Swan carved from an Apple – Janya Justina

Swan carved from an Apple – Janya Justina

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Norse Mythology

The Norn named Urd or Wyrd (meaning ‘Fate’ or ‘Past’), gave her name to the well that was situated beneath one of the roots of Yggdrasil, the cosmic tree, and that was where the gods would hold their daily meeting.


There are also two swans that drink from the well, and this water is so pure that all things that touch it are turned white, including this first pair of swans and all those descended from them…


Thanks to ArchMatrona Georgia’s research



After reading ArchMatronia Georgia’s wonderful explanations about how the swan is the symbolic bird of Kyria Themis.
Georgia Cobb
Oct 3 2015
Yes, ArchMatrea Pamela,

The swan is a symbol of a) beauty, b) fidelity in love, c) grace, d) music, particularly soothing, e) poetry, f) the soul, in flight between earth and heaven, and g) the clear light of the sun in the heavens. All these symbols are related to divine law or natural order. The symbolic color of Kyria Themis is also blue, as in the blue skies and the blue water, in which the Swan flies or swims. While many swans are white, there are blue and black swans as well. Swans also mate for life.


ArchMatrona Georgia

and her apple swan sculpture graphic, I followed http://www.wikihow.com/Make-an-Apple-Swan


Although it is more difficult as our English heritage apples are small and flavour packed (nut-like in this type) and this was the largest in the green grocery shop.

My photo attached, Dea be praised for Her creation


p.s. Smiles and my attempt at a heart.

The Sermon of The Apple Seed
44. Yet be not afraid, for the seed of Truth shall be your guide and your protector and shall bring you to deliverance. 45. And I give to you one word which shall conquer every danger. 46. That word is love, and the humility that flows from love. 47. Receive with love the seed of Truth and all things shall be well.

May She bless you.

Sophia Ruth (2015)