Sun Symbol – still Point at the centre of manifestation

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Sun Symbol – still Point at the centre of manifestation

Madria Erin of the Auroran Tradition posted a Tumblr post directing us towards an article entitled “God Herself – A Brief Meditation” by T. Thorn Coyle.
It has a small mention of The Star Goddess, which I am sure will interest others.

What really caught my attention were two paragraphs:

We cannot think of God Herself as One, because that separates her out from all else. Rather, thinking of her as Zero, the circumference that includes everything and the center point around which everything else revolves, is closer to the experienced reality.

Monotheists almost had it right in speaking of the unity of love, but they did not yet have the number zero, the cipher, the void. By naming something one, they were trying to get at its unity. What they were not able to realize at the time, is that naming something one, instead of all, is a first separation out, it is a distancing that makes the All the Other. And therein lies trouble. Therein lies alienation. One, rather than remaining a unifying force, becomes a separate being. And that separation opens a deep wound.
The symbol of “Zero, the circumference that includes everything and the center point around which everything else revolves
This lead me to

  1.  The ancient circumpunct symbol:

The ancient symbol known as the dot in the circle, circled dot, circle with a point, or a circumpunct, is one of the oldest symbols known to humans.

According to Gnostics, it is the most primal aspect of God. To Greek philosophers and the Pythagoreans, the circumpunct represents God, or the Monad – the point of the beginning of creation, and eternity. It is the sun of astrologers and astronomers; the alchemical gold of the alchemist, and the Keter of the Kabbalah. (1)
There is a common astrological, and now astronomical, symbol for the Sun. It’s a circle with a dot in it. This particular image was once the alchemical symbol for gold, being “…the most perfect of the metals. For the alchemist, it represented the perfection of all matter on any level, including that of the mind, spirit, and soul.” The symbol’s association with both gold and the Sun evidently dates back as far as alchemy does. The article Gold and the Sun mentions that aurum the latin word for gold, is derived from the Greek name Aurora, the goddess of the dawn. So the color of gold was associated with the brilliance of the Sun since ancient times. (2)
The main ideogram for “Sun” was a representation of the solar disk.
With the sign number and meaning from Sir Alan Gardiner’s “Egyptian Grammar”:
N 5 = sun in most secular writing
The “Sun” ideogram in early Chinese writing, beginning with the oracle bone script (c. 12th century BC) also shows the solar disk with a central dot. (3)
The circumpunct is the symbol derived from this natural Sun Halo.

Ice halos above Foveran beach – – 675126

2. The truth behind the symbols:

These are all glyphs, even the ball of burning gases which is our worldly sun that direct us towards the spiritual truth:

From the original article: The Void, the number Zero – the circumference that includes everything, the Cipher.
[ which means Late Middle English (in the senses ‘symbol for zero’ and ‘Arabic numeral’): from Old French cifre, based on Arabic ṣifr zero. ]

Applies to: The Great Mother / Absolute Deity / Dea Matrona / Mysteria / Deam Mysterium
She who is Ultimate Source, containing the potentiality of All.
She who is equivalent to the Gnostic Monas.

Also applies to:
The Celestial Mother / Matrix & Creatrix / Dea Matrea / Madria Dea / Dea Madria

creatio ex nihilo The Latin phrase meaning “creation out of nothing”

In Title 1, Chapter 1, The Holy Mythos, Creation.
1. Before and beyond all things is Dea.[1] When nothing was, She was.

I replaced “the Mistress of All Things” with Dea
Mistress meaning: A woman in a position of authority or control

The center point around which everything else revolves.

Title 4, Chapter 1
The Clew Of The Horse

7. Each manifest thing has a cause, and each cause has a cause before it, but the first cause has no cause before Her, and She is the Spirit. 8. She that does not act is the cause of all action. She that is not is the cause of all being. She that is still is the centre and source of all movement. 9. At the rim is the movement greatest; close to the centre is it least. 10. Where there is no movement there is purity.

Dea is The still Point at the centre of manifestation.
Residing in Her realm known as the Pleroma which is the Supernal Fullness of the All and Fullness of Perfection, the place of Bliss and Union with Dea.

From the original article: The Three Eternal Truths
The Coming Age, number 15, Rosea, 5082 Iron Age/1980

One God alone, none other God than She.
One Law alone, none other Law than Her Law.
God became Soul, that souls might come to God.

It has been said that all the Scriptures, all the teachings, and every part of wisdom are contained within the Three Eternal Truths “enfolded like a rose within the bud.”

More than this, the Three Truths themselves
are all contained in essence within the first Truth,
and the first Truth is contained within it’s first word: One.

“The One” is the most basic metaphysical definition of God.
She is the primordial Unity who gives rise to all multiplicity,
the spaceless Point where from all space proceeds.

Multiplicity is the result of manifestation,
and to say ‘manifestation’ is always, in some degree to say ‘separation from God.’
The first Truth refutes the abiding heresy of axial beings
– the illusion that we are apart from God.
By perfect contemplation of the first Truth,
it is possible to eradicate this heresy from our hearts,
and when a soul succeeds in this, it will cease to be manifest,
having achieved complete Liberation.

To return to – to “become one with” – the Holy One
and thus to receive the consummation of the third Truth.

To say “none other God than She” is not merely to deny something,
but to affirm that She is the “One without a second”,
the Essence of all things;
for while She is other than all things,
no thing is other than She.


One Law alone, none other Law than Her Law.

The first Truth speaks of the One God before and beyond all manifestation.
The second Truth speaks of the perfect and harmonious manifestation of all things from Her.

Law is literally Order, the music of the spheres, the harmony of the universe.
Human life was designed to be a way back to the One – a path of salvation;
but for that end, every part of it must be in harmony:
our art, our clothes, our relationships, our stories, our daily work.
Each should be done according to the Law,
that the world may be a bridge that leads to Heaven.
It is only an axial being, such as a human who has the ability to choose,
between the lawful/harmonious and the unlawful/disharmonious.
That is the meaning of the second Truth.


God become Soul, that souls might come to God.

Humanity is neither matter nor Spirit.
We are psyche or soul, which stands between the two and may give herself to either.
God, as Holy World Soul descended to the level of psyche.
God, made all Her choices perfectly.
All Her acts were made in obedience to Her Mother, Who is Her Self.
Through Her suffering descent into denser levels, She shattered.
Therefore She is the Self within all souls of axial beings.


The Three Eternal Truths are an image of the Holy Trinity:
The One preceding all manifestation is the Great Mother;
The Law , implying manifestation belongs to the Celestial Mother Creatrix;
whist God become Soul is, of course, the Holy Soul Daughter.

The thesis: the One without a second;
antithesis: manifestation – the differentiation of ‘things’ from God
synthesis: the reconciliation of ‘things’ with God.





Of Interest:
The sun manifests the colour of gold at sunrise and at sunset. The latin word for gold, aurum (thus, the chemical symbol Au), derives from the Greek word Aurora – the golden goddess of the dawn. Rudolf Steiner gave ‘AU’ as the Sun-sound, so try intoning it. The word ‘aura’ comes from the same root, indicating the idea of radiance as associated with this metal.

Until very recent times gold was used as a heart remedy, this being the organ associated with the sun. Homeopathic doctors still use it in this manner in high dilutions and regard it as a remedy for depressive or suicidal conditions: a ‘total eclipse of the heart’.


Gold Heart Art

Its distribution within the human organism reaches its highest concentration in the region of the heart. Gold is used by doctors to diagnose heart problems. As the highest concentrations of gold in the human body occur around the heart, a radio-isotope of gold has been developed (the Au-195 isotope), which can give an image of the blood-containing structures within the heart, a process called ‘heart-imaging’. Gold gives a heart image!
In Britain this new technology has been developed in St. Bartholomew’s hospital, London. One expert described the gold used in this way as ‘a very convenient medium for rapid assessment of changes in cardiac function’ (3,4).
3. Elliot et al., Physics in Medicine and Biology, 1983, Vol. 28, pp.l39, 147.
4. Dymond et al., Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 1983, Vol. 2, pp.85-92

Cows have the highest concentration of gold in their horns. The horns are the one part of a cow that points upwards, which give to the cow its dignity.
Medicinal Colloidal gold is becoming more widely used as a medicine – a very traditional alchemical concept. It is claimed to work in a quite subtle way as a heart-remedy. Some find that their will-power is enhanced upon taking it, in terms of being able to focus on what one wants to achieve. Especially in America there has been a tradition that colloidal gold is given for ‘dypsomania’ or craving for alcohol. Drug-addicts are said to experience a loss of appetite for their drugs after taking the solution for a few days. Here is a web-testimony: “I have found great benefit personally in the emotional area. My wife will tell you I am a much easier person to live with … My brother who is four years older was in such a bad state the doctors had him on Zoloft, the antidepressant that is like Prozac. He started on colloidal gold almost two years ago and is living a happy life now with no known side-effects.”  It is said that the body’s warmth-mechanism may be positively affected by gold, particularly in cases of hot flushes, chills and night-sweats.
One would like to hear more discussion of these effects, as may deepen our insight into how traditional heart-qualities are associated with gold, the Sun-metal. The colloidal gold solution is a ruby-red hue, as likewise the precious ruby is red from homeopathically-dilute traces of gold in the quartz.  Besides being a great morale booster and healer, dietary gold is an effective but subtle pain reliever: gold salts are injected into arthritic joints to relieve pain.
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