December 22nd: commemoration of my earthly birth mother’s birthday

December 22nd: commemoration of my earthly birth mother’s birthday

With Mother’s Night and my earthly birth mother’s birthday so close together. I have been missing my earthly birth mother’s presence in my life. I know that her Dea-given soul wrapped spirit departed this manifest plane very quickly. For that I am thankful to Dea. Blessed is She. It leaves me with an empty feeling of loneliness, of not being able to talk to her. This is how I believe that the children of Dea felt when we ventured outside of Her Good Realm. It has been another life lesson in really needing the gentle light Holy presence of Di Jana/Kore (Dea immanent – here with creation).


My Father visited the beach where we enjoyed many happy times together, it was in the middle of “Storm Barbara” and he could hardly walk along the sea front without being blown off his feet.

I commemorated my mother by looking at these images of sunsets and smiling amidst the tears.


Deanic Faith, Janite Tradition OPEN TO ALL

Deanic Faith, Janite Tradition OPEN TO ALL

Regardless of culture, religion, gender. Janite written teachings, prayers and rituals such as the Sun Wheel and calendar etc (Janite Tradition) are on public blogs.

It is the Janite Order (of Priestesses / J.O.P.) that is restricted to female devotees over the age of 18 ONLY.


There seems to be a misunderstanding about our decision to become a private Order.  Some are taking this decision to mean that our religion is for females only. The Deanic Faith may be practiced by everyone, regardless of gender.

In trying to form the Janites as an Ekklesia, I found that I was being spread too thin. It was my decision to form the Order with the express purpose of training future priestesses, ministering to our priestesses and forming a sister-hood. (Not as nuns, per se, but kind of on the same idea. More like lay-sisters.) Down the road, some of these priestesses might choose to serve public liturgy to everyone. Others, will choose to remain private priestesses.

There is a lot we, as Janites, have to concentrate on: formal formation programs for deaconesses and priestesses; writing books and publications,art work, hymns, public and private teaching and so forth. I felt that it was important that we have this central ‘hub’ of priestesses, if you will, those who are at the Still Centre of the Fora, so to speak, some of whom will one day serve the public. Others will choose to remain as contemplatives, similar to contemplative Orders like the Carmelites in the Catholic Church, except they serve Dea in their homes rather than in a convent.

The Greater Deanic Faith is the Ekklesia, but different Orders within it are forming, each with an expressly different purpose. Our purpose is the formation of priestesses. Again, anyone may practice the Deanic religion which is why our blogs will remain public and our future publications will be available to all. I apologize for any confusion or misunderstanding.

ArchMadria (High Priestess/Bishop) Pamela Lanides