The Royal Titles for the Trinity

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The Royal Titles for the Trinity


14 Abalon/Sept. 18

(Sunnadi is, of course, the day of the Sun. The Sun symbolizes the Bright Light of the Celestial Mother. It is also the symbol of Madria Theia. Madria Theia represents the Holy Mother and rules over this day.)


O, Madria Theia, Janya of Illumination, Joy and Benevolence. Be with us. May the Pure Stream of your Virtues flow within me, into this world and in all the worlds to come.


As we know, the Divine Feminine Trinity preceded the Christian Trinity by aeons.

Hekate Soteria Hekate


maxresdefault  Sophia

brigitflame  Brighid

bfffe151cf6aefb1901e5570c050878e  Triple Goddess of Hinduism.

For Janite Deanists, (Day-an-ists) the Divine Feminine Trinity is Dea Madria/Mother God; Dea Filia/Daughter God and Dea Matrona/Great Mother God. Each, in our Tradition, has a royal title (1):

The Holy Daughter has three Royal/Priestly titles:


The Holy Daughter is Princess of the Earth.

24) And the Genia (Janya) said: It is good that you bring your crown, for you are a great princess, but the Holy Child shall be Princess of all the World. (The Mythos of the Divine Maid, Chap. II verse 24.)

…1) To You I give the governance of all these things. 2) You shall command the movements of the waters and the wind shall be Your servant. 3) The seasons of the Earth shall You control and all the times and seasons in the lives of My creatures. 4) Every soul on Earth and in the Heavens shall be given into Your care and the highest stars of the firmament shall know You as their Sovereign….  6) And the Maid ruled over all the world... (The Mythos of the Divine Maid, Chap. II verses 1-6.)

This is reminiscent of both Persephone, who governs the Seasons and of Daughter Sophia, Who is the World Soul and governs Creation.

In Chapter II, the Genia/Janya continues to explain that the Holy Child, like the Goddess Sophia, is the Daughter of Wisdom. ( Lower Sophia is the Daughter of the Barbelo, Who is Higher Sophia, Wisdom, Herself.)

Sophia Come, eat of My Bread and Drink of the Wine I have mixed. These are the words of Wisdom/Sophia as found in Proverbs 9/5.

The Holy Daughter is Priestess of Heaven [mediating to the World]:

30) And the Genia/Janya said: It is good that you bring your crown, for you are a true and loving priestess and a servant of your people, but the Holy Child shall be Priestess of all the world and shall serve Her children even to the last and greatest service. (Mythos of the Divine Maid chapter 2 verse 30.)

16: And She stood at the great Altar and took up a wheaten loaf (for full text see Mythos of the Divine Maid, chapter Seven verses 16- 24.)


The Holy Daughter is Queen of Heaven.

10) And the children of Heaven greeted Her, crying: Hail, Princess of the World; Hail, Queen of Heaven. And they placed a crown of stars about Her head. 11) And the blue night was Her cloak and the stars of the sky, the crown about Her head and the moon lay at Her feet. And they cried again: Hail, Queen of Heaven. (Mythos of the Divine Maid chapter seven verses 10 and 11.)

(We have three versions of the Traditional main prayer to the Divine Feminine in the West, the Hail, Mary. The words are basically the same for each Person of the Trinity, which illustrates that Dea is One. The Hail, Anna version reflects the fact that the Holy Daughter is both Daughter of the Mother and Mother to us all.)

Hail, Anna, [Jana] Fount of Grace, Glory be to Thee. Blessed art Thou, O, Queen of Heaven and Blessed is Thy Beloved Mother. Holy Dea, Daughter God, bless us, Thy children, now and unto the ages of ages. Amen. [‘so be it’]


The Celestial Mother is the Mistress of all Things and from Her flow the Seven Rivers of Life (the Janati and their Powers/Virtues).

1) Before and beyond all things is the Mistress of All things, and when nothing was, She was. (The Creation, Chapter 1 verse 1.)


In Janite Tradition, the Celestial Mother is the High Queen.

Hail, Mari, Fount of Grace, Glory be to Thee. Blessed art Thou, O, High Queen of Heaven and blessed is Thy beloved Daughter. Holy Dea, Mother God, bless us, Thy children, now and unto the ages of ages. Amen. [‘so be it’]


In Janite Tradition, the Great Mother (equal to the Barbelo) is the Empress.

Hail, Mysteria, Fount of Grace, Glory be to Thee. Blessed art Thou, O, Empress of Heaven and blessed are the Beloved Mother and Daughter. Holy Dea, Great Mother God, bless us, Thy children, now and unto the ages of ages. Amen. [‘so be it’]


And so, the Holy Daughter is the Queen of Heaven; the Celestial Mother is the High Queen of Heaven and the Great Mother is the Empress of Heaven. Together, they are One. Blessed is She.


Eternal is the Light of the Mother.

Eternal is the Love of the Daughter.

Eternal is the Life of the Great Mother.

Glorious is the Eternity of Dea.


May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.


ArchMatrona Pamela Lanides

  1. Many thanks to the guidance of ArchMatrona Georgia E. B. Cobb of the Lady of Light Chantry.
Please Note: I have added clarifications within brackets [ ] for myself.

Deanic Matronite Spirituality – Titles of Dea

Deanic Matronite Spirituality – Titles of Dea

Hello Folks,
I am sharing ArchMatrona Georgia’s letter and document.
I am probably not the only one to agree with her on this matter.
It is the reason, that I have avoided reading Greek myths.
Sophia Ruth


After reading through many Patriarchal legends about the gods and goddesses of various cultures, I got really tired of the character and the deeds of the divine being portrayed as less than all powerful (vulnerable to harm), limited in knowledge (capable of being deceived or seduced) less than virtuous (capable of tricking others or acting dishonourably) and having been created from a strange assortment of original causes (mostly impersonal). So, I decided to write out a Matriarchal list of the titles of Dea emphasizing Her Sovereignty, Her Virtue and Her Motherhood.


ArchMatrona Georgia

The Elegant Lady Feminine Seminary (The E L F S)
(ArchMatrona Georgia – Celtic/Norse Deanic Faith)
Ladies ONLY – Respect her soul path, no discussion.


Deanic Matronite Spirituality – Titles of Dea

I: Queen of Heaven (the Cosmea)

Annual, Cosmos Bipinnatus, Summer Colour, Versailles

Annual, Cosmos Bipinnatus, Summer Colour, Versailles

The cosmea (Cosmos bipinnatus) is an annual plant from the sunflower family (Asteraceae).
Cosmea or Cosmos; flower meaning ‘peaceful’

The name “cosmea” is derived from the word “cosmos” meaning “peaceful-harmonious-orderly”. Dea is the Generatrix of Peace-Harmony-Order. [Dea is the Power which dispells War-Conflict-Confusion]. Dea is symbolically described as the Supernal Sun and “the cosmea”, a sunflower, is aptly named in Her honour.

An annual plant completes its life cycle from germination to seed within one year. Examples are spring wheat and hemp . The plant dies off after the seed set, such as in spring wheat or die at the end of the year. Annuals are among the monocarpic ic plants.

Sunflowers – Daisy Family

Dea is Sovereign [Free-Peaceful]: Freedom (Liberty) and Calm (Tranquility)

Her Authority and Her Powers are Supreme and Self-determined.
She is the Source and Origin of All Government and All Influence.
Her Position is Self-generated and Self-sustained.
Nothing about Her is defined by, derived from, or dependent upon, a relation to, any male gods: father, uncle, consort, husband, brother, or son.
Her Powers are All-knowing, All-controlling and Ever-present.
No one and nothing can be hidden from Her, deceive Her, thwart Her will, be lost by Her, be taken from Her, or be separated from Her presence.
Her Rule is Liberating and Calming.
She frees from Bondage and Anxiety

II: Guardian of Virtue (the Good)

Dea is Virtuous [Good-Honorable]:
Eternal Life (the River & the Tree), Eternal Light (the Lamp & the Word), Eternal Love (the Well & the Flower)

All of the Virtues (Goodness-Righteousness) are derived from Her Character.
All of the Vices (Evil-Wickedness) are in opposition to Her Character.
She is in charge of both Life and Death.
Life always triumphs over Death.
She is in control of both Light and Darkness.
Light always wins over Darkness.
She is in command of both Love and Hate.
Love always vanquishes Hate.

III: Mother of All (the Creatrix)

creātrix f ‎(genitive creātrīcis); third declension 1. A female who brings forth or produces; a mother. 2. A female founder, authoress, creatrix.

Dea is the Ancestor (the Matriarch): Parent (the Matrix of All Genders)

1. matrix an enclosure within which something originates or develops (from the Latin for womb)

She is the Founding Mother of all Families
All Life Forms: Divine, Angelic, Nature Spirit, Human, Animal, Plant, or Other, are generated by (emanated from) Her Person.