World Goddess Day

World Goddess Day

From the blog:  Her Maiden Priestess

28 Vaskaras 3336 28 Ceres / 4 September 2016


Dear friends,

Today is World Goddess Day, a day of solidarity between Goddess worshippers and interfaith celebration of Her. While we arguably do not have much in common with most ‘Goddess religions’ (a topic I have discussed in the past), I think it is important that we acknowledge our siblinghood with them. We all worship the Divine Feminine, albeit in a different way.

I was planning on doing something small for this day, like talking a walk along and finding somewhere to sit in a park with my scriptures, but unfortunately my awful sleeping cycle and a cold got in the way of this. However, I wanted to make a quick post about this day, since I find it to be a wonderful idea.

“THE WORLD GODDESS DAY PROJECT emerged in 2014 to unite the Mother Goddess’ worshipers world wide through their many expressions and manifestations and held more then 50 events around the World. In 2015, the held more than 80 events. And for 2016 the celebration of the Wolrd Goddess Day will be still bigger!

The purpose of the Project is grant to the Goddess one day of visibility to share Her many myths, stories and worship diversity, so everyone will remember or will know that the first religion of humanity was the Worship of the Goddess.

For many historical reasons the names of the Goddess and her myths have been forgotten and were relegated to mere folkloric curiosity in the Western world by many. The force and power of Her names were lost. Ancient temples are in ruins, ancient chants and invocations are not recited anymore. The many myths of the divine Goddess were set aside and now are part of the fairy tales, losing its sacredness and becoming mere stories only seen by a psychological prism or as sillys legend of ancient people.

Nowdays, the Goddess is reentering into our modern life and bringing back all Her vitality, power, wisdom and healing through the many Pagan traditions that are revitalizing Her worship.”
World Goddess Day Website

I hope that the souls seeking Dea in this world find Her. While our faith is not for everyone, knowing that there are many others out there who worship Her in some shape or form gives me a great deal of hope.

Madria Erin