ‘equinox’ itself actually means ‘equal’ (equi) and ‘night’ (nox).

The dates of these change each year as they are dependent on the Earth’s position. The Earth is closest to the Sun, known as perihelion, in early January and furthest away, aphelion, in early July.

In 2016 the astronomical spring will start on March 20 with the spring equinox and end on June 19.


The term vernal might be bit confusing and ambiguous as it is derived from the two latin terms ver and autumnus; meaning spring and autumn. The reason is apparently the opposite seasonal changes in the different hemispheres of the earth.



sun and moon goddess

My Spiritual Thoughts

My own thoughts upon the Spring Equinox day are two-fold.
For on the earth, the view is of equal day and night.
1. That Jana as Princess of The World brings harmony and balance.
2. An earthly sign that Heavenly Mother Mari as supernal sun and World Soul Jana as supernal moon are showing us on earth their Divine Unconditional Love for every soul on earth (in manifest planes of existence).


Fourth Extra Ordinary Day in a seperate post.